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Earlier News

JAN - FEB 2003



Feb 25: Genocide Prototypes
Zach Higgins next TC will now be called 'Genocide' and he's sent some enemy prototypes of what are likely to be used. The first is shown below.

There are several more here.

Wolfenstein Cabin News
Ryan de Haast tells me his Wolfenstein Cabin site will be updated. There'll be new downloads, a few new pages and maybe some awards to other people. Ryan's upcoming TC 'Double Trouble' is 70% done, but there's no release date yet.

Wolfenstein Cabin - Site Logo

Feb 24: Enemy Pics
JJ has sent me pics of several enemies. You can see them here.

Feb 22: New Alien Website
This website is by 'The Alien Fan' and has info on the upcoming TC 'Alien: Colonial Marines' being made by himself and Wes Desjardins. You can download two trailers for the Colonial Marines TC and you can also learn more about what is going on in the game. It's at Alien Website.

Feb 21: WolfenAliens Website
Wes Desjardins has a new website called WolfenAliens. News and downloads of all his TC's are there. Wes is currently working on a new project called 'Operation: Aliens'. There'll be 6 weapons (rod,double pistols, M41a pulse rifle, chaingun, rocket launcher and M240 Flamethrower). Also, there'll be 20 seamless levels and new music.

Feb 18: Projekt Vertilgung Update
Here's a message from James Ingham regarding 'Projekt Vertilgung' :

"Zach released PV and said there won't be a phase II. The version he released also had a few bugs in. I'm going to finish the project while he works on others...

Firstly I'm currently (in my spare time) making Projekt Vertilgung V1.1 which is basically the same but a few new features in the levels/bugs fixed/secret levels go to the right place/etc... maybe new music and I might change the graphics for the miniguns cause I dont like the ones at the moment.

There will also be in the download a new manual in html format which I think is quite good (I'm 50% done on it). I will also update the readme in the game and I might finish the .bat file which was included but I don't think stories and items in that are necessary. I will send some screen shots in soon and tell you about new updates..."

Thanks James for the above info, good to hear from you again.

JJStein: Resurrection Pics
JJ has sent me 3 pics. The first is a Desktop Theme and the last 2 are from his upcoming TC 'JJStein: Resurrection'. They may take a while to load as they're larger than the one shown below. You can see them here.

Feb 17: Battlestein 3D Update
Battlestein 3D will be not released until April 1 or later, but meanwhile there are a set of pics that John Burnett has sent me. You can see them here.

Area 51 Beta Released
Area 51 beta version has been released on Luke Strauman's website at: http://boytoy31.tripod.com/. There are three levels to go in the final version. Luke is hoping it'll be released next week.

Feb 16: Den Of Evil Released
DTrade has released 'Den Of Evil'. There are 11 levels, Spear graphics, plus lots of sounds and title screen changes. It's well designed, but difficult to beat. If you like lots of dungeons and pushwalls then you'll enjoy this. Click here for the download.

Dome Award - February 2003
This month's award goes to Wolf Skevos-Jones for his excellent 'Project Eisenritter' TC. As this is the second time Wolf has won this award, a special version has been issued. Due to the Dome revamp, the awards have got a little behind. Later add-ons will be considered early March.

Wolfen-terror Released
Matte Software has released 'Wolfen-terror'. There are 5 new levels and lots of graphics changes. Some come from Blake Stone/Spear etc but many are new. There are also many sourcecode changes, new sounds/music, helpart and endart. The new title screen is shown below. It all blends well together. This is the first part of what will be a 3 episode set. Click here for the download.

Feb 13:The Golden Episodes Released
Here's a message from Ariel Castañares concerning his latest add-on release:

"Greetings to you all, people from the community, keepers of the wolfy flame. Today I am releasing 'Wolfenstein 3-D - The Golden Episodes', an add-on which I worked on during a long time. Its development did consume a very big part of my spare time, but it took a lot of other people's too, who directly contributed in the making of the game. The set as it is now would have never been possible if it hadn't been for them, but also for others who indirectly contributed, by letting me use their own add-ons' work inside my game.

These people know who I am talking about, but for those of you who haven't been following my set's development, there is a credits section inside the game where you can find out who these great wolfers are.

I've had a lot of fun while making this add-on. I really hope you all have fun too while playing it. It is all yours. And please, don't you doubt for a second and write me an e-mail if you feel like giving me your opinion on the game, asking something, or whatever; I'll be happy to read anything concerning the set. My current e-mail address is spaceraker@hotmail.com.

Nothing left to say, thanks a lot for reading up to here. I leave you now to Brian's comment. Take care!

Norberto Ariel Castañares."

