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Changing the Ceiling Colours

 Step 1. Open up WL_DRAW.C and search for “1d1d”. There you see:

0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0xbfbf, 0x4e4e,0x4e4e,0x4e4e,0x1d1d,0x8d8d,0x4e4e,0x1d1d,0x2d2d,0x1d1d,0x8d8d, 0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x2d2d,0xdddd,0x1d1d,0x1d1d,0x9898,

Step 2. Now, use the following color chart (supplied courtesy of Paal Olstad), to select your color. Then just insert the color within the "0x". Also, don't forget to type the index of the color twice, as the ceiling will have 2 different colors. No, not cool, crazy. You see a striped sky, which does not look good. If you prefer a black ceiling, it's another deal. Then you do this:


See? With black colors you use the index just ONCE. Keep that in mind!


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