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How to get all Wolfenstein tunes in MIDI files?


To get all of Spear of Destiny and Wolfenstein 3D audio tracks we will need this things:

Full versions of Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny
"AUDIOT Wolfenstein Pack extractor" utility
Winamp utility
IMF Music Player - WinAmp plugin
Converter WAV<-MP3 (CdEx for example)
Big disk (WAV files take much place)

1. Firstly, let's unpack the AUDIOT Wolfenstein Pack Extractor to Wolfenstein 3D
directory. Okay, ready? Now, let's use it. From command line write:

wolfextr.exe audiot.wl6

2. As a result we should get 27 IMF files. Let's make a new directory and copy
those files there.

3. Let's move AWPE to Spear of Destiny directory. Then, start it once again:

wolfextr.exe audiot.sod

4. We should get 23 IMF files now. Move them to the directory we made in step 2. Overwrite the same files.

5. Delete file copypro.imf, because it's the same one than hitlwltz.imf.

6. Install WinAmp

7. Install IMF Music Player - copy in_imf.dll to your WinAmp plugin directory.

8. Run WinAmp

9. With the scorchut [CTRL] + [P] we open the WinAmp Preferences box.

10. From the list on left choose Output, and on right Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in
and click "Configure" button.

11. Here you can set preferences of files that will be created.

12. Close those preferences, and make a new playlist with all IMF files that you
have. Play it when you are ready, but hey - you shouldn't hear any sound. The
plugin is converting the music into good old WAV format!

13. After ending the operation we should have 37 output files in directory set in
Preferences box.

14. Convert them to MP3 format (I use CDex for it), and you can delete the IMF &
WAV files.

Now you have all Wolfenstein and Spear of Destiny audio tracks in MP3's, ready to
play. I reccomend you - if you have a plugin that plays original IMF's, then don't
convert it - the IMF's are better quality and really smaller.


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