Code Editing Tutorials
Altering the High Scores

Step 1. Open up ID_US_1.C, line 59.
2.You will see some text that will look something like this:

HighScore Scores[MaxScores] =v {
{"id software-'92",10000,1},
{"Adrian Carmack",10000,1},
{"John Carmack",10000,1},
{"Kevin Cloud",10000,1},
{"Tom Hall",10000,1},
{"John Romero",10000,1},
{"Jay Wilbur",10000,1},

3. To edit it, just place whatever name inside the first "", place the score in second "". Here is an example:

HighScore Scores[MaxScores] =
{ {"Kenny Riley",10000,1},
{"Made this",34525,1},
{"for that",9999,1},
{"I appreciate it",7777,1},


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