Code Editing Tutorials

You've just entered the famous Code Editing section of Wolfenstein 3D Dome. The database is divided into four different groups: Basics, Advanced, Hardcore, and Specs. If you aren't the very best coder and want to include some well-known changes to your add-on, take a look at Basics section. If you're a bit experienced, hop to Advanced. And, finally, if you want to add some spicy features, and you're an expert, jump to Hardcore...

Note: the lines that represent the code are blue. This makes the tutorials more readable.

Martin Krysiak,
Tutorials Director

List of Content:


Authors: Martin Bonnet, Kenny Riley, WolfTrap, Jaap van der Wulp, Ian Franken, Kyle, Joshua Waight, Bob Clift and Wolfenstein 3D Fan (PicNic)

Setting up the compiler
Adding a new Unlocked Door
Getting rid of the "Do not distribute!" screen
Weapon Change Sound
Random Door Sounds
Longer elevator sound
Adding an heartbeat sound
Disabling DeathCam
Adding a lighting effect
Changing the extension of the game files
Funny stuff with the main menu
Changing the ceiling colors
Changing the floor color(and how to have multiple)
Changing the music order
Let the SS drop his machine gun always when killed
Changing player speed
Changing the Pac Man Ghosts into ordinary sprites
Removing the Damage Flash in God mode
Changing the amount of ammo and health
Re-enabling No Clipping Mode
Disabling the necessity of “Goobers”
Removing the demo player
Adding Landmines
Altering the high scores
Changing all Pacman ghosts into 1 shootable enemy
Changing the menu names (New Game/Sounds etc)
Changing the difficulty level names
Changing the speed of an enemy
Adding the 25 ammo box in Wolf 3D
Changing the speed of the Fake Hitler Flame Thrower
How to get no score if you use debug cheats!
How to make the chaingun jam at random times
How to make a boss/enemy drop certain things on certain levels
Removing the extra space from Menu
Changing the PG 13 screen
Giving Infinite Ammo when in God Mode
Changing the amount of smoke from Otto's rockets


Changing the Border Color
By Brian Rowan & Parafriction
Enabling Helpart & Endtext
By Parafriction
Restoring the "Shareware" notice
By Parafriction
Replacing PG13 with Shareware Notice
By Parafriction... who else?
Making doors that don't close automatically
By Kuki
Changing speed of doors open and close
By Kuki
Deleting the Boss Dead Animation delay
By Kyle A.
Adding a Death Artifact
By The JR


Adding a new weapon
By Martin
Creating EndText between levels
By CodeTech
Adding a motorbike N E W !
By Kuki


Setting Up & Compiling Info

Wolfenstein 3D Source Code Page
Has downloads such as the Borland C++ Compiler 3.1 and Wolf3D Source Code, and instructions for setting up and compiling the source code. There are also links to sites with other coding tutorials.