Wolfenstein 3D


Well, you can expect that when you will appear with this weapon the guards will just smile. However, it could be very effective when used against brown guards or guys that stand not in front of you.

Parabellum Pistol
Yeah. The first weapon that makes you feel comfy. It doesn't have rapid fire function, however it is very effective against brown guards. But remember - having a rendezvous with boss isn't too nice when you have only a pistol!

Smile! This weapon is really powerful and doesn't eat ammo like I drink tomato juice. It can be used against every enemy, but don't forget you aren't God!

Keep smiling! Have a nice day, suckers! This weapon offers incredible rate of fire and firepower, however, it eats ammo like... oh well. Use it only for mutants and bosses to make your ammo bar at respective level.

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