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Making non-closing doors

This tutorial is more Basic than Advanced, but it's very unknown in the community so I placed it here :D.

Step 1. Open WL_ACT1.C

Step 2. In 270 line you should find:

#define OPENTICS 300

Step 3. Delete this line.

Step 4. In lines 538-542 of the same file you should find the void OpenDoor (int door) function:

void DoorOpen (int door)
	if ( (doorobjlist[door].ticcount += tics) >= OPENTICS)
		CloseDoor (door);
                                             Delete it.
Step 5. In lines 696-698 of the same file you should find function void_MoveDoors (void). Find this:
                                             case dr_open:
			DoorOpen (door);
                                             And delete these lines.
Step 6. Compile the program and have fun with non-automatically closing doors.



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