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Review #1: "Countdown to Disaster" by Gary Ragland
Reviewer: Jack Ryerson
Released: April 23, 2002
Reviewed: June 8, 2002

Foreword: "Countdown to Disaster" was, for about two years, an ongoing mystery to the Wolfenstein community. Gary Ragland (the creator), after posting info about it being the final of his Wolf add-on trilogy (preceded by the excellent Schabbs 2000 and Assasinate Hitler), dissapeared from the community. His site was never updated and nothing was heard from him for almost two years until he reapeared with "Episode 4" earlier. Now, he's taken together some of the levels from the old "Countdown to Disaster" set (along with some new ones) in a slightly scaled-down effort.

Storyline: The storyline is pretty much the same as Episode 6 of Wolfenstein - You have to assasine General Fettgesicht in a final showdown to prevent something truly, well, disasterous from happening! The original story was a little more detailed and ambitious, but Gary scaled it down, also.

Levels: I'm happy to say that these levels are in fact better than Schabbs 2000 in my own opinion. The addition of two more keys (four total) in pretty much every level has added to the depth and complexity of the maps. And if you look at those suckers in a mapeditor (which Gary so nicely supplies the data for), you'll see that almost every one takes up the whole 64x64 space. This is a nice change from Schabbs 2000 considerably more cramped levels. There's no coding changes besides the absolute minimum required (new music order and ceiling colors), and there are only sixteen levels, which might turn some players off, but it'll be their fault for overlooking such a masterpiece.

Level Design: As I said, most of the levels are long and complex castle runs that still manage to stay varied and fun along the way. All the technical stuff is there to: Tom Hall and John Romero would be proud. And although it doesn't have the same epic and puzzly feel Schabbs 2000 inspired, it's still as much Wolfenstein as you can get.

Sound: Good new music order (as always), but otherwise nothing is new.

Graphics: There are some effectively used from Spear along with the his precious checkerboard texture from Schabbs 2000. It's nothing extreme, but they all add to the visual splendor and atmosphere. Unfortunetely, there are no new menu graphics or things like that, which people are starting to expect in every add-on.

Pros: Awesome level design.
Cons: Extreme lack of changes and new material.

Overall: This add-on is simply the epitome of Wolfenstein minimalism. It proves that there still is some room to make just levels in this community. So don't overlook the lack of changes and download it now! You'll hopefully be glad you did....

cdown1 caption:
hmm...that's a strangely pretty view....

cdown2 caption: you gotta love the progression in these levels...

cdown3 caption: the final showdown - get ready to dodge some rockets...

Review #4: MPIXSOD by Maarten Pinxten

Version: 1.0
Reviewer: Jack Ryerson
Released: June 22, 2002
Reviewed: July 20, 2002

Foreword: I thought I'd pick one of the recently released "add-ons" on this site to review. This is one that came out of nowhere to suprise and captivate me. I'll give you what I like about it and what I don't like about it, if you'd just look down to the rest of the review and quit reading this crappy intro. Thank you.

Storyline: As far as I know, this follows the original Spear. It's just new levels, after all!

Levels: The levels are in the style of the original Spear of Destiny (aka mazy), and also has the same progression as Spear has. This seems to have the same theory as Conflict in the Fatherland, wherein you take the same plot and levels and expand upon them. And unlike so many other sets, it does it very very nicely. One strange thing, though, is that the original version of this add-on (from '98) has the many of the same levels as this. To avoid any extreme confusion, this one does have all 21 levels changed, and although the '98 version does have some different levels, this is the better one.

Level Design: The level design is good (the king of original topic sentences). When I started playing it, I wasn't sure about the quality, since the first level is merely okay. But it gets better and better, taking that mazy quality of the original Spear, and making it just as fun and maybe even more playable. As in a set like this, the levels correspond to the originals, but not too much as to be annoying.

Sound: No new sounds...unless the sound of old is new to you. I might be....

Graphics: I gotta give big props to id software for delivering these graphics about ten years ago (that's another way of saying "There are no new graphics").

Pros: Great, expansive level design.

Cons: Some levels are the same as in older versions.

Overall: If you're a Spear fan looking for a Conflict in the Fatherland for Spear, you've found the one :)

mpix1 caption: One of the more memorable and Gary Ragland-esque areas in the game.

mpix2 caption: Seem familiar? It should...

mpix3 caption: The Ubermutant seems a bit like episode 2...