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Wolfenstein 3-D News Archive - maintained by Brian

News Archive

JAN - FEB 2002

FEB 2002

February 28: Pineapplestein Released
Well, it's finally here!! Pineapples in various sizes. It's made by Daniel Mckone, Kody "Jo" Dagley, and Evan "NEO" Newton. (Evan got his nickname from The Matrix, Dan's all-time favourite movie). Good for those who like fun sets. There are 60 levels made by the Creator program. You can get Pineapplestein

Mac Scenario
Ken Rohrer has sent me a Wolf Scenario for the Mac called
Search For Osama. I don't have a Mac computer and so I've not been able to check it out myself.

Feb 2002 Dome Award
Rather belatedly (due to work by both Parafriction and myself on our upcoming add-on), our award this time goes to Ryan de Haast for his outstanding add-on 'Rising Evil'. Although there were several new sets released recently, this one stood out for its all round quality. You can get it
here. Congratulations Ryan!!

Juan J. Alva Message/New Midi
Juan J. Alva sent me the following email

"Hello fellow Wolfenfans,

As you know that even though my site has been wiped out from Homestead because they got greedy and decided to charge me, my compositions are still intact and around. And my friend Brian will keep them alive in his site. I have just made another addition to my already recognized collection of Wolfenstein transcriptions from the game. And let it be known that the copyright of each and every single song belong to Robert Prince, and I only take credit to have transcribed them. Anyhow... I am joining the U.S. Army and pursue a great career in Computers and music, and want you to know that even in the Military I will continue my musical works on Wolfenstein.

My purpose for making these midi's is only for your musical enjoyment alone, and I will continue to provide you with that enjoyment so that you know how Robert Prince knows how to rock through others.


with great pride in his work and his brother's,

Juan J. (Nightwalker) Alva-Guerra"

Thanks for all the info Juan - and good luck with the new career. You can download 'Tiptoeing Around' here. Juan's earlier midi's are available from my extras page (listed under 'midi files').

February 26: Wolf3D Heaven And Hell Back Online
Luke Strauman tells me his
Wolf3D Heaven And Hell site is back online.

Wolf3D Heaven And Hell

February 22: Sector 27/Ten Level Version Released
Fgkjrujkuejrn has released a new ten level version of
Sector 27. There's a number of new features but the original game atmosphere is still there and the level design is very good. See Feb 13 news item for a lot more info on this set.

New Sam Feichter Website
Sam sent me the following email:

"My new website is finished... sorta.

I only got my new Deathmatch comix up right now, but feel free to take a look at them, and give me feedback on what you think. http://www.fortunecity.com/underworld/mud/100

Sam (Soon to be on my deathmatches are BJ Blazcowicz vs. the Doom Guy!)"

Project:Weltuntergang News Update
Kuki sent me some news on 'Project:Weltuntergang'. Work on the maps was delayed due to school work, but has now restarted. There's 5 maps to do, so the add-on will be completed soon. Here's a screenshot from a motorcycle level.

Wolf3D On Windows XP
Here's an email I received from Dennie Masser regarding playing Wolf 3D on Windows XP. "
I was reading your ‘New users’ questions’ when I saw that you did not know how the games would run using, ‘Windows NT/2000/XP: unknown. (anyone?)’ I can only tell you about Windows XP. The games seem to work fine except that there is no music, and you don't hear certain other sounds like, picking up ammo or when you press the space bar. You do hear doors opening and secret passages."

Thanks Dennie - that's similar to what I found on Windows ME. And here's a follow up from Elaine: "I was running Me then upgraded to Xp Professional and if you use the pc speaker sound option then you can hear ammo being picked up and the space bar etc + you get the door sounds etc out of your speaker--but there is no way to get music... One thing I did notice though--on a totally unrelated topic-- I could play rise of the triad on Me but NO GO for Xp."

Continuing with this thread, here's a reply from Peter Johansson,

"These problems are simply due to Microsoft's "automation" of the Windows virtual machine start from dos.

Leaving the user few to none options to start the synthesizer part of the sounds of Wolf3d. I can start XP and ME directly to dos, so it works like 16 bit Windows 3 where you must type win or have win command in autoexec.bat, so it ought to be possible to start the sound card synthesizers. Have personally no interest to waste my time on a "product line" that disables users possibility to interact in processes.

It's only pathetic to see how consumers in practice cut's of their main extremities of interaction while cheated up by Microsoft's attempts to apply super computer technology on simple PC architectures, O.K. if they've done it on IBM ASI machines, but don't think they are ready to spend 300,000,00 $us on each guinea pig out there.

