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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 Latest News News Archive

28th February 2008: Generations Mod For Quake III

Here's a link to the Generations mod for Quake III. Basically this mod allows you to use the weapons from Wolfenstein in Quake III. It's really well made, too.

It's website is at Generations.

28th February 2008: Wolf 3D SNES Version Video

This Wolf 3D SNES version video shows BJ wearing a beret/army uniform in the briefing scene. You can see it near the start of the video. The game play features the whole of the first level.

It's available here.

17th February 2008: Absence Screenshots

Here's a set of 2 screenshots taken from Havoc's upcoming mod 'Absence'. They show a storage and weapon research area of the 'Beta Labs'.

13th February 2008: Hand Drawn Shotgun Sprites

Here's another set of hand drawn sprites from Z. Franz released for general use. They were created for a DOOM styled shotgun to be used in the 'DOOM: Death Doesn't Wait' mod but a different set were eventually used. Available here.

12th February 2008: Wolf3D: The Deluxe Edition Released

After starting work on a WolfSDL port of the same game, Tricob is releasing his unfinished DOS version of 'Wolfenstein 3D: The Deluxe Edition'. This release features hi-res images, new treasure items, new Adlib sounds, weapon images from the Jaguar version, lots of Mac graphics, interactive objects, and several other code changes. This hi-res update is also downward compatible with the original 60 levels. The 60 levels come mainly from 'Wolf3D Community Mapset' which includes levels made by Tricob, Dean, Thomas Weiling, RonWolf, WL Hack and myself. Available here.

10th February 2008: Machine Gun Sprites

Here's a set of hand-drawn sprites that are suitable for use as a machine gun or chaingun. They were sent in by Z. Franz and are for general use. Please give credit if they are used. Available here.

10th February 2008: The Western Wall I Updated

Bugs were recently found on levels 9, 10 and a few later levels of 'The Western Wall I' mod by Spifferaneous. These have now all been fixed, and access to the secret level from level 7 has also been fixed. The whole mod has now been checked and no further bugs were found. Available, with the same filename and link as before, here.

4th February 2008: MOHA Update

Wolfenstein3D Fan has started working again on his 'Medal Of Honor Airborne' project. Most of the recent work has been on levels and graphics.

1st February 2008: Weltgericht Updated

Mega Luigi tells me that the 'Weltgericht' mod had a bug on level 8. This has now been fixed and a new version has been posted. The new version has the same filename and is available here. For more info on this mod, please see Jan 22 posts. If anyone is already on level 8, please send a saved game to Mega and he'll replace it with one from the new version.

1st February 2008: KFH Games Files Update

KFH Games have recently released the following files:
Klooni - A Doom clone (a Doom to Wolf3D conversion that brings much of the Doom gameplay to Wolf3D). Doom II or Final Doom is required to play. Version 1.1.
WolfSignOn - Creates palette independent signon screens for Wolf3D/SoD. Version 1.2.
Both available from
KFH Games.

1st February 2008: DHW Map Of The Month Club: Nov 07 - Feb 08 Package Released

The latest 'DHW Map Of The Month Club' package has been released. It's for Nov 07 - Feb 08 and has 8 levels.

It's available at DHW Forums.

27th January 2008: DOOM: Legions Revisited Update

Drew McCauley (Insurrectionman) of Crack Software is working on a new mod called 'DOOM: Legions Revisited'. It runs on the new Wolf4SDL engine and is basically an addon to DOOMLOH, but much improved. There are also new enemy bosses.

26th January 2008: Dome Award - January 2008

This month's Dome award goes to Mega Luigi & Mario Maniac for 'Weltgericht'. It is an example of a very good 'all round' mod. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

22nd January 2008: Weltgericht Released

Mega Luigi and Mario Maniac have released 'Weltgericht'. There are 20 seamless levels that are extensive and well designed/decorated. Virtually all graphics have been changed as have the sounds and music. There are many code changes which include several new enemies, artefacts, extra keys, teleporters, exploding objects, timer display and textured floors/ceilings. It all blends well together. Available here.

22nd January 2008: New ChaosEdit Version Available

Chaos-Software have made available a new version of 'ChaosEdit'. It's preRelease v1.26 and now supports the Wolf4SDL palette format. Among other changes are the orientation of floor and ceiling textures have been corrected to reflect the orientation used in DarkOne's/Adam's tutorial. It's at Chaos-Software.

21st January 2008: Escape From Reichstag Released

Joe M has released 'Escape From Reichstag'. The 20 levels are mostly quite small but there are many graphics changes and some music changes. The exe is from 'Danger Zone' and among the changes are ceiling colours, seamless levels and new helpart and endart. Available here.

17th January 2008: Spriters Needed For Wolfenstein 3D Invasion

Here's an email received from Zdude regarding spriters: "This is Zdude. I am asking that you put in information about a Wolf3d Doom mod for the skulltag port.
The mod is called 'Wolfenstein 3d Invasion' and it uses the invasion gamemode from skulltag. Right now, we need spriters to create multi-directional angles to Wolf/Spear bosses like Schabbs and Hitler. I am providing a link to the proper page on the Skulltag Forums.
Anyone that is willing to create the requested sprites will be given proper credit."

