War Storm Weapon Images

by Conner94

Pickup Sprite

Hud Image





9mm Clip (The light blue one) : Gives 8 9mm rounds normally, or 4 rounds if it was used.


Heavy Round clip (Blue bullet, dark cover): Gives 8 Heavy rounds normally, or 4 rounds if it was used.

P38 (Pistol): Although it does little damage, it is common and uses 9mm ammo. Guards and Officers carry this weapon.

MP-38 (SMG): An older version of the MP40, it does little damage round per round. This has rapid fire, so don't worry about that! Uses 9mm ammo. SS Soldiers and Wilheml Straus carry this weapon.

MG-32 (Heavygun): This is a heavy weapon, dealing tons of damage at a high rate of fire. It uses rare Heavy Ammo, and can rarely be found.

MK3 "Venom" Gun (chaingun): At an incredible fire rate, this baby kills enemys like, well, you know. It uses Heavy Ammo and must be gotten at the Weapons Research Factory, the only place you can get it (Level 12).

Enemies, bosses and more will soon be on the warstorm website at War Storm.