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The WolfAud Trick


Well, I'm sure you have many sounds FloEdit won't accept. I don't have any. Why? Read on!

All you need is:

* FloEdit(see graphic edit page)
* Windows Wave Editor(usually found in Start menu under Entertainment)
* Wolfenstein 3-D Shareware(found nearly anywhere)

OK, here's what you do: 

Step 1. Make a new directory on your hard drive(something like WolfSND 
or so)
Step 2. Copy the Shareware Wolf3D and WOFAUD.EXE files to that dir.
Step 3. Copy all WAV, VOC and AU sounds you want to use in the game to 
that directory.
Step 4. Run Wlfaud and tell it to insert a sound like this:


Step 5. Open FloEdit and connect it with the Wolfenstein 3D Shareware 
you just used.
Step 6. Extract the sound you just inserted with WOLFAUD.
Step 7. Open Windows Wave Editor and open the sound you just extracted.
Step 8. Remove the "silence" which can be recognized by a blank line:

Get it? Got it? Good.

Step 9. Save and insert the sound in the project you wanted it. Now 
start the game and enjoy your new sound!


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