Code Editing Tutorials
Deleting the Boss Dead Animation delay

Open WL_ACT2.C, Today, we're going to do it with Otto Giftmacher. Do a search for "SpawnGift" (no quotes!) and you should see this:



= SpawnGift



void SpawnGift (int tilex, int tiley)


unsigned far *map,tile;

if (DigiMode != sds_off)

s_giftdie2.tictime = 140;


s_giftdie2.tictime = 5;


Change "s_giftdie2.tictime = 140;" to "s_giftdie2.tictime = 1;" (no quotes) or to your likings!

(If you change it to "0" he'll just stay standing up when he dies.)

Compile and Link up!

Have fun with your fast dying Boss!


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