Level Design Tutorials

Welcome to the Level Design tutorials, my friend. Here, you will learn about various tricks that will help you with making maps for your best add-on. If you are a newbie, jump to the First Steps section, where I will introduce you to mapping, from running the MapEdit, to creating the real good maps.

If you are more experienced with the map editing, it'll be good for you to take a look at Common Mistakes of level designers. In that section, you will find problems and solutions to them.
Every tutorial here is brought with a screenshot and are surely bug-free.

If you have problems with maps or something else, then feel free to e-mail me and I will surely reply. You can also refer to our tutorials, and MapEdit's help, which explains everything really good.

Martin Krysiak,
Tutorials Director


List of Content:

First Steps

Running MapEdit
Objects & Walls

Design Help

Creating Deja Vu Levels
Common Mistakes
Walking Guard, Deaf Guard, Turning Points
Important Aspects of Level Design

Experienced Designers

Creating & Using Holo Walls

Additional Resources

Wolf3D Map Editing For Dummies 2011

If you want to submit a tutorial then e-mail Martin.