MAR/APR 2004 Latest News News Archive

30th April 2004: Wolfback Update

Sockdude has announced that 'Wolfback' should be started again in mid-June. Work still needs to be done on the coding.

It should be finished by the end of the Summer.

30th April 2004: The Punisher Update

Raistlin tells me he's taken over 'The Punisher' project since he wanted to work on it. Majik Monkee, who started the project, didn't think he'd have time to ever finish it.....

It's going to be a serious TC based on the SOD engine, and it will be in the Cell shaded style, to try and capture the feel of the comic book. We should get some pics soon.

30th April 2004: Pokestein 3D Demo Released

Cliff, aka Lizardcommando, has released his 'Pokestein 3D' demo. There are 10 levels (the first episode), and most are of a fair size with about the right amount of decoration. There are a number of new cartoon type enemies, plus a number of other graphics changes too. It's available here. Cliff has a website The Pokestein 3D Website which has more info on this project.

30th April 2004: Operation: Hundscheisse - Chapter 1 Released

Dumscheissekopf has released the completed version of 'Operation: Hundscheisse - Chapter 1'. There are 7 levels (including a secret level) and they are quite extensive and nicely decorated. There are also many changed graphics, and sounds. The SS is now a Dog Soldier!! A text file manual for the game is included. Majik Monkee also contributed. Click here for the download.

28th April 2004: Kill Him 2 Announced

Wolfenstein 3D Fan has announced a third addon in the 'Kill Him' series. This one is called 'Kill Him 2' and here's some of the features:

  • New Enemies/Bosses
  • New Title Screen
  • New Graphics
  • 1 New Weapon
  • 1 New Key

And much more! Click here for the title screen.

26th April 2004: WW3 - The New Mission Announced

Swp has announced a new Wolf 3D project called 'WW3 - The New Mission'. There'll be 5 new levels (one already completed). There'll be new enemies, new walls and 9 weapons. New keys are also planned. Other features will come later.

26th April 2004: TexZK's Awards

TexZK has given two awards. One goes to Majik Monkee (for the best artist), and the other goes to Ripper (for the best engine solutions). Congratulations to both. They are well deserved.

26th April 2004: Operation: Todpfad Update

Here's an email received from Kyle Albert: "Operation: Todpfad is the new name for Gretel's Castle. You may have heard of Gretel's Castle on Jan. 22 of the Dome News. I've added Shading, Ammo Racks, and other features. I've completed everything in the game except for about 10 maps. If you'd like to contribute any raw maps (no objects) to me, email me at Please send me Mapedit Level Files if you will. You will be credited for it."

23rd April 2004: Wav Files Released

Nanaki has made available a series of sound wav files of guards dying, to give to the public. Just a simple scream, but they have a floor slamming sound when the guards hit the floor. Please give Nanaki credit if you use them.

You can find them here.

22nd April 2004: Operation: Arctic Wolf Update

Luke Strauman tells me he's completed all coding for 'Operation: Arctic Wolf'. All that is left to do is the maps. A release date of early June is expected. If anyone want to beta test the game, please let Luke know. Luke's website is at Wolf 3D Heaven And Hell.

21st April 2004: Cartosa Lives! Demo Released

Rocketboy680 has released a demo of his upcoming set 'Cartosa Lives'. There are 5 levels and, though mostly not that extensive, I particularly like the outdoor effects of the first one. The first level is called 'The Entrance' for the main reason that you're entering the island. The second level is entitled 'The Four Rooms', number three is 'Halls of Regret', and fourth is 'Cargo Push'. The Boss level walls will be iimproved later. Many new graphics including actors, though no new sounds. Some minor code changes. You can get it here.

21st April 2004: Return To Density Announced

Majik Monkee has announced, on behalf of The Incredible Pete, a new project called 'Return To Density'. Click on the thumbnail for more info.

21st April 2004: The Fall Of Tails Released

Nanaki has released 'The Fall Of Tails'. There are 20 fair sized and mostly lightly decorated levels. Although there are some new graphics and sounds, the original Spear Of Destiny feel remains. Some code changes. You can download it here.

