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Changing the PG 13 screen


Author: Joshua Waight

Here is something I just learned how to do and for those who don't know, now you will know too!

Open WL_INTER.C and search for PG13 or just go to line #305. You should see something like the code below.


::: CODE :::




= PG13





void PG13 (void)



VWB_Bar(0,0,320,200,0x82); // background


CA_CacheGrChunk (PG13PIC);

VWB_DrawPic (216,110,PG13PIC);

VW_UpdateScreen ();







VW_FadeOut ();




::: END OF CODE :::


Well, let Josh show you some of the changes you can make!

Changing the digits in the green code will give the warning screen a new background color. What code is what color can be seen at The Dome under the coding tutorial, Changing The Ceiling Colors.

The blue code is the xy coordinates of the rating image (Usually says something like PC-13, MA-13, Created by, that kinda stuff) that can be viewed and/or altered with such programs like FloEdit or ChaosEdit! Setting the coordinates to 0,0 will put the image in the upper left corner and you can even make another screen like the title.

Cool eh? Sure, the experienced guys may know this stuff already but for those still new to the code, you just learned something new!


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