With my Best !! P.J."

And yet another reply, from John Burnett:

"I read the Wolf3d on WinXP about running the Wolf3d on Windows 9X including ME, let me talk about "Windows 2000/XP Unknown", I've been playing both Wolfenstein 3D and TC's on Windows 2000 without any problem for four months and I'm still playing. But It would not work with sound nor music under windows - if it will work depends specific of sound card what you have. My sound card brand is Avance AC '97 Audio for Via Audio Controller on mainboard and it doesn't support this by Wolf3d. I tried on windows 9(all) includes DOS 6.22, and it doesn't work either. I wish Id Software would update this game to work on all sound cards including new ones. WOLFENSTEIN 3D is number ONE in First Person Shooter Games than all of other games. I been playing Wolfenstein 3D since 1995.

My Other computer has a Sound Blaster Card installed and works with sound and music while playing. Not on new mainboard w/audio controller as above.

John Burnett

Wolfenstein 3d Favorite"

February 17: Kill Hitler Released
Kyle has released his second add-on
Kill Hitler. It has ten new levels for episode six and there are also graphics and sounds changes. The level design is pretty good.

Links/Banners Updated
Links and banners on both sites have been updated this weekend. Two new links have been added -
Wolfenstein Pentagon and Wolfenstein 3D Prison. Among those deleted are Gary Ragland's and Marty Beltran's sites.

New Site
Bram Euser has a new site called
James Bond: 007 Under Fire. There's a lot of info on Bram's upcoming TC with the same name, plus a number of screenshots and a news section. The site will be expanded later.

James Bond: 007 Under Fire

Email From Sam Feichter
Sam sent me this email today:

"Hey, all, whats up.

My site is down, thanks to yet another computer crash. I am working on a new one very soon. You can go there to look at stuff, but it will not be updated anymore.

Gorenstein 2 is also erased. I will download a copy from this site (thank God I gave a copy to Brian), and start back on the game again. If anyone wants to help me with episodes 2-6, I will be happy to add them to the credits, and give them a section to work on. Of course, I have to finish this game of Mortal Kombat first....:)

Your good friend Sam"

February 14: Wolftendo Add-on/Pic
Here's a pic I made from a shareware Wolf3D 1.4 add-on by Lars Asplund. There's no new maps, but the graphics are quite effective. The title screen has been updated too. You can download it
here. Needs shareware Wolf3D 1.4 to play.

The Tower Hint Manual Released
Paal Olstad has released a hint manual for his latest TC 'The Tower'. You can get it

Projekt: Vertilgung Hint Manual Released
Another hint manual!! This one is for 'Projekt: Vertilgung', and has details about weapons, ammo (there's 4 different ammo types), features, enemies, etc. You can get it from Zach Higgins site at
Projekt: Vertilgung. The game will be released soon. Here's a pic...

February 13: Haunted House Add-on News
Megabyte and Codetech are working on a new add-on called 'Haunted House'. It will feature completely new graphics (most of them their own design), extremely cool source code changes and new levels. Here's just one of the pics I received...

There's a lot more screenshots here. If you want to beta test 'Haunted House', please send an email to: tommi.aijala@luukku.com.

Area 51 Pics Released
Luke Strauman has sent me two pics from his upcoming TC 'Area 51'.

Sector 27 Demo News
Sector 27 Demo willl be released sometime near the end of the week. The Demo will have nine levels and maybe a secret one. Many new source code changes have been made. Here are some of them:

  • Static missile turrents
  • More hazards such as steam pipes
  • Ventilation shafts
  • Security cameras, if they see you they will send out guards
  • Increased puzzle feel on the higher levels

The episode takes place in the inner command bunker at the base. You are trying to shut down the communications system so you can have support later. More on the story line will be released in a read me file.

The first four levels are office levels - mostly like the original game with perhaps a puzzle here and there. At levels five through seven is where the source code changes really take effect. In these levels you can not just blast through some areas or you will be completely cut off by the security. Areas where you must be quite are marked by steel walls with signs on either side of the door leading into that area.

When you leave those areas you will know when it's safe to fire your weapon again because you'll pass between two steel walls without signs. Your knife can silently take care of guards in quiet areas without alerting the security. However officers cannot be killed quitely even with a knife. Level seven ends with you shutting down the system. Level eight is you escaping level seven and trying to get back to the ground level. Level nine is level one and you must escape from where you came.

Thanks to Fgkjrujkuejrn for the above info.