21st April 2004: Double Trouble Screenshots

Here are 2 screenshots from Ryan de Haast's upcoming TC 'Double Trouble'. There are more on Ryan's site at Wolfenstein Cabin.

20th April 2004: Sensenmann Updated

Mäx has updated 'Sensenmann'. The tombstone image from 'Haunted House' has been replaced and credits are now included. Click here for the updated download. This version replaces the one issued April 9.

19th April 2004: Public Sprites

Nanaki has made available a series of sprites for general public use. However, please give credit to Nanaki if they are used. The bitmaps and a text file are available here.

19th April 2004: Cartosa Lives Enemies

Rocketboy680 has sent in a set of enemy pics from his upcoming TC 'Cartosa Lives'. On other news, Rocketboy is probably not going to start 'Operation: Golden Linch' for a while, but 'Death of Cartosa', the end of the trilogy, has already been started. The SS graphics and the good guy graphics are done. It will be on the Wolf 3D engine, mainly for more levels, the bosses, and its story editing abilities.

16th April 2004: The Fall Of Tails Screenshots

Nanaki has released a set of pics from his upcoming addon for Spear 'The Fall Of Tails'. Some screenshots are a bit blurry but they give a good idea of the game style.

16th April 2004: Dead World Rising 2 - Episode 2 Released

The second episode of 'DWR 2' (Dead World Rising - Episode 2) is now finished. Great Wasabi tells me he's going to release the game by episodes, to keep players interested. As with the earlier demo version there are plenty of changed graphics and sounds - a blend of Doom and cartoon types which fit together quite well. The levels are of a pretty good standard. You can download it here.

16th April 2004: Secrets of 'Halls Of Stonehenge' Document Released

Majil Monkee's TC 'Halls of Stonehenge' has been around for a while, and he has now released this document that details its secrets to the public. Hopefully this will allow players who have mastered the game or have been stuck for a while to get a little more out of it. You can download it here.

15th April 2004: Kill Him - Special Edition Released

Wolfenstein 3D Fan has released 'Kill Him - Special Edition'. There are 9 fair sized levels which are mostly well designed. As in the earlier 'Kill Him' set, there's a number of graphics and sounds changes but the original feel of the game remains. Click here for the download.

15th April 2004: New Wolf 3D Forum Opens

SWP has set up a new forum for Wolfenstein 3D. There are separate sections for Wolf 3D, Spear Of Destiny, projects, and for other games.

This one is at Wolfenstein3Dbastards.

14th April 2004: Nazis Of Funk Released

Wilhelm has released a 9 level set called 'Nazis Of Funk'. The levels are pretty good though many are from the original Wolf3D game. There are many new graphics, particularly wall designs. There's also a new boss (shown in the pic). Click here for the download.

12th April 2004: 2nd Dome Award - April 2004

This month's 2nd Dome award goes to Mäx for his work on 'Sensenmann'. With it's changed graphics and sounds and advanced code changes, quite a spooky atmosphere is created. The levels are also good. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

12th April 2004: Slackermod Update/Enemy Sprites

Here's an update from Slayne on 'Slackermod': Walls - 100%, Environmental Sprites - 100%, Standard Enemy Sprites - 75%, Boss Sprites - 60%, Gun Sprites - 80%, Code - 100%, Music - 100%, Sound - 100%, Maps - 45%, and Endtext - 50%. From the way all this is looking, there'll be a summer release date with fair certainty. Meanwhile, here's a little pack of enemy sprites which probably won't change.

12th April 2004: The Secret Missions - Part One Released

Josh has released 'The Secret Missions - Part One'. There are 6 well designed and nicely decorated levels, plus a number of graphics and sounds changes. The original Wolf3D feel remains. Some code changes. Text file included. Quite a stylish set. You can download it here.

12th April 2004: Sensenmann Award

Rocketboy680 has given Mäx an award for his work on 'Sensenmann'. See Apr 9 news for info on this set.

