Editing Introduction

Welcome to the Tutorials, Wolfer. It's possible that you are here first time, and maybe you have visited the old Dome tutorials before. Anyway, no matter, because everything has changed since old tutorials that Parafriction managed...

In the new Dome, we've got Coding Tutorials, Graphics, Sound, and Level designing plus utilities to download. You can see that we've added overall Game design and famous level designing. Every tutorial, no matter in which section is it, is very good explained and, hopefully, bug-free. Generally, these tutorials are split to Basics, Advanced, and Hardcore. You can take this in the way I do: Basics are must, Advanced can be, and Hardcore... if you are really ambitious or want to make a real good add-on.

Okay, now I'm going to tell you a story. To be honest, everything with the editing started about ten years ago, in 1993, after the releasing of MapEdit and cool Wolfedit. That started the series of add-ons that we now call "old-school", without source code changes and lots of new graphics. Two years later, id Software released the source code of old Wolfenstein. That started another series of add-on, which leaders are Project Totengraeber, Chokage, Beyond Wolfenstein and others.

Changing the code is not as hard as editing the hexes, but it may be a tough sport to beginners, or if you simply don't know what to do. And here we come, with extensive tutorials for complete beginners, and experts too. Feel free to surf here, use these tutorials, and don't forget to send us a feedback e-mail :). And remember: if you find a bug, then just e-mail us! It's really important... let's say that you do this for sake of the community :).

Okay, enough kidding. Let's get to hard work, man! Jump to the selected tutorial:

Code Editing
With extensive step-by-step tutorials learn editing the code!
GFX Design
Design your own sprites, walls and other ingame graphics!
Audio Tutorials
Record & use your own sounds in your add-on!
Level Design
Design incredible levels with our help!
Download finest, useful utilities here!

Martin Krysiak,
Tutorials Director