February 6: Hitler's Maze Of Death Released
Although it's just one level,
Hitler's Maze Of Death is quite extensive. And the only original actor is Adolf himself. The ammo allowance at the start may look quite generous but believe me you'll need it all!! Read the text file before playing as the game can freeze if you let the title screen time out. The author is Patrick Gray.

Galaxy Back Online
James Ingham tells me
James' Wolfenstein 3D Galaxy is back online.

Adolf Hitler's Revenge Bug
Having received a missing key query on episode 1 level 5 of 'Adolf Hitler's Revenge', I checked out the whole set and discovered a number of other bugs and some wall designs that didn't fit with the supplied vswap. I've issued a new maps patch

February 2: Wolfenstein: Special Edition Released
Luke Strauman has released
Wolfenstein: Special Edition. There are 21 levels spread over 3 episodes. It follows the original storyline, but has a number of new features:

  • New weapon (reloading shotgun)
  • Floor and ceiling colours changed
  • New ammo type
  • New help/endart screens
  • Some new actors

Wolfenstein Cabin News
Ryan de Haast is moving his site to a new url called the
Wolfenstein Cabin. The grand opening should be sometime in March, so Ryan's Rising Evil site will remain online for the time being. Here's the affiliate button and logo for the new site...

Wolfenstein Cabin - Affiliate Button

Wolfenstein Cabin - Site Logo

Also, Ryan's 'Rising Evil' add-on is now available on my server. You can get it here.

Projekt: Vertilgung Pics
Zach Higgins has sent me a set of 5 pics to illustrate PV's new 'breaking glass' feature. You can see the whole set

There's more pics on Zach's site Projekt: Vertilgung.

February 1: Wallpaper Contest Closing Date Extended
To give more people a chance to enter in the Dome Wallpaper Contest, we've decided to extend the closing date for entries. This will now be March 1, or when 30 wallpapers are received. Also, as announced on the
contest page, there will be 2nd and 3rd prizes of 'The Official Hint Manual for Wolf3D'.

Rising Evil Released
Ryan de Haast has released 'Rising Evil'. This is a 30 level TC with many graphics and source code changes. Having beta tested the set, I have already played it all and found it very enjoyable. Level 8 is my favourite level but they are all pretty good. Get it from
Rising Evil.

Guy Stone Completed
Guy Brys has released a complete set of levels for the full 'Blake Stone'. You can get it from
Guy's Home Page.

JAN 2002

January 28: New Sector 27 Demo
Fgkjrujkuejrn has sent me a 2 level demo of a new version of Sector 27. The first level will suit those who like the original game, but the second level is a small test level which has many of the new features. Here's a list of the changes made to the game so far.

  • New graphics
  • New enemies such as chain gun SS guards and drone guns
  • Hazards such as exploding oil drums and laser grids
  • Control panels that switch things off.

I particularly liked the exploding drums. Here's a pic I made...

You can download the demo here.

Site Links
Kody "Jo" Dagley sent me the following links to new Wolf3D sites. Both are currently under construction so not everything may work.

Wolfenstein Pentagon by Evan Newton, and

Wolfenstein 3D Prison.

Add-on News
Jaap is making an add-on called "Bj Must Die". It will have a lot of cool features like:

  • New weapon rocket launcher
  • Pick up rockets
  • Running bj object changed into enemy
  • More than 100% health/99 ammo/9 lives
  • Level ending objects
  • Outdoor levels
  • Extra door added
  • Just 2 death cams
  • Extra (and new) sounds
  • More sprites than the original Wolf3d
  • Object that you have to destroy (to disable hurting objects that block your way out of a level)
  • Helpart and endtext
  • Short movie (maybe)
  • Main menu background pic
  • Steel hand to hold weapons - episode 1 only (in other episodes it is normal)
  • Destroyable object
  • New music/levels
  • Super secret level
  • Hidden episode
  • New status bar order

and a lot more!!!!!

January 26: Rising Evil Pics
Ryan de Haast has sent me the following two pics from his upcoming set 'Rising Evil'.

There are more pics at Ryan's site Rising Evil.

James' Source Code Page Back
James Ingham's Source Code Page is back online. It's at
James' Source Code Page.

Projekt: Vertilgung News
Zach Higgins tells me Projekt: Vertilgung is nearly done. The graphics are about 90% complete and the levels are about 70% complete. For more info go to
Projekt: Vertilgung.

More pics here.

January 25: Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw Released
Peter Johansson has revamped my 'WolfBel3' set with changed graphics and sounds (mostly from the final 'Lost Episodes' set), and some source code changes. It's called
The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw. The different graphics and sounds look quite effective and I particularly like 'the bat'. Please note that for copyright reasons Peter has left out the 'audiohed.wl6' file which has to be supplied from the registered Wolf3D set.

