Audio Editing Tutorials

Sound editing. A useful waste of time for your add-on. Sounds are one of the main ingredients of the game. With the provided editors, you can alter the sounds and music to your liking. The way to do that is described below. A good program to use in conjunction with the editors is Cool Edit or Cool Edit Pro. Cool Edit can save in Sound Blaster .WAV format at 6896 Hz, just like Wolfenstein requires.

Take note that all sound effects in Wolfenstein were recorded in 8-bit, mono, and 6 KHz (6896 Hz to be precise, as I just mentioned). Using WolfSnd, the effects you import supposedly do not have to match these figures (the program states that the sound will be converted if necessary, but if it's too far off, the conversion will be crappy). Therefore you will need a sound editor, such as Cool Edit, to convert the frequency from whatever-it-is to 6896 Hz precisely.

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