11th April 2004: Dome Award - April 2004

This month's Dome award goes to HellRaiser and StormBringer for their add-on 'The Alliance Of Powers'. Though the two authors have contrasting styles, both are very good and complement each other well. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded. Not all addons from last month have been considered yet so there may be another award later.

9th April 2004: Sensenmann Released

Mäx has released 'Sensenmann'. There are at least 20 levels here spread over 6 episodes. The levels are well designed and nicely detailed. Most graphics and sounds have been changed and give the game quite a spooky feel. There are many advanced code changes including textured ceilings/floors, weather effects, lighting effects and a motor cycle. The helpart is in both English and German. Click here for the download.

9th April 2004: Killing Hans Gruber Bison Pic

Here a pic of the Bison from Gerard Westenberg's 'Killing Hans Gruber'.

9th April 2004: Rocketboy680 Update

Rocketboy680 has started a project called 'Operation: Golden Linch'. Some of the boss graphics have been submitted to Monkee's Image World. On other news, 5 levels of 'Cartosa Lives' are finished. The first level is going to be a basic 'You-have-arrived-on-an-island-with-all-of-your-men-dead-and-insane-cultists-are-chasing-you' type level. The second and third are more tricky and long levels. The fourth level includes a push-wall maze. The fifth level is a sewer system that is flooding, so you have to evade the water threatening your live. Both these games may take a while but 'Cartosa Lives' should be done first.

9th April 2004: The Secret Missions Screenshots

Josh has sent in a set of four screenshots from his latest conversion 'The Secret Missions'.

8th April 2004: Danger Zone 2 Released

Joe M has released 'Danger Zone 2'. There are 30 seamless levels, some from the original game and some from sets by Arielus and Martin. There are many new wall designs and sounds. You can download it here.

8th April 2004: Monkee's Image World Update

Here's an email from Majik Monkee: "Greetings! There have been many additions made to the Image World site lately, so many in fact, that an additional page has been added to the site. For those who have not visited recently, or are unfamiliar with the site, it's at Monkee's Image World. If you would like to submit characters or single images of your own, feel free to do so, but please limit submissions to one or two a day, as I am unable to keep it up to date if the volume of submissions is too high. Thanks!

~Majik Monkee~"

8th April 2004: The Legacy Of Kevin Cartosa Released

Rocketboy680 has released the 19 level full version of 'The Legacy Of Kevin Cartosa'. The levels are quite large though with a lot of open space and only lightly decorated for the most part. There are many changed graphics and sounds. A text file containing the storyline is included. You can get it here.

7th April 2004: ZW1 Level Released

De Zeurkous has released the first level of what will be a 60 level set and would like to know what others' think of it. Please send any comments on the level to me and I'll pass them on to De Zeurkous. He'll look at any recommendations. You can download it here. Needs the full version of Wolf 3D to play.

3rd April 2004: Spongebobstein Full Version Released

Ian Summerfield's full verson of 'Spongebobstein' has been released. There are now 21 levels that are well detailed. Virtually all original graphics and sounds have been replaced. Will suit those who like 'fun' sets. Click here for the download.

1st April 2004: Danger Zone 2 Screenshot

Here's a screenshot from Joe M's upcoming TC 'Danger Zone 2'. Updated April 2 with more screenshots.

1st April 2004: Legacy Of Kevin Cartosa Announced

Rocketboy680 is making a game called 'Legacy of Kevin Cartosa', or 'The Legacy' for short. It should be done by April 20th, and has finished 95% of the graphics, 52% of the maps, and 0% of the sounds, which should only take a day. There will be no source code changes, but there will be new guards, ghosts, mutants, bosses, and levels to make it at least a game. No secret levels, though. Rocketboy has issued a manual which you can download here.

31st March 2004: Dumscheissekopf Email

Here's an email received today from Dumscheissekopf: "Greetings! I would like to announce that after some delays due to PC issues and busy schedule, 'Operation Hundscheisse' is complete level-wise. All that remains is to finish the ending graphics, which won't take long, and the project will be ready for release. Thanks for your patience!


