Monkee's Image World Majik Monkee's site offers a large selection of game sprites. Shown in the picture are two bosses from the "Rise of the Triad" section. They are "Triad Enforcer", based on a description without a design, and the second is the "NME" robot, based on the original concept artwork. In addition, several guest submissions have been added to the site. Please give credit to the authors' when they are used. This site has reopened. A zip of the gifs and zips that are available on it can be downloaded here.


Nanaki has made available a series of sprites for general public use. However, please give credit to Nanaki if they are used. Click on the thumbnail to see pics of the sprites. The collection of bitmaps and a text file are available here.



Wolf Skevos-Jones has released a bunch of enemy sprites (called "WSJ's Heer Sprites Pack") to the community, so that people can use them in their add-ons/mods. They've been done in the same style as the guards from Operation Heimzahlung (they use the Lost Episodes guard as a base.) They're meant to look like the "Heer" (German Army) from World War II. Available here.


Here's another enemy sprites pack from Wolf Skevos-Jones. This time, the guards are meant to look like the Afrika Korps or other Nazi desert troops. They're pretty similar to the ones from Wolf's earlier "Heer Sprites Pack" but they have tan uniforms. Available here.


Here's a third enemy sprites pack from Wolf Skevos-Jones. This time, the guards are meant to look like the Allgemeine-SS, and as such, they have black uniforms with red Nazi armbands. Available here.



Kev Reid has sent in a set of gun sprites for general use. There are several complete sets in the rar file and it can be downloaded here. These guns are all designed to be used with extended frame weapons.



Kev Reid has made available a new guns pack. It includes most of the previous guns pack mentioned above (save a few items) with some new extras. Kev has also re processed the previous pack so that most guns have a higher graphical status. All sounds, sprites are included in an SFX archive as well as an insert. The gun pack is at Sporbs Gun Pack. Also available is Sporbs Enemy Pack. Two enemies are based on designs by other people. These are the Zombie bear and gundroid models...
Gundroid = based on images by The Great Wasabi
Zombie Bear = based on images by Joe Torres all drastically changed and re-shaded


Here's an unfinished VSWAP for the full version of Wolfenstein 3D. It's from Conner 94 and has some Mac graphics. People are free to take what they want from it, but please give credit to Conner94 for what is used. The screenshot shows the SS guard. Available here.


Megabyte has released a collection of graphics that can be used for general use in other addons. There are a number of walls and objects, plus at least a series of sequences for at least one new actor. Please note that all graphics are in the DOOM palette.

Click here to download the collection. (363Kb)


Lord Raffles has released a complete collection of hi-res enemies. They come from WW2 GL. These are for general use but please remember to give credit if they are used. Available here. (1.39Mb)


Here's quite a large collection of 128X128 pixel high resolution textures released for general use by Kev Reid. Currently there are a set of high detail walls, a full arsenal of hand crafted weapons (including some old favourites like the magnum and the hunter). Also, pre-animated weapon gif's, an inlay for the pack and some objects. Available here. (2.91Mb)


Airslide made this machine gun a while ago and except for the hand and muzzleflash it is completely original. It's free for anyone to use as long as they give credit. Designed to replace the original machine gun. Available here.


Here's a set of hand-drawn sprites that are suitable for use as a machine gun or chaingun. They were sent in by Z. Franz and are for general use. Please give credit if they are used. Available here.


Here's another set of hand drawn sprites from Z. Franz released for general use. They were created for a DOOM styled shotgun to be used in the 'DOOM: Death Doesn't Wait' mod but a different set were eventually used. Available here.


Nexion's Weapons Set
Here is a set of four weapons. Knife, Axe, Pistol, Revolver. The zip contains two sizes (normal and small). Available here.


 Secret Agent Jonathon and The Gaming X team has released the sprites from 2 Kenny bosses for general use. They are the Mega Officer and Dr. Shrines. Please give credit to Gaming X if they are used.



New Boss Enemy Set
Alvin has sent in a new set of pics of a boss enemy that he made. It doesn't have a name. Available here.



Wolfenstein Endgame Sprites
Here's a set of Wolfenstein endgame sprites made by jpb6891. Some are being used in his upcoming mod but are also available for general use. Available here.


