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Enabling EndArt/HelpArt

, I was a bit selfish about this code alteration. Because I found out how to do it, I wanted it to be unique to my game. However, that went away when I saw the wrong information at Wolfenstein Insanity. Then I figured it would be nice to tell you all how to do it right. I went as far as sparing you the horrible, long, aggravating re-coding of WL_TEXT.C(I had to re-write it, but it works!).

Editing Read This! and End Art isn't that complicated. All you need is the altered EXE(see my website), the Helpart and Endart files and a text editor. Handiest to use is Dos EDIT(you can get to this one by typing EDIT in the Dos Prompt).

First, we’ll start out with telling the game to enable the Read This! feature. We don’t need to care about the EndText enabling anymore, the WL_TEXT.C file(available from the TFS source code) fixes this for you. Get it in the add-ons section under "Our add-ons".

Step 1. Go to your source code directory and open the file WL_MENU.H.

Step 2. Go to line 206. You should now see this:


replace that with:


Step 3. Save the file and close it. Now open the file WL_MENU.C.

Step 4. Do a search for "#ifndef GOODTIMES" (no quotes!!!!)

Step 5. Each time you find this, you remove the line saying that, plus one #endif below every time you find it.BUT!!!!!!!! Don't remove it the #ifndef GOODTIMES line above the BossKey code(line 620). That has to remain intact.

Step 6. Save the file. Now go to line 354. Here you see:



Replace that with:



Step 7. Save the file and compile the WL_MENU.C string within Borland. WL_MENU.H will be automatically compiled too, don't worry.

Step 8. Link up all the files and copy your new EXE to the directory where all your regular Wolfenstein 3D. Now, run your EXE for peace of mind. When you start the game, you'll see that Read This! is in the main menu. Don’t select it yet, since we haven’t got any text yet.

Now, to start up a few new files and start creating the text in our game! First, create new files using a text editor: HELPART.WL6(or any other extension), ENDART1.WL6 and so on until ENDART6.WL6. Now you have 7 blank files(if you use the Seamless Level Flow code from Brian Rowan, you only need ENDART1.WL6! The other ENDART files won’t be needed anymore).


To start a new page, create a new blank line and type on it: ^P. Behind the ^P you may not type anything else. Then you create another blank line and there you place a ^C plus the color you want. Use it just like you do with ceiling colors, but now you type, for instance, 1d ONCE, not twice. Basic text has the code ^C00 , which indicates black. You can play around with it.

As you can see below, the text is written behind each other, not 1 sentence per line. This HAS to be done by you too, or else the text will screw up. Take a look within the game often too see if you have to start a new page yet!

For an example, here’s a basic text I drew up:




^C00 So, you'd like to have Read This! and End Art altered. To get started, quit the game and open the file Helpart.wl6. There you'll find out what to do and how to do. Good luck and have fun!

^C84 Parafriction




Adding graphics is pretty easy, but you have to watch where you place it. The graphics you can use are those in the VGAGRAPH file. To add a graphic, create a blank line and type on it:

^G(vertical spot),(horizontal spot), (graphic number)

For example, to have the picture with B.J. stealing a dead guard's pistol:


You get it? Just play around with the offset to get it right.

You can use almost all graphics. Below you can read which ones not to use.


Note: Don't use any graphics behind 135! These are IGrab pictures not accessible from FloEdit. FloEdit doesn't recognize them and cannot alter them(maybe something for an update , Mr. Stöhr?). The rest of the graphics can be used.

To tell Read This! that the text stops(not after a line, but at the very end of your messages, let's say after 99 pages), create a new line and type:


You MUST have this one at the end, or else you'll get a Wolfenstein Error:

Wolfenstein 3-D Error!

CacheLayoutGraphics: No ^E to terminate file!

Call Apogee at 1-800-GAME123 and tell them about this. Thanks.

Ofcourse, you DO realise that you can't get help from Apogee with this, so put in the ^E, OK?

NOTE: If you have another extension(for example .TVP) you MUST, I
repeat, MUST rename the extensions of the ENDART*.WL6 and HELPART.WL6 to the extension you use for your game! If you don't, Read This! will not work, resulting in hanging of the game. OK? And, when you use the "Seamless level progression" code from B.J. Rowan or anyone else providing the code, you only need to have the Helpart.wl6 and Endart1.wl6 files. The others won't be used by the game, since you'll have only 1 episode. Understood? Excellent.



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