SEPT/OCT 2003 Latest News News Archive

31st October 2003: Update From Hair Machine

Hair Machine tells me that 'Fortress of Time' has been shelved. However, a new project - a TC called 'Super Blitzkrieg' - has been announced. So far, there's some nice features (including floor/ceiling textures, teleporters, 7 weapons, 4 keys, portable medikits and gas masks to name a few). There's also some GFX, including new textures and a new status bar. So far, three levels are done. Some screenshots should be issued soon.

31st October 2003: Arctic Krieg v1.2 Final Released

This is the final 7 level version of Sandy's 'Arctic Krieg' for shareware. The levels are of a similar standard to those in the 2 level beta. ie - not that complex though they are well decorated. Lots of changed graphics and sounds. Although it still retains the Wolf3D atmosphere, it also has an 'Arctic feel'. Click here for the download.

31st October 2003: Noah 3D Editing Files

Andy Nonymous has provided a set of map and object definition files for viewing / editing 'Noah 3D' levels. For those who don't know, 'Noah 3D' is a game made by a religious educational group and is based on the Wolf3D engine. All the information needed is in the included text files. They work with most versions of Mapedit, but not with Floedit. You can download it here.

31st October 2003: JJStein Resurrection v2 Released

Here's the first Wolf add-on released by Loki: 'JJStein Resurrection v2'. It's a remix of JJ's game released with some graphics modifications, digitized sounds, changed music and a new status bar. There's now one new small level on episode 6. The 10 levels made earlier by JJ are on episode 1. It's available here.

25th October 2003: Evil Indeed Forum

Sam Feichter has started a new forum called 'Evil Indeed'. It has a large number of sections and caters for fans of Mortal Kombat, general gaming, music, movies and a whole lot more. Sections for Wolfenstein 3D have just been added. You can advertise your TC there too!

It's at Evil Indeed.

25th October 2003: Coldfusion Postponed

Ian Summerfield will be postponing 'Coldfusion' in order to be able to make 'Southern Hell 2 and 3'. There'll be all new graphics, some new sounds, and new levels - including the Cheesy Poofs Factory! there's also new enemys like: Timmy, Butters, and a monkey with 4 a**es!

'Coldfusion' will now be completed after 'Southern Hell 2'.

25th October 2003: Project Aniquilation Screenshots

Here's a set of 6 screenshots sent in by Mega Luigi. They're from his upcoming TC 'Project Aniquilation'.

24th October 2003: Doom Wolfenstein Version Trilogy

Ian Summerfield is working on a new series of games called the Doom Wolfenstein Version trilogy!

The original Doom is to be converted to the Wolfenstein format! There'll be 20 levels from the original computer version of Doom and 1 level from the Playstation version called: 'Redemption Denied'. There will be all new graphics too like walls not shown in other Doom games and even a Spider Mastermind boss in two forms!

23rd October 2003: Monkee's Image World Update

Here's an update from Majik Monkee:

"The 'Monkee's Image World' site has undergone some changes, most noteably, it now features animated GIFs of the characters featured on it (and a banner). I'm working toward the possibility of having graphics sets available for upload, but this is still in the consideration phase. That's about it!"

It's at Monkee's Image World.

23rd October 2003: Arctic Krieg Released

Sandy has released a 2 level beta version of his upcoming set 'Arctic Krieg' for shareware. The levels are not that complex though they are well decorated. Lots of changed graphics and sounds. Although it still retains the Wolf3D atmosphere, it also has an 'Arctic feel'. Click here for the download.

20th October 2003: Halloween (Updated Version) Released

Colonel Bill has posted an updated version of Halloween. There are some basic source code changes (such as episode titles), plus a new vswap (candy bars, etc) and a revamped 'ReadThis', though the levels are the same. It comes as a self extracting exe with all files included. It's available from Mike's Wolfenstein 3-D Page, and also here.

Mike's Page has a number of other goodies. There are good sounds/music sections, and there are 10 map sets for shareware (look in the Misc. section). Also, there's an addon called 'Achtung' by M. Chambers in the Sent In Levels section. I'll be checking this out in a couple days.