More pics here.

Memory Problem Solved
The memory problem in 'Project:Weltuntergang' was solved by James Ingham. AReyeP, ESQ and Jaap also offered to help. Kuki (the author) would like to thank all you guys!

January 23: Castle Wilhelm Released
Kyle (who is just ten years old!!) sent me
Castle Wilhelm for release today. There are seven new levels, plus quite a number of graphics, sound and title screen changes.

Help Wanted
I received this email today from 'Mynameisnobody14'. Please help if you can...

"Subject: Virgin Wolf TC author in dire peril! Send help and/or women ASAP!

Hi, I'm really stuck with my TC, and I don't have the equipment or the knowhow to get everything finished. I don't have c++ and my laptop won't let me join any helpful groups, so I have no access to forums.

A friend is helping me but he can only do so much, since he's got other things to worry about. Please talk to your associates and see if they are willing to pitch in, or at least post my plight and email address in a forum for me! I'm drownin' here!

I need the sounds for my TC properly converted (I got a problem with my sound programs to clean up before I can download cooledit). I need someone who knows how to replace the title and endgame graphics of SOD without them looking like crap (the colors always invert or something). Also, anyone who can edit text/source code in general would be great.

I'd post this in a forum myself, but again all the good forums are in groups, and I can't join any for some reason. Volunteers will get mentioned in the ending credits. My email is Mynameisnobody14@aol.com.


You can see the ad from Mynameisnobody14's upcoming Spear TC here.

Wolfenstein Special Edition Pics
Here's some pics from Luke Strauman's upcoming TC 'Wolfenstein Special Edition'. There's a new feature added too - a shotgun that reloads!!

January 22: Perfect Darkenstein Demo Released
Kody 'Jo' Dagley has released a ten level demo of his upcoming set
Perfect Darkenstein. I found the level design to be pretty good, plus many of the graphics and sounds are totally original. A lot of work has been put into this set!! All files are included.

January 20: Wolf 3D Chamber Closed Down
The Yahoo Club 'Wolf 3D Chamber' has closed down. I particularly liked this club - it had its own distinctive style - but I guess there were just too many Wolf3D Fan Clubs.

First Dome Award
Paal Olstad has been given our first 'Wolf 3D Dome Award' (Jan 2002) for his excellent Spear add-on 'The Tower'. You can download the set from
Poet's Wolfenstein Page.

Help Wanted
Kuki sent me the following email concerning a problem with 'Project Weltuntergang'...

"Project: Weltuntergang has nearly all graphics and source changes finished and there're 14 maps to do. But I've got a problem. My Project is a great memory-eater. Even with all the memory bars (Main, EMS & XMS) full at the start you can't resize the view to full screen, game sometimes exits in High Scores, sometimes you can't do quick-loads, etc. I'm looking for someone who could help solve it. "

Thanks Kuki, if anyone can help with the above problem please email him here.

January 16: Rising Evil
Here's some ratios on the completion of 'Rising Evil':

  • Graphics - 80%
  • Coding - 100%
  • Levels - 97%
  • Sounds - 25%

Thanks to Ryan de Haast for sending me the above info. Ryan is hoping to release 'Rising Evil' at the end of January."

January 15: The Tower Released
Paal Olstad has released his new set for Spear called 'The Tower'. All 21 levels are new, and from what I played thus far, it looks very good indeed. Lots of new features. Here's a shot from the opening level. Watch those light green puddles or you won't last long!!

Although this is a TC, for copyright reasons Paal has left out the 'audiohead' file which you have to supply from the original full Spear. You can download 'The Tower' from Poet's Wolfenstein Page.

Reinstaad Demo Bug Found
For those who downloaded 'Reinstaad Demo' before today, please note there's a missing pushwall in level 3 preventing access to the blue key. Thanks to A. Nonymous for pointing this out, and providing this
patch. You can also download an updated version of the full set here.

January 14: Himmler's SS Released
Luke Strauman has released
Himmler's SS. There are 14 levels (3 episodes), plus lots of graphics, sounds and source code changes. I particularly like the street effects in episode 3. Here are just some of the new features:

  • Brand New Levels
  • A flame Thrower and rocket launcher
  • Changed ceiling & floor colors
  • 6 weapons in total
  • 3 Ammo types
  • New help and end screens edited
  • Everlasting enemies on last level
  • Tons and tons of more stuff

The following pic comes from the start of the third episode.

