DesignerWalls1 For Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear. GIF format.

DesignerWalls2 For Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear. GIF format.

Graphics Set A collection of no less than 83 separate graphics, mainly new wall designs, made by by Ken O' Brien, who did Erlangen and some other Spear sets. Text file included. For Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear. GIF format.

Graphics Set 3 Another set of 50 separate graphics, with some new brick wall designs, by Ken O'Brien. For Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear. GIF format.

WallPack WallPack2 Here are 2 collections of wall designs. The files are in bitmap form so will be convenient for use with Floedit. There are about 200 in the first set and about 40 in the second. They were put together by Giorgio.

Wolfenstein 3D Architect Texture Library Wolf3d Wall Textures site, hosted by Wolfenstein 3D Architect. You can request new textures here or choose from a ready made selection.

Operation: God Hand Wall Textures A set of 8 texture packs from Spiritblade-Inc's cancelled project 'Operation: God Hand'. They include Streaming Grey/Red Brick, Prison Walls, Grey Brick, Blue Brick and Steel. Most of the textures are for general use but please check with SB first if you plan to use them.

Walls Collection by Possum Trot A collection of new walls for general use. There are 30 in total and they are in bitmap form, which is useful for Floedit.

Here's quite a large collection of 128X128 pixel high resolution textures released for general use by Kev Reid. Currently there are a set of high detail walls, a full arsenal of hand crafted weapons (including some old favourites like the magnum and the hunter). Also, pre-animated weapon gif's, an inlay for the pack and some objects. Available here. (2.91Mb)


Megabyte has released a collection of graphics that can be used for general use in other addons. There are a number of walls and objects, plus at least a series of sequences for at least one new actor. Please note that all graphics are in the DOOM palette.

Click here to download the collection. (363Kb)


Tricob's 64x64 Images: Message from Tricob - "My TC's plans have officially changed - I'm moving from the original SOD palette and 64x64 images to 128x128 images with a different palette, so all the 64x64 images I've already made for my mod aren't going to be used. I'm therefore releasing the 64x64 version of the walls and sprites to the general public for use in their own TCs. There's two new enemies, six new treasure items, several new wall images (Sorry about the gaudy mansion wall; the palette worked against me), and a few other new sprites." Available here.


AlumiuN has released a pack of more than 50 textures from an abandoned Wolfenstein mod. Also included is a set of 5 sprites for a MP weapon and these are shown in the pics. They are for general use but please give credit for any that are used. Available here.


New Wall Set
A collection of 8 new walls from Lord Raffles. Available here.



The Final Fight Graphics Pack
Here's a large collection of graphics from 'The Final Fight', a mod released by James Shain. Most of the graphics were made by WL Hack but Airslide also contributed and made the MP-60 weapon. Available here.


Texture Packs by Doomjedi

Daggerfall 64x64 texture packs - includes palette converting, cropping (from 64x128), recoloring, downsizing (from 128x128) etc.
DaggerFall 64x64 TexturePack1
DaggerFall 64x64 TexturePack2
DaggerFall 64x64 TexturePack3

In Pursuit Of Greed texture packs (all are converted to wolf3d palette)
In Pursuit Of Greed 64x64
In Pursuit Of Greed 128x64
In Pursuit Of Greed 128x128

Daggerfall 128x128 texture packs (MAC textures of Daggerfall)
MAC - Dagger Part 1
MAC - Dagger Part 2
MAC - Dagger Part 3
MAC - Dagger Part 4
MAC - Dagger Part 5
MAC - Dagger Part 6
MAC - Dagger Part 7
MAC - Dagger Part 8

Witchaven texture packs
64x64 pack Converted to wolf3d palette. Most, almost all - from Witchaven
128x128 MAC-res pack 100% Witchaven-pure


Please remember to give credit for any designs that are used.