31st March 2004: Simpson's Doom Released

Here's a mod that David O' Rafferty found in a market. It's a shareware set called 'Simpson's Doom' and has no new levels, but there are new graphics and sounds. The wall designs don't always fit with the levels so don't expect too much, but I posted it for curiosity value and the vswap. It was made by Denno. Click here for the download.

31st March 2004: Danger Zone Released

Joe M has released 'Danger Zone'. There are 30 levels that are mostly quite extensive, though some come from the original game and some from elsewhere. There are some Blake Stone/Spear graphics but most graphics come from the original game. Some new sounds. Source code changes include Spear music and seamless levels. Wolfenstein 3D Fan is also credited in the title screen. Click here for the download.

30th March 2004: Nuclear Assassination Delayed

Jonathan Storey tells me 'Nuclear Assassination' will be delayed due mainly to a hefty increase in coursework he's had to produce lately, and will have to continue doing. He is just over half way through the project itself and aims to have it released early Summer. Jonathan sends his apologies.

30th March 2004: QuakenStein 3D Released

This is the first mod made by Pete Jones, and has 9 levels (first episode). The levels are not that large though this is meant to be a fun type set with more emphasis on the effects. There's a mix of original and cartoon type graphics and some new sounds. Click here for the download.

30th March 2004: Justin Email

Here's an email I received from Justin: "First of all my pc crashed so my Swat 2 stuff is all gone. I might complete it another time. As for Op. Assassination, it's still delayed. In the meantime I'm thinking about making 2 Max Payne TC's - Max Payne and Max Payne 2: No Payne No Gayne. The first one will be used with SOD and the sequel will be used with the Wolf demo. They'll take place right after each other. In the first one, you're trying to find the man who killed your wife. It turns out to be an Italian mobster (Jack Lapino). When you kill him, the game ends. The sequel is about you escaping the building (mowing down cops instead of gangsters). Now I'm going to need help with these TC's (coding and maybe maps). If you're interested contact me at Justin."

29th March 2004: Project Omega 2nd Beta Released

This set from Garjen Software was last updated in July 2003 and was pointed out to me by Andy Nonymous. There are 3 episodes (30 levels), with most levels being good quality and in the styles of the original game. The graphics are mostly original but there are some interesting code changes, like different messages for each episode. More info is in the enclosed text file. You can get it from Garjen Software.

27th March 2004: WMD Delayed

Jacob Rodgers tells me that work on his upcoming TC 'WMC' has been delayed. This is mainly due to a lot of school work and Jacob will probably not be working on it until summer.

If anyone wants to help out, they are welcome to.

27th March 2004: Project Ironstone: Code And Uncompleted Game Released

Alex Brosseau has released his uncompleted project "Project Ironstone". You can use this code if you want, but if you do, please remember Alex's name in the credits. The game "Helpart" is not finished and the credits and the files are not completed. Anyway, please read the file "README FIRST PLEASE" before doing anything. You can download it here.

27th March 2004: Danger Zone Update

Joe M tells me that his upcoming TC 'Danger Zone' is nearly finished.

All what needs completing is the coding and Mario Maniac is helping out with that.

23rd March 2004: New Wolf 3D Textures Site

Wolfenstein 3D Architect has just uploaded his new Wolf3d Wall Textures site. You can request new textures for an addon there.

It's at Wolfenstein 3D Architect Texture Library.

22nd March 2004: Midi Message

Ian Summerfield sent me the following email: "Hello, I Ian SummerField would like to ask anyone for all the 'Wolfenstein 3D' midi's or all the 'Spear Resurrection' midi's. If anyone would be kind enough to send them please email them to me at:, Thanks, Ian S."

21st March 2004: Kill Him Award

Mario Maniac has awarded Wolfenstein 3D Fan a medal for his work on 'Kill Him'. See Mar 11 news for info on this set.

