WolfenBots - 2nd Alpha Version Notes

by Tex ZK

Here are some notes on the second alpha version of WolfenBots which has just been released. To make reading simpler, I list the new features:

I played this version a lot and I didn't find errors. If something is wrong, please tell me the problem, like always.

I am making new musics, but I will need an experienced sprite designer to make directional-shooting enemies (or they look always to you when firing, instead of looking to the assigned enemy). I hope someone will give me a hand.

I hope to add these features (plus some other that I don't know now) to the next version of the game:

The project was added to moddb.com some days ago and now I'm filling the blank spaces. The link is: http://mods.moddb.com/2557. WolfenBots' official home page still remains http://texzk.gameprog.it?sez=wb.

Have a great play!