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Replacing music


Since DarkOne only gave instructions on replacing music, I'll give a list of all capabilities with these programs. But, let's start with music replacing.

For this example, we'll need, next to the IMFTOOLS and the other files already in the IMFTOOLS directory, a MIDI file(let's say DASBOOT.MID).

0. Copy a MIDI file of your liking to the directory where IMFTOOLS + all files are.

1. Go to that directory. Now type: midi2mus.exe DASBOOT.MID(or the filename of whatever MIDI file you copied to the directory). The program starts converting the MIDI file to a .MUS file.

2. When the program ends, type: DIR .MUS . Then you should see the MIDI filename, but with the extension MUS. If not, repeat steps 0 and 1. Now, MUS must still be converted to IMF, Wolfenstein's format. Type: mus2imf.exe DASBOOT.MUS . The program starts converting the MUS file to an IMF file.

3. Good, now you can throw away the MIDI file and the MUS file.

Armed with the IMF file, we're gonna choose a MUSIC file to replace. In Wolfenstein's AUDIOT file, the music is stored at position 261 and further.

Now, to replace a certain music file, we need to know where it's position is.

It's simple to find out, all you have to do is go into the AUDIOWL6.H file, look up the number noted after the //s and add that up to 261.

4. Now, pick the number of the song you like. now type:


AUD_MAN WL6 -R DASBOOT.IMF(name of the IMF you want to use) ###(index no. of the song which needs to be replaced in the Audio files)

Customize this for your own music choice and music file. For instance, to change PacMan's Song with U96.IMF in AUDIOT.TFS , you do this:


Try it out. You'll get the hang of it when you try it yourself.

5. If it all works, it's time to listen to our new song. Copy the AUDIOHED and AUDIOT files you changed(look at the extension if you have more AUDIO files in your IMF directory) to your Wolfenstein directory and fire up the game! Now, go to the level that uses your replaced song(say Get Them!: Episode 1/4, level 1/5). See if it plays the way you wanted. If it doesn't, well, then it's either truncated or it didn't get into the AUDIO files(I frequently have this problem with AUD_MAN). If it does, you're successful. Good job.


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