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Replacing AdLib sounds



What this is? Well, AdLib sounds are sounds like picking up a machine gun, ammo or health kits. This was, before DarkOne's tools were released, only possible to edit when you had a hex editor. But today, that's easier!

In this example lesson I'm gonna show you how to replace the ammo pickup sound with the sound from SOD when you pick up a 25-ammo box. For this example, we'll need, next to the IMFTOOLS and the other files already in the IMFTOOLS directory, the Spear of Destiny AUDIO files.

1. Go into the IMF directory and type:


This means that Audio Manager will extract all chunks in the AUDIOT.SOD file. I bet it says "Error with chunk...", but don't worry, there's nothing wrong with the sounds.

2. Now, search your directory for a file named "aud_145.sod". This one is the "Ammo box sound". Keep this file apart and throw the other "aud_" files away.

3. Now that we have this file, it's time to insert it in the chunk of Wolfenstein's ammo pickup sound. Type:

AUD_MAN WL6 -R AUD_145.SOD 118

This means that Audio Manager will replace the ammo pickup sound of Wolfenstein with Sod's ammo box sound.

4. If it all works, it's time to listen to our new sound. Copy the AUDIOHED and AUDIOT files you changed(look at the extension if you have more AUDIO files in your IMF directory) to your Wolfenstein directory and fire up the game! Now, start a new game and pick up an ammo clip. See if the game plays the SOD ammo box sound. If it does, you're successful. Good job. With these sounds you just can't mistake. They always work, trust me.

Wrapping it all up
Well, I hope you've learned a thing or two on using the IMF Tools. This tutorial was mostly made to provide more details on using the software, but in the end it also contains my personal experiences I've had with this software. Give me some comments on this tutorials if you like. Have a blast! I'd like to thank DarkOne for creating this software. I highly appreciate you made it!


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