14th January 2008: DOSMenu Set-up For Super Upgrade Pack Levels

Andy Nonymous has sent in a zip which contains a DOSMenu configuration for running the Wolf 3D Super Upgrade Pack levels in a more user-friendly format than the Wolfmaster 2.0 menu system.
Directions for setting it up are in the README.TXT file. Even without setting it up, the menu can be run just to check out the contents of the Super Upgrade Pack. Andy tried to get as much up-to-date information into the menu as he could find.
Under DOSMenu, all of the pertinent add-on information is available on the same screen, and the game documentation is a keypress away.
Available here.

12th January 2008: Annotated Files For The Final Fight - Episodes 5 & 6

Peter has sent in the annotated files for 'The Final Fight - Episodes 5 & 6'. This is the last installment. There are saved games from each level of the two episodes and the storylines.

Available here.

11th January 2008: Hotel Romanstein 8 (Teen Version) Released

Mr. Choi has released 'Hotel Romanstein 8 (Teen Version)'. It is a shareware mod and has 10 extensive, well designed and heavily decorated levels. There is a similar scenario as in most of the earlier mods in the series and as in those, the actors' are rather lightly clothed. The sounds fit quite nicely with the setting. The mod runs with DarkOne's NewWolf (exe provided). Available here. The mod can also be run in DOS mode - with a supplied exe made by Andy/Chris.

11th January 2008: ROTT Editing And Modding Forum Updates

Activity on the 'ROTT Editing And Modding Forum' has increased in recent weeks. Wolfwhips tells me there are posts on compiling the ROTT source code and a multiplayer ROTT guide.

It's at ROTT: Editing And Modding Forum.

8th January 2008: Hotel Romanstein 7 (Teen Version) Released

Mr. Choi has released Hotel Romanstein 7 (Teen Version)'. It is a shareware mod and has 10 extensive, well designed and heavily decorated levels. As in the earlier mods in the series, there is a hotel scenario and the actors' are rather lightly clothed. The sounds fit quite nicely with the setting. The mod runs with DarkOne's NewWolf (exe provided). Available here. The mod can also be run in DOS mode - with a supplied exe made by Andy/Chris.

8th January 2008: More Music From Paco

Paco has sent in another midi. This one is called 'Cecrco centro di gravita permanente'.

It lasts for 4.02 minutes, and is available here.

8th January 2008: Coding Help Wanted

Here's an email I received from Wolf-Maniac, who is requesting help mainly with coding: "I'm Wolf-Maniac. I'm making a mod to Wolfenstein, but i can't modify my mod same as I want. Can you post news on your site about seeking a help by me? My mod has got a fantasy-medieval feel, I've got some sprites, but the main problem is the coding. I can't understand that, really. So could somebody help with the coding and if possible, graphics in a fantasy theme?".
If anyone would like to help, please email me and I'll pass it on. Or, please leave a message on Wolf3D Haven Forum.

5th January 2008: Team Aardwolf Mapset Demo Released

The members of Team Aardwolf have released a 12 level demo. All the levels are extensive and are by RonWolf, Valts, Thomas Weiling, Fireboy and myself. Code changes are by RonWolf and include seamless levels, map defined co-ordinates for things such as floor/ceiling colours and ammo/health values, ingame messages, up to 200 actors and 500 static objects per map. Text file included. Will especially suit those who prefer original Wolf 3D graphics. Available here.

4th January 2008: Paco Midi Collection

Here's a collection of 15 midi's that Paco sent in. It is called 'Lemmings Music'.

Available here.

4th January 2008: Annotated Files For The Final Fight - Episodes 3 & 4

Peter has sent in the annotated files for 'The Final Fight - Episodes 3 & 4'. There are saved games from each level of the two episodes and the storylines.

Available here.

2nd January 2008: Romanstein Character Evolution Chart

Mr. Choi is working on a new version of 'Hotel Romanstein 7' and 'Hotel Romanstein 8'. He has sent me a chart showing how the characters have evolved.

1st January 2008: Bones Alert v13.95 Demo Released

Eric Lin has released a 14 level demo from his upcoming add-on 'Bones Alert v13.95'. The levels are on episodes 1 and 2 and are mostly very complicated levels with lots of secrets while some are fun levels. Among the contributors are ack and Dr. Chainsaw. There are some minor graphics and code changes but the main aim is to keep the original Wolf3D atmosphere intact. Text file included. Available here. Episodes 3 thru 6 have been blanked out for copyright reasons.

Latest News News Archive

Guns And Glory 2 by Little Cherub

Novo Wolf by Thomas Weiling & Dean Horton

Castle Grom by James Shain & Karharis

Trail Of Schabbs by WLHack

Absence by Havoc

Hunt For The Desert Fox by WLHack

Medal Of Honor Airborne by Wolfenstein3D Fan

Elsas-Lothingren by Lozer_42

Bones Alert by Eric Lin

SonderKommando Revolt by Doomjedi(

SoD Mappack by Valts(

The Mutant Uprising by Team Aardwolf

Nazi Revenge! by Wolfenstein3D Fan

Urban Warfare by Shadow

Battlezone 1.5 by jka

F.A.D.E.D. by Ryan de Haast

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

S.K.U.N.K.Z. by Majik Monkee(

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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