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Setting up the code


First, some requirements to get your EXE running:

You need:

·    A Borland C++ 3.1 compiler;

·    The Wolfenstein 3D Source Code;

·    Wolfenstein 3D(ofcourse);

·    Correct VGA files.

To edit the code itself you can use:

·    Dos Edit(activated by entering the Dos Prompt and typing “Edit”[enter]);

·    Windows Notepad

·    Microsoft Word 2000


I prefer to use Dos Edit, as it is rather easy to use and doesn’t take a while to load.


OK, now after having downloaded everything, it’s time to set the code up.

After having downloaded all necessary files, open BC31.ZIP with WinZip <> and open the EXE file stored in it. Now an installation program will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions and re-boot your PC after installation. Install the WOLFSRC.ZIP file to something like C:\SOURCE\WOLF. Keep the VGAFILES.ZIP closed, you don’t need it yet.

After having rebooted, go to a DOS box and navigate to the directory where your Wolfenstein source code is stored. For example, C:\SOURCE\WOLF. Type BC. If nothing happens, restart your computer or re-install the compiler. If BC starts up, you should see a blue-gray screen with a menu bar on top, and a rectangular cyan window at the bottom labeled: Project: WOLF3D. There should be a whole bunch of files in the project window. So far, so good. But before we can compile the source, we need to change some things. Select Options ą Directories... Change the Include and Library directories to reflect where you put the compiler. For instance, if you installed BC to C:\BORLANDC, make the Include directory C:\BORLANDC\INCLUDE and the Library directory C:\BORLANDC\LIB. The output directory should be OBJ. This is where all the compiled .OBJ files will be placed, as well as the finished WOLF3D.EXE.

Now scroll down in the project window (bottom of the screen) until you find SIGNON.OBJ and GAMEPAL.OBJ. Their location, as according to the project window, will be C:\SOURCE\WOLF\OBJ. If this is not the path to your source code OBJ directory, like if you installed the source to a different drive or path, you'll need to change these files. You can't edit their location in the project file, so you'll have to remove these 2 entries and insert 2 new ones. Highlight SIGNON.OBJ and press Delete (the keyboard button). Do the same with GAMEPAL.OBJ. Now press the Insert key. The "Add to Project List" dialog box will appear. Navigate to your source code's OBJ directory or type the full path in the name box. You will probably have to change the "*.C" in the name box to "*.OBJ" or you won't see the files you want in the list display. Once you finally find the right directory, SIGNON.OBJ and GAMEPAL.OBJ should be the only OBJ files in there. Double-click them to add them to the project window, and then click Done.

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