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Changing the amount of smoke from Otto's rockets


By: Wolfenstein 3D Fan (PicNic)

Ever wonder how to change the amount of smoke emitted from Otto's rockets, well this tutorial will show you how


Step 1:

Open WL_ACT2.C and search for: void A_Smoke (objtype *ob) in the A_Smoke section. You should see something like this:



= A_Smoke





void A_Smoke (objtype *ob)


GetNewActor ();

#ifdef SPEAR

if (ob->obclass == hrocketobj)

new->state = &s_hsmoke1;



new->state = &s_smoke1;

new->ticcount = 6;

In the last line above
new->ticcount = 6; you need to change the number 6:

For example:

1 = not much smoke


50= a lot of smoke

NOTE: Increasing the number above 6 will reduce the total number of guards that can be used without crashing on any level that uses Otto. As a rough guide, for new->ticcount = 10; - a maximum of 140 guards is recommended, and for new->ticcount = 50; - a maximum of 120 guards is recommended.

Step 2:

Compile and Link Up! Now there should be a change in the amount of smoke from Otto's rockets if you did this right.


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