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John Burnett's note about FX under Win 2000/NT


We recieved the following message from John Burnett aka JLBWolf3D. It may be helpful for Win 2000 and NT users so we put it in here. Thanks John for following tips!

I figured out the SoundFX software that works with Dos Games like Wolfenstein 3d in Windows NT/2000.

I tried this, it works!! if you look at February 22, 2002 in Wolfenstein 3d Dome's earlier news about Wolf3d on WinXP. Beware, it is a free trial of SoundFX, it is available on, but the Full Version of SoundFX is available too, it will cost you about 40 US Dollars or 25 UK Pounds.

SoundFX is a Sound emulator for DOS under Windows NT/2000. I used VDM Sound and it won't work with my OS!!! (Look at Oct 20, 2002). Make Sure to follow your sound configuration when SoundFX asks you to set them up, Or it will cause the game to hang up.

My Sound Blaster Live! works fine with SoundFX under Windows 2000's DosShell when I play on Wolf3d. My Sound configuration is IRQ 11 DMA 5 Address 220, This SoundFX take it over, It is IRQ 5 DMA 1 Address 220. It works GREAT!, BUT it can never be 100% guaranteed. Good luck with this SoundFX.

Want to know more information? Check the website 'DOS games under XP'. This has a large number of hints and tips for playing games like Wolf3D on the XP system. Click --->


John Burnett

Wolfenstein 3D Favorite

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