Half-Life 2 Weapons Pack
A hand drawn weapons pack that Z. Franz made some time ago. It contains the crowbar, the USP match, the MP7 (which has already been released previously) and a spas 12 shotgun. Available here.


Unused Image Pack
Alvin has sent in a pack of unused images and sprites that he no longer uses. They are for general use and includes some weapons, a Boss and a Status Bar. Available here. (499Kb)


Undead SS Sprites Pack

DoomJedi has released a complete set of sprites for the Undead SS actor. They are for general use. Please click on the pic to see the first 3 images and the download link to the complete collection.


Halo Weapons Pack

Z. Franz has sent in a 'Halo Weapons Pack'. It includes the m6d pistol, ma5b assault rifle, m90 shotgun, S2 AM sniper rifle, plasma pistol and plasma rifle. All weapons that can reload does have a reload animation. They are for general use. Available here.


Unused Guards by Thomas

Here are four guards that Thomas has released for general use. These include a grey mutant (basic recolouring), an SS with a Russian look, a younger-looking guard and an SS "apprentice". Please give credit for anything used. Available here.


Custom Sprites

Here's a set of Custom Sprites. They include a boss, BJ status bar pics, a weapon, a title screen and 2 walls. They were sent in by Stephan Strauß.


Custom Sprites Update

Here's an update to the set of sprites sent in by Stephan Strauß. Gretel's armor has been changed and there's some new stuff added.


Last Sprites Update

Here's the last update to the set of sprites sent in by Stephan Strauß. Some extra walls and the pistol as a single hand weapon have been added.


Castle Hollermann Weapons Sprites

Here's a collection of weapons sprites sent in by Z. Franz. They are from a mod called 'Castle Hollermann'. There are 6 weapons featured though 2 of them have only one frame done. Available here.


New Weapons/Enemies Sprites Collection

Here's a collection of 32 different 128X128 pixel weapons and enemy sprites. They are for general use and were sent in by Christoph Mahler. Click on the thumbnail to see a selection of them. The complete collection may be downloaded from: Mediafire. (8.93Mb)


Nazi Sprites Collection

A collection of more than 20 Nazi normal guards, 16 weapons and 15 ammo types taken from various sources. Put together by WolferCooker. They are available in both rar and zip file formats.


Doomjedi Artwork Collection

Doomjedi has released a large collection of artwork for general use. Some of the art were released before, but many of it are new, especially SODMP and Wolf3D art. There's an impressive set of PC-res and MAC-res art, including cameo characters, multiplayer art and much more - in one comfortable pack. Some of the non-MAC art are in DOOM palette, but can be converted back to Wolf3D. You can download the complete collection here. (11Mb)


WolferCooker's Sprites Collection

WolferCooker has sent in a set of 29 sprites. There are things like gloves and syringes. Click on the thumbnail to see some of them. Available here.


Jaguar Face Stats

Here's a set of Jaguar face stats, sent in by Mr. Gerolf and formatted to fit on the Wolfenstein 3d (PC) status bar. The faces were ripped by Razor. Credits file included. Available here.


Allgemeine Guards Pack

WolferCooker has made a complete set of Allgemeine guards. They are recolored brown guards. Available here.


HUD Faces

Mr. Gerolf has sent in a complete set of BJ faces. The pics shown are 3 of those from when being hit from the front. Available here.


8 direction Flamethrower SS sprites for Project Vertilgung Released

Wolfercooker has finished and released a complete set of 8 direction Flamethrower SS sprites. They are for Project Vertilgung, made by Zach Higgins and James Ingham. They were started by the Project Vertilgung team but were unfinished and unused. Available here.


Wolfenstein 3D Pistol Edit

Here is a one handed Wolfenstein pistol, which would be great for a mod with gun bobbing. The set of 6 frames was sent in by Mr. Gerolf. Available here.
Also available is a simple Knife edit that could also be useful for mods with gun bobbing. Available


New Modern BJ Pics

These came from Wolfenstein RPG, but they are slightly different with the changes WolferCooker made. He used MS Paint to resize them and Chaosedit to duplicate and add things such as moving eyes and blood. There's a set of 22 pics. Ready for release. Available here.



New statusbar faces

Here are some new faces for B.J. They were done by WLHack. He tried to make them look more like the ones you see in Wolfenstein RPG. There are 34 pics in all. Available here.



Please remember to give credit for any designs that are used.