17th October 2003: The Final Battle v1.2 (Final Version) Released

This final version of 'The Final Battle (v1.2) for shareware has 6 levels. The levels are nicely decorated and put together quite well. There are many changed images and sounds, some I've seen before and some are new. By Sandy. Click here for the download.

15th October 2003: Bug Reports

I've had reports of bugs in two recent games. Both have now been updated.

Firstly 'Wolf 3D - TexZK's Story (Final 6 episode version) - on Windows ME/XP systems, the keys cannot be picked up on some episodes. Tex tells me you can update it (with the updater included in the game) or re-download the full TC. See Oct 4 news for links to download.

Secondly, 'Warzone Project IV: High Stakes' has a mapping error on level 4 - an essential pushwall when opened blocks off the exit elevator area. I've issued a maps patch which solves the problem. It's warzone4up.

15th October 2003: Project Dulce/New Webpage

Here's a new webpage that has a lot of information on an upcoming addon called 'Project Dulce'. It's hosted by Blood Angel.

It's at Project Dulce Webpage.

14th October 2003: Dead World Rising Screenshots

Here's a set of 6 screenshots from the upcoming TC 'Dead World Rising'. They were sent in by 'The Great Wasabi'.

14th October 2003: Weird33: Motion/Perception Tricks

Chris Chokan made this new Wolf 3D exe which plays some amazing tricks, each episode having different ones. Chris put this together in just one day, but he hopes it'll provide some fun when bored. Please read the enclosed text file before playing. Click here for the download. Needs the full registered Wolf3D set to play.

13th October 2003: The Final Battle v1.1 Beta Released

Here's a 3 level set for shareware by Sandy. It's called 'The Final Battle v1.1 Beta'. The levels are nicely decorated and put together quite well. There are many changed images and sounds, some I've seen before and some are new. Click here for the download. This now downloads the final version 1.2, which has 6 levels.

13th October 2003: Email From Dave

Dave asked me to post the following on the Dome News:

"I will be out of the wolf community for 4 weeks while I am at a Doom level making class in New York. I have my laptop with me, and leave me anything in my mail, ask questions about how it feels in New York (John, I will be back before YOU come back in December, so we can start on my TC.) Oh, what's this, the bell seems to be ringing for my next class. Goodbye for a while, wolfers."

13th October 2003: Wolfenstein Maximum Charge Announced

Jacob Rodgers has announced a new addon. It's called 'Wolfenstein Maximum Charge' and it's being done by a team of people from Jacob's school. The team is called Games of the Millennium. Thus far, four weapons have been changed.

12th October 2003: Beyond Castle's Dungeons Released

Here's a new release from Mario Maniac. It's called 'Beyond Castle's Dungeons' and has 16 good seamless levels. Made as a homage to Wolf Skevos-Jones, and many of the images, sounds and code changes come from Wolf's sets. Overall, it's put together pretty well, though it's difficult to beat at times. You can download it here.

11th October 2003: Project Aniquilation Announced

Mega Luigi has announced a new TC called 'Project Aniquilation'. A word document has been released with images, weapons and other info included. The text is written in the English language. Click on the thumbnail for part of the document. The full document is 466Kb and can be downloaded here.

9th October 2003: Mj's Headquarters (Final Version) Released

The version of 'Mj's Headquarters' released Oct 5 had a number of map errors. Mega Luigi has since sent me a final version which now has 26 levels completed. I have checked most levels from this new version and it it now looks error free. Click here for the download. This version replaces the two released previously and the links posted earlier will now download the new version.

7th October 2003: Monkee's Image World

Here's a page on Majik Monkee's Wolf 3D site. It shows pics of bosses that Majik has edited. Currently, it has around 30 pics.

It's at Monkee's Image World.

5th October 2003: Dome Award - Oct 2003

This month's Dome award goes to Kurt (Ack) for his add-on 'Acktung!'. This was for the very high quality of level design. For more info on this set - see under Sept 27 news items.

5th October 2003: Mj's Headquarters (Version 2) Released

Mega Luigi has released a new version of 'Mj's Headquarters' and this replaces the one issued on Sept 27. The main changes are with the source code - there's now many basic changes including new ceiling colours, episode names and increased ammo/health. Mega has been learning source code from his brother Mario who made the 'Mario's Castle' set. Click here for the download. This link will now download the final version - with 26 levels and some bugs removed - released Oct 9.

4th October 2003: Wolf 3D - TexZK's Story (Final Version) Released

The final version of 'TexZK's Story' has been released. This version has 60 levels, plus some new effects such as lightning strikes. TexZK tells me the whole set is meant to be played in sequence and as such, the levels are now seamless. As previously there's a choice of English or Italian versions. You can download it here. The game can also be downloaded from TexZK's Web. Tex's site has some other downloads such as the game's source code and data files.

For those who want to access each individual episode, it is possible to unlock the later episodes by adding the parameter 'UNLOCKEPS' when accessing the exe. Start the game (English version) with TexZKeps.

4th October 2003: Unholy Cathedral Pics

Ian Summerfield tells me he'll not be allowed to release 'SpongeBobStein', but instead he's restarted 'Unholy Cathedral'. Here's a set of enemy and boss graphics.

3rd October 2003: Assault On Castle Totenhammer Released

Joe has released 'Assault On Castle Totenhammer (Version 0.3 beta)'. There are 7 large quality levels with lots of graphics, sounds and code changes. The latter include landmines, armour and textured floors/ceilings. Nicely done. Click here for the download.

2nd October 2003: ROTT/The Original Spec

For those who don't know, Rise Of The Triad was originally going to be made as 'Wolfenstein 2'.

Apogee's site has a page with a lot of info and pics on the original idea for ROTT which later was to be substantially changed. It's at ROTT/The Original Spec.

2nd October 2003: Mj's Headquarters/Actors' And Weapons Pics

A set of normal guards, bosses and weapons pics has been sent in by Mega Luigi. They're for Mega's upcoming set 'MG's Headquarters'.

A demo version of this set was released Sept 27.

30th September 2003: Mario's Castle Bugs

The earlier version of 'Mario's Castle', posted a couple days ago had a few bugs on the later episodes. There was a key missing (on e6l3), some walls out of place and some invisible doors that couldn't be passed through. Version 2 has now been posted, and hopefully all bugs have now been removed. Click here for the download. The earlier link from a few days ago has been updated.

30th September 2003: SpongeBobStein 3D/Update And New Walls

Ian Summerfield tells me 'SpongeBobStein' is almost complete! Just some more wall graphics and 2 levels to do. The levels are 18 (The Flying Dutchman) and 21 (Squidward's Stronghold). On levels 10 and 15 there are 2 levels from Coldfusion used! (levels 2 and 5).

Click on the thumbnail for 16 new walls not seen in the SpongeBobStein Demo!

30th September 2003: Characters Document

Mario Maniac has released a Word document containing info and pics of several characters (actors) of Wolf 3D games that he and his brother played. There are more than 80 different characters listed, including many bosses. It's written in the Portuguese language.

You can download it here. (1.42Mb)

27th September 2003: New Wall Designs Collection

Here's a 3rd set of wall designs put together by Giorgio. It's called WallPack3.

  • Stained Glass Wall now has the Non-Glass wall and 1 decoration for them
  • More new walls
  • New wall decoration
  • 200 walls
  • Brown flag for non-Newwolf wall
  • Suitable for Floedit (bitmaps file format)

Coming soon from Giorgio - The Ultimate Sprite Collection.

27th September 2003: Acktung! Released

Kurt (ack) has released a set of 30 levels for the full registered set. Named 'Acktung!', they are very well designed with lots of detail. Ten of them were made for the DHW level contest, some date back to the early 1990's and some were made recently. No new graphics or sounds. You can get it here. Needs the full registered Wolf3D set to play.

Kurt also sent in his 'profile' which has since been added to the Wolfer Profiles page.

27th September 2003: Mario's Castle Released

This release by Mario Maniac has 59 levels. Most of them are large and well decorated. Some graphics are from from the original game, some are from other TC's and some are brand new. Most sounds are changed. The screenshot shows one of the new wall designs. Click here for the download.

27th September 2003: Mj's Headquarters Released

Mega Luigi has released 'Mj's Headquarters (Version 1)'. There are 22 fair sized levels done so far, plus many changed graphics and sounds. The atmosphere of the original game remains though there are many bosses. Mega is the brother of Mario who made the 'Mario's Castle' set mentioned above. Click here for the download. This download has since been updated twice and is now the final version.

26th September 2003: Sewer Town Announced

John Burnett's upcoming TC is to be called 'Sewer Town'. Latest news and pics can be found on John's website in the 'my projects' section.

It's at JLB's Wolfenstein 3D Place.

25th September 2003: Lon Matero's Apogee Page

Dave sent me this link. On the 'beta' page there's some old Apogee beta versions and, if you look hard enough, a 'secret' page with more interesting downloads.

It's at Lon Matero's Apogee Page.

25th September 2003: Halls Of Stonehenge Release Date

Good news! Majik Monkee tells me the target release date for "Halls of Stonehenge" has been set. It should be finished October 15th at the latest, and if all goes as planned, beta testing will begin then, followed by release of the full version shortly thereafter. Majik thanks everyone involved for their hard work!

25th September 2003: Operation: Assassination Update

Justin has informed me that 'Operation: Assassination' is coming along fine. All graphics, sounds and the first three levels have been done. A level pic is shown.

22nd September 2003: Wall Designs Collection

Here are 2 collections of wall designs. The files are in bitmap form so will be convenient for use with Floedit. There are about 200 in the first set and about 40 in the second. They were put together by Giorgio.

They are WallPack and WallPack2.

21st September 2003: Coldfusion! Help Requested

Ian Summerfield needs some Source code help with Coldfusion! He wants to be able to add: 2 4-Sprite moving objects, and 1 4-Sprite breakable object!

If anyone would like to help, please email Ian at:

21st September 2003: Jaguar Wolf 3D Pics

Here's a couple pics Dave sent me. They came from a Jaguar Wolf 3D site.

20th September 2003: Map Making Mania Melee Update

Here's the latest updated rules from Zach for the Map Making Mania Melee:

1) Maps ONLY! No graphic, sounds, or coding changes.

2) 3 Maps. Enough for a beginning, a middle, and an end.

3) 1 Month. Enough time for 3 maps. If enough people want more time than I will increase the time.

4) Anything goes. Make them fun. I'm bored.

5) Minimum of two contestants. I can't have a contest unless two people compete.

6) You can use either Wolf3D Shareware or Full Version. No spear maps.

Also here is a list of the judges and participants (In no particular order):

JUDGES: Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (Zach Attack), Brian Lowe (Schabbs)

COMPETITORS: Thejosh, Sockdude, Martin, Joe, Adhesive_Boy, Parafriction

The starting date will be October 1st and will end (and judging will begin) on November 1st. Good luck. :). Contact Zach at or visit for updated info and discussion.

20th September 2003: Batman Released

Here's the first new addon for some time. It's from Ian Skevos-Jones, and is called 'Batman'. There are 24 good seamless levels, new music/sounds, plus lots of changed graphics. There's text messages at the end of some levels and a very detailed 'ReadThis'. It's all put together very well. Click here for the download.

18th September 2003: New TC Announced

John Burnett's TC 'Battlestein 3D' has been put on hold for now (due to a problem with it), but he has announced a new TC. It's title name is not known yet. The TC will have a lot of features - partly a combination of what John learned from The Tower, Reinstaad "final" and a Jamez tutorial. Credit will go to all 3 authors.


  • 16 seamless levels - includes Hell Place Level
  • 5 weapons (knife, pistol, machine gun, chain gun, and "FIRE" chain gun)
  • Weapon Bobbing (thanks to Dugtrio for his tutorial)
  • New box of ammo for "fire" chain gun
  • ILM keys gives you stupid old message (replaces BAT)
  • 3 or 4 new animation objects
  • No Clip enabled
  • New Display (Ratio) added
  • No Points allowed if usiing cheat mode
  • Mixed new and old graphics
  • and more............

List of what's been completed so far:

  • Source Code...................100% completed
  • Graphics...........................38% completed
  • Level design.......................2% completed (some levels help needed from wolfers if possible)

17th September 2003: Wolf3d Pub/New Yahoo Group

Here's a new Yahoo Group for Wolf3D, hosted by D. Murphy. Talk about your new TC's, or your opinion's on others. At this club, anyone is welcome.

You can join it at Wolf3d Pub.

15th September 2003: Mapping Mania Melee

Here's an email I received from Zach Higgins regarding a new levels contest for Wolf3D called 'Mapping Mania Melee':

"Dugtrio17 and I are going to be judging a map making contest to test the community's skill. This could very well bring out the best in the community. More judges may join soon. Below are the rules and guidelines.

1) 3 Maps. Enough for a beginning, a middle, and an end.

2) 1 Month. Enough time for 3 maps. If enough people want more time than I will increase the time.

3) Anything goes. Make them fun. I'm bored.

4) Minimum of two contestants. I can't have a contest unless two people compete.

And... for some reassurance... If anybody wants to be a judge just let me know. Any questions or suggestions? Email me at"

14th September 2003: Firestar Levels Help

Guillermo Buteler is working on new levels of 'FireStar', but if the project is to be finished this year then he will need some help.

Guillermo is therefore looking for people who can help with his levels? If anyone's interested, please send an e-mail to

14th September 2003: Coldfusion! Enemies Updated

Here's an updated set of 'Coldfusion!' enemy images. They were sent in by Ian Summerfield.

13th September 2003: Operation: Chaos Announced

Tier is working on a TC called 'Operation: Chaos'. The story begins after Fettgesicht's death. BJ has to escape from Offenbach and then eliminate a nazi genius. The source modifications include destroyable objects, a new enemy, BJ being able to hold a different weapon in each hand. Wall and static objects images will remain untouched, but there will be some changes in enemy graphics.

13th September 2003: Countdown To Chaos Homepage

Here's an announcement by Majik Monkee on the development of a homepage for his upcoming TC, 'Countdown to Chaos'.

The site can be viewed at the Countdown To Chaos website. Like the 'Halls of Stonehenge' site, this will serve as an online manual for the game when it is released.

12th September 2003: SDMod Announced

Sockdude has announced a new addon called 'SDMod'. Here's the email he sent:

"This TC is something I'm doing in my spare time. Wolfback does require a lot of time which I do not have now. I hope to release SDMod this year, maybe in the next 2 months or something..."

12th September 2003: Source Code Help Required

Ken O'Brien (who recently released 'Remake') is now working on another Wolf 3D set. However, he would like someone to help out with the source code.

If anyone's interested, please let me know and I'll pass it on to Ken.

12th September 2003: Kill Da Wabbit Announced

Yet another TC announced by Elmer Fud. This one is called 'Kill da Wabbit'. You are Elmer Fudd who is trying to kill pesky Bugs Bunny, but now Bugs has all the looney toons liking him and have built an army. If Fudd wants to get Bugs he must get through everyone else first. Trouble is they are toons and keep coming back. If you love looney toons you will love blowing shooting them all in this game.

12th September 2003: Ninja Gaiden 3D Announced

Here's a 2nd set announced by Elmer Fud. It will tell the story of the great NES 'Ninja Gaiden' again but you are Ryu and you get to be 3D now. Jaquio has taken the statues and killed your father. Will you have revenge? Nobody knows when this will be done but it is coming good! Elmer doesn't have a website but if anyone wants to know more about the 'Fudworks Productions' you can email Click on the thumbnail for the images.

11th September 2003: Operation: Arctic Wolf Pics Released

Luke Strauman has released a number of pics from his upcoming TC 'Operation: Arctic Wolf'.

You can see the full set at Wolf 3D Heaven And Hell.

9th September 2003: Scary Haunted Monsters Kastle Announced

Here's a new TC announcement by Elmer Fud. This one is for Spear Of Destiny and it's called 'Scary Haunted Monsters Kastle'. It is about Dracula, he has taken your girlfriend. It's up to you to beat the monsters as you rescue her... will you do it? The weapons haven't been drawn yet but will be done soon. And there'll be 10 levels of horror!!

9th September 2003: Countdown To Chaos Announced

Majik Monkee has announced his upcoming TC called 'Countdown to Chaos'. It will probably feature 15