Wolfenstein 3D
The Storyline

 The following storyline is took from Wolfenstein helpfile:

Episode 1: Escape from Wolfenstein

You stand over the guard's body, grabbing franticly for his gun. You're not sure if the other guards heard his muffled scream. Deep in the belly of a Nazi dungeon, you've only a knife, a gun, and your wits to aid your escape.

Just a few weeks ago, you were on a reconnaissance mission of extreme importance. You were to infiltrate the Nazi fortress, and findcastle1.gif (2751 bytes) the plans for Operation Eisenfaust. Captured in your attempt, you were taken to their prison, and awaited your execution. Only you know where the plans are kept, and the Allies will face a great defeat if you don't escape! You must face the horrors of the prison keep known as Wolfenstein.

Captain William J. "B.J." Blazkowicz, you've got a gun and eight floors of hell to get through, good luck!

Hey, if you make it, you'll have something to tell your grandkids about....

If you don't, at least you'll go out in a blaze of glory!

Episode 2: Operation Eisenfaust

You run out of the castle and hook up with the Underground. They inform you that the rumors were true: some hideous human experiments were seen around Castle Hollehammer. So Operation Eisenfaust is real!

You must journey there and terminate the maniacal Dr. Schabbs before his army marches against humanity!

That would be the basic intro to Episode 2: Operation: Eisenfaust. A little more in-depth, Dr. Schabbs created a mutant army made out of undead soldiers. He took the dead soldiers, and resurrected them into new, brainless zombies. These new mutants are ultra strong, and are virtually limitless to create. If this operation goes through, the world could be in danger. Kill Schabbs and the mutants, or be killed.

Episode 3: Die, Fuehrer, Die!

You stand over Schabbs' fat, evil, swollen putrid body, glad your mission is finally over. All his journals and equipment will be destroyed. Humanity is safe from his hordes of hideous mutants.

Yet the Nazi atrocities continue: thousands march into death camps even as the Nazi  war machine falls to its knees. There is only one way to stop the madness. . . .

Hitler hides in his titanic bunker as the Third Reich crumbles around him. It is your job to assassinate him, ending his mad reign. You find he has escaped to the Reichstag, and there you must confront him.

Episode 4: Dark Secret
The Master speaking:

There was no official in-game story of this episode, so I'll tell you a little about it here.

Hitler has planned a new war, dubbed the Giftkrieg. Instead of using normal infantry/artillery, he has planned using super chemical weapons. These weapons are many times stronger than normal bombs or explosives, because they use certain chemical ingredients. If these weapons are successfully used, and the plan is executed, the Allies could be crippled and destroyed, permanently.

The allies have already found the location of the research and laboratories of these weapons. You must travel to that place, and destroy any more continuing research and production. You must also kill the scientist behind the matter, Otto Giftmatcher.

Good luck!

Episode 5: Trail of the Madman

The twisted scientist behind the chemical war lies at your feet, but the fruits of his labor grow elsewhere! The first wave of chemical war is already underway. In the heavily guarded fortress of Erlangen are the plans for the upcoming Giftkrieg (or Poison War). Find them and you'll know where to find General Fettgesicht, leader of the deadly assault.

Episode 6: The Confrontation

Gretel Grosse the giantess guard has fallen. Hope her brother, Hans, doesn't get mad about this....

Now rush to the military installation at Offenbach and stop the horrible attack before thousands die under the deadly, burning clouds of chemical war. Only you can do it, B.J!!

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