Wolf3D Realm/New URL
Chad Allard tells me the 'Wolf3D Realm' is now at
http://www.wolf3drealm.cjb.net. There will be periods during the next few days though when the site is down due to updates. Good luck Chad with the new server!!

Wolf3D Realm

January 13: Wolf3D Odyssey Reviewed
'Wolf3D Odyssey' is a shareware v1.0 set that AReyeP made way back in the mid 90's. There are 10 large well designed levels. The various ways in which the guards are used are particularly effective. All files are included in the supplied zip. You can download it

Wolf 3D News Change
To avoid unnecessary duplication of 'Wolf3D News' ( I was having to edit 3 different pages - one for 'The Dome' - and 2 for the 'Demon' site), I am now posting all the latest news on this page only. The 'Demon' site has been renamed
Wolfenstein 3D News Archive and will be used to store all items more than a few months old.

Himmler's SS Bug Fixed
Luke Strauman tells me 'Himmler's SS' is now working OK. Thanks to MCS for solving the problem. I'll post the set here as soon as I get it.

January 10: Himmler's SS Release Delayed
The release of 'Himmler's SS' has been delayed due to an error code 13 problem, which is shown below. If anyone can help solve it, please email

Troubleshooting Section Updated
Peter Johansson's series of emails on 'Troubleshooting' has been updated with a new section titled 'Wolf3D Quirks'. Available

January 8: Vault Closed
'The Wolfenstein 3D Vault' has closed down. Jack Ryerson, who promoted the site last, is planning a new site on a new url.

January 6: 'New' Spear Map Sets
Peter Johansson has sent me two Spear map sets dating from late 1995, but I haven't seen them before. They are both by Robert S. Bradbury. The first is named
Festung, and the other is named Mission One (screenshot shown below).

I found the 'Mission One' set easily the better designed of the two. Both sets have all 21 levels changed, and need the registered set to play.

Peter also sent me an alternative VSWAP for the full 'Spear', put together from various sources. I found the 'Bat' replacement of the 'zombie' the most interesting feature but there's lots of other changes!! You can download it

Projekt: Vertilgung News
Here's the latest news from Zach Higgins on 'Projekt: Vertilgung'. The following features have been implemented...

  • Endart and helpart
  • New weapon (stengun)
  • Seamless level progression
  • New cheat activation (not of MLI) Crosshair when you press X
  • No more death cams
  • Two more keys
  • Own Re-corded Demo's
  • New Difficulty Level names
  • Breakable Glass
  • God Mode Artefact (Not timed or Animated Yet)
  • Different floor and ceiling colors
  • No Damage Flash in god mode
  • Black Background in read me text
  • New Door (Rusty Door)
  • All keys have their own door image
  • Fifth Difficulty Level

The following are coding features that are either not finished or that will be implemented before PV is released...

  • Background pic in every menu
  • Different secret level placement
  • Knife and stengun don't attract enemies
  • Jamming Sten gun
  • Timed and Animated God Mode Artefact
  • New Enemy
  • Intermission Text
  • New Elevator Switch (Image)
  • More breakable objects
  • Stationary machine gun turrets
  • Weapon Changing sounds
  • Animated Objects
  • Animated Bonus objects
  • Infra Red Goggles
  • Night Vision Goggles

Here's a screenshot:

There are more screenshots here.

New Wallpapers Added
Three new wallpapers have recently been added. Check out the
Contests page.

Project: Weltuntergang
Kuki sent me the following screenshot from 'Project:Weltuntergang'...

It'll be completed early February and probably there will be some new changes in the source, like 1 or 2 new weapons with separate ammo and a motorbike you can ride on.

January 4: PG News
Patrick Gray has added a page to his
PG's Wolf 3D site with non-wolfenstein games that are playable with the SNES emulator he posted.

PG's Wolf 3D

Also from Patrick, his January awards are

  • Add-on of the month: 'The Final Solution' by Parafriction
  • Site of the month: 'The Wolf 3D Dome' by Parafriction and myself.

Wolf3D For Quake3 Engine
A group has joined together to bring back Wolf3D on Quake3 Engine for the RTCW game. This mod will be done in a way that it doesn't break copyrights, but still rocks as the classic game.

They are looking for Mappers, Coders, Modellers and everyone who could be helpful for this mod. If you're interested, please contact: genrtcw@chefmail.de.

January 2: Troubleshooting
Peter Johansson has sent me a series of emails on solutions to problems with running Wolf 3D, particularly TC's, on his machine. These could be useful for other users so I've put them all together

Fan Art
I received a set of four pics sent in by 'mynameisnobody14'. Here's one of them.

You can see more (in full size) here. They may take a while to load.


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