Thanks Ariel for the message. 'The Golden Episodes' has 60 well designed levels with lots of cool graphics and sounds changes. There are many source code changes too and I particularly like the text messages at the start of each episode. A lot of effort has been put into this set. You can download it here.

Colonial Marines: Trailer Released
Wes Desjardins has sent me a preview trailer of 'Colonial Marines'. As mentioned previously Wes has teamed up with The Alien Fan to help with this upcoming TC. You can download the trailer here.

Feb 12:War Zone Project 4: High Stakes Released
DTrade has now sent me War Zone Project 4: High Stakes. There are nine good levels. It's fast moving with plenty of action and a lot of pushwalls!

Feb 10:War Zone Project 4: High Stakes Pic
DTrade's next project will be 'War Zone Project 4: High Stakes'. Here's a pic from it he sent me.

Phoenix Rising Cancelled
Wes Desjardins has cancelled his 'Phoenix Rising' project and will now be working with The Alien Fan on his 'Colonial Marines' TC. Wes will start a new TC in June.

Feb 8:Castle Totenhammer Pics
Here's a pic from Joe Robinson's upcoming TC 'Castle Totenhammer'.

There are several more here.

Feb 6:Best Of BJ Info/Pics
Daniel (dugtrio17) has sent me details of his upcoming TC, which will probably be called 'Best Of BJ':

"It features 9 weapons, tons of new enemies, an armor feature (not in the screen shots), a feature where you can press M and use a portable medkit (holding up to 10 at a time) to get 5 health, a pickup silencer, breakable objects, exploding barrels, and a feature soon to be implemented where medics revive dead enemies... Not to mention a neat surprise that happens occasionally with mutants... mum's the word on that one :)... It will be episode based, with the player never having all 9 weapons at once.

The weapons are: (1-4 same), 5 is a silent sniper rifle and will be story-related (which, strangely works better at long ranges than from up close. Intentional, of course), 6 is a Gatling Rifle type weapon, which is based on an actual weapon, 7 is a pressure rifle (also story related) that fires shots that can pierce multiple enemies, 8 is a missile launcher (which will, once again, be strangely story-related), and last, but not least, is my one and only brand new, original flamethrower. It actually shoots a stream of flames and hits enemies that get in the stream. It also features some nice new art (seen in the screen shots).

The armor feature has now also been implemented, but I can't send screen shots of that because I am in the process of rearranging the status bar. It is based on a tutorial in the Dome, but with MANY modifications and complications. For example, when attacked by a flamethrower guard, you lose a lot of armor.

- dugtrio17"

There's a lot more pics here.

Wolfsite Revamp/New URL
Guillermo Buteler's site has been revamped and moved to a new url. There are sections on editing and links, plus info on the upcoming add-on 'Project: Firestar'. It's now at Wolfsite.

Feb 4:Textured Floor/Ceiling Tutorial
DarkOne has posted info on Wolfenstein Forums (look in the Wolfenstein Revolution section) about a tutorial for textured floor/ceiling effects. It's also at Textured Floor/Ceiling Tutorial on DarkOne's website.

Feb 2:Area 51 Update
Due to a change to Windows ME, 'Area 51' has been delayed. Luke has since reinstalled Windows 98 and tells me the set will be released soon. There are 10 levels left to do.

Feb 1: Rise Of Purple One Delayed
Chris Pappas tells me his upcoming add-on 'Rise Of Purple One' will be delayed until further notice. Chris is now working on a new add-on based on the leisure suite 'Larry Games'.

Flames Or Rockets?
Here's an email I received fromTexZK:

"Hello, Brian!

I am TexZK, a young programmer of Wolfenstein 3D. I'm only 14 years old so I'm not a good programmer, but I have an idea. Programmers with more experience than me (like DarkOne) can create new weapons: the rocket launcher and the flamethrower. I think they can create weapons like them, so I want to ask you if you can publish this e-mail. I tried to compile a modified code with these weapons, but I haven't got the right experience and there were a lot of mistakes.

In my opinion it's a great idea: why have got only weapons with direct shoot? Shall we have a weapon with flames or rockets?

I hope to find an answer,


Comments, anyone? TexZK's email is gnegno88@libero.it.


Jan 30: Blake Evolution Released
Johnathan has released his first add-on. It's called 'Blake Evolution' and uses the Blake Stone sounds and graphics set converted to Wolf3D by Andy Nonymous. There are 9 new levels (all are pretty good) and the secret level comes from 'Blake Wolf'.
There's more info, including the storyline, in the enclosed text file. Click here for the download.

Jan 26: Newwolf Texture Pack Released
(Win)Elchtest has released a texture pack of new Wolf3d textures (all made from scratch). They can be used with Newwolf
http://wolfgl.narod.ru/. Please note however, it's a hefty 22Mb!!

