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The Falling Guard Trick


All you need is:

* FloEdit(see graphics edit page)
* Windows Wave Editor(usually found in Start menu under Entertainment)
* Wolfenstein 3-D "dying guards" sound
* The "dropping" sounds(available here)

What this is? Well, in, for example, Project Totengraeber, you hear a stomp sound, which indicates the dead guard fell to the ground. You like it? Okay, here you have how to do it. The sounds to put there, are available at the download section. NOTE: This one does NOT, I repeat, NOT work with bosses, since these have "drop times" set within their code(look at WL_ACT2.C). This means they "wait" a moment or 2 before showing their dying sequence. I'm trying to fix this. 

Step 1. With FloEdit, you extract all sounds from the guards'(brown guard, SS, mutant, officer)dying sequences(not the dog's! That works differently too!). Step 2. Open Windows Wave Editor and edit the sounds using this chart showing were to insert the sounds you downloaded(one per sound!).

Enemy: Inserting entrypoint:

Guard 0,50
SS 0,25
Mutant 0,25
Officer 0,25

Now, I hope you understood what I ment. Have fun with hearing the guards feel the floor!


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