21st March 2004: BJ's Last Year Levels Released

Originally planned by Swp as a TC, 'BJ's Last Year' was later abandoned and only this set of levels were made. There are 9 levels altogether, 6 (including the secret one) on episode 1, 2 on episode 2 with the remaining one on episode 3. All 3 episodes end with large boss levels though the normal levels are all fairly small. Click here for the download. Requires the full 60 level Wolf 3D game to play.

19th March 2004: Danger Zone Sequel Announced

Joe M tells me a sequel to his TC 'Danger Zone' called 'Danger Zone 2' has been started. Features will include gun bobbing, more new music and will contain new graphics, characters, sounds etc including Hans Grosse's son Chavez. At the moment 5% of the graphics have been completed.

17th March 2004: Projekt Vertilgung Version 1.4 Released

James has released a new version of 'Projekt Vertilgung (v1.4)'. This version comes as a self extracting exe and has a new key added on level 20 and some other changes. Check James' website at Verdammt Software for these. For those who haven't played this set before, it was made by James Ingham and Zach Higgins. Will Bruso also contributed. The 20 levels are of a high standard and there are many graphics, sounds and code changes. You can get it here.

17th March 2004: Link Updates

Here are 3 new links to Wolf 3D sites:

Verdammt Software Hosted by James Ingham. Has games and downloads. Other sections to be completed later.

Wolfenstein Extreme Projects, links and enemies. By Angelo.

Zuljin Raynor's Troll City Not a lot there yet, but will have links and project info. Hosted by Zuljin Raynor.

15th March 2004: Countdown To Chaos Update

Majik Monkee would like to announce that work on 'Countdown to Chaos' will resume very soon. The project was on hold temporarily while 'Operation: Hundscheisse' was being finished.

OH will be done soon and CTC will be back underway.

15th March 2004: Source Code Help Needed

Here's an email received from Joe M:

"The Borland C 3.1 compiler won't work on my PC. I'd like anybody with Borland C 3.1 working on their computer to build my exe file for me. If anybody can do it then please email me at Thanks. Joe."

13th March 2004: Danger Zone Screenshots

Here's a set of two screenshots from the upcoming TC  'Danger Zone'. They were sent in by Joe M.

11th March 2004: Kill Him Released

Wolfenstein 3D Fan has released 'Kill Him'. This is a set of 5 boss levels for Spear. The levels are not that large but designed well. There's a number of graphics and sounds changes but the original feel of the game remains. You can download it here.

11th March 2004: Doom Spear Of Destiny Announced

Ian Summerfield and Mega Luigi are working on an add-on called "Doom Spear of Destiny". There will be a shareware version (with no source code changes), and a full version with 60 levels. Most of the levels will be the same but just a little different for an eerie Deja-Vu feeling.

10th March 2004: New Wolf3D Forum

Wahnsinn Software has started a new forum for Wolf3D. There are many sections.

It's at at Wahnsinn Software Forum.

7th March 2004: The Alliance Of Powers Released

Here's a replacement pack of 21 levels for the full Spear Of Destiny set. It's called 'The Alliance Of Powers' and was made by HellRaiser and StormBringer. The levels are extensive, well designed, well decorated with many varied scenarios. No new graphics or sounds. Click here for the download. Needs the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.

6th March 2004: Danger Zone Screenshot

Joe M sent in a screenshot from his upcoming TC 'Danger Zone'.

5th March 2004: Dome Awards - March 2004

This month's Dome awards go to Martin Krysiak and ack for their add-ons 'The Last Mission' and 'The Anticipation'. Martin's set of shareware levels is of excellent quality and ack's levels pack for 'Spear Resurrection' is also made to a high standard. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

2nd March 2004: DieHard Wolfenstein  Bunker Now Online

BrotherTank's new Wolf 3D site is now open and has many sections including addons, links, source code and a lot of other info. Some sections are still not finished at present.

It's at DieHard Wolferstein Bunker.

2nd March 2004: DWR2 Update

The problem with Great Wasabi's computer, mentioned a couple days ago, has been fixed and 'Dead World Rising 2' is now back on track. Meanwhile, the demo version already issued was found to have an elevator bug on episode 1/level 4. Click here for the updated download.

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Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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