Battlestein 3D Pic
Here's the title screen from John Burnett's upcoming TC 'Battlestein 3D'.

Wolfenstein 3D Maniac Site Link
Martin Krysiak tells me the site he is hosting with Kuki is now online. It looks good and has a large number of sections, though some aren't finished yet. It's at
Wolfenstein 3D Maniac.

Jan 24: Vampire Released
JJ's latest set is for shareware Wolf3D v1.4 and is called 'Vampire'. There are 5 levels, plus a number of graphics and sounds changes. Instead of Hans Grosse though, you get Schabbs and he's on all levels!! You can download it

Jan 19: Schabbs 9000 Released
Kyle Fisher has released 'Schabbs 9000'. There are 5 levels, plus a whole host of Doom type graphics and sounds. New title screen, plus new helpart/endart files. I did the last 3 levels. You can download it

DOS Games Under XP
Most Wolf3D fans who've upgraded to WinXP tell me they can play the game but without the sounds. There is a site which specializes in problems running DOS games under WinXP. It's at
DOS Games Under XP.

Jan 18: Sport Woooolf Released
Agnieszka has released 'Sport Woooolf'. Each of the first 5 episodes has either 2 or 3 levels. There's a wide range of level designs which on the whole are pretty good. There are a number of graphics and sounds changes, but the atmosphere of the original game remains.You can download it
here. This is a RAR file, but a ZIP file is also available here.

Assault On Castle Totenhammer Update
For the latest news on this upcoming TC by Joe Robinson -
go here.

Phoenix Rising Ad Poster
Wes Desjardins sent me an ad poster for his upcoming TC 'Phoenix Rising'.

Jan 17: Polskie Forum Wolfenstein
For Wolf3D fans who understand Polish, here's a new forum. It's hosted by Kuki.
Polskie Forum Wolfenstein

Polskie Forum Wolfenstein

Phoenix Rising Pic
Wes Desjardins sent me the following pic from his upcoming TC 'Phoenix Rising'. It's in WolfGL.

Jan 13: Escape From Totenhaus Released
Here's another Mac conversion from Laz Rojas. Originally released on the Mac in 1996, it's now available for PC users. There's 10 very good levels (first episode) and a lot of new graphics and sounds.
Click here for the download. Needs the full version of Wolf3D to play.

Jan 11: New Revival Of Memories Site
Our ROM (Revival Of Memories) project now has a new site. There's lots of info about the project, plus a large number of pics. It's at
Revival Of Memories Site.

Jan 9: SST Cancelled/New Project Announced
Due to difficulties in getting action from the big screen into Wolf3D, 'The Alien Fan' has cancelled SST (StarShip Trooper) and announced a new project called 'ColonialMarines'. There's info about the project (along with a set of 8 pics)

Zach's Upcoming TC Pic
Zach Higgin's next TC will be called 'If'. Here's a pic from it he sent me.

Jan 7: New URL For Alexandre Brosseau's Wolf3D Site
Alexandre tells me his site has moved to a new url at http://www.wolf3dmaster.cjb.net.
Alexandre Brosseau's Wolf3D Site.

Jan 5: News Page Back Online
Our apologies to all for the delay in getting this page back online. And a belated Happy New Year to everyone. Unfortunately, the revamp of the Dome is taking far longer than expected (we estimate Jan 22) but in the meantime the news page is back up. Those wanting add-ons/source code info etc. can still find them at my other site
Mr. Lowe's Wolf3D Page.

Dome Award/Dec 2002
The final Dome Award of the year goes to Zach Higgins and James Ingham for their TC 
Projekt Vertilgung. It really is an excellent set and one well worth downloading.

Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition Update
An error was found on level 15 (white key not accessible) of John's 'Tribute Set'. This was fixed Jan 3, 2003. Revised maps (41Kb) are available
here for those who've already downloaded the earlier version.

Projekt Vertilgung (Final Version) Released
Zach Higgins has released the final version of 'Projekt Vertilgung'. There are 20 well designed levels, plus a lot of graphics, sounds and source code changes. A very well made set. By Zach Higgins and James Ingham. Will Bruso also contributed. Available

Raw Meat 3 Update
Ryan Steinbruner tells me 'Raw Meat 3' is coming out soon. There's a whole new code, 16 levels and all new weapons, including the plasma bolt! A new level called the crypt will have lots of zombies and dead aliens! Help is wanted for some parts of the project.

Newwolf Pics
Two more pics for Newwolf have been sent in by [Win]Elchtest. You can see them

You can see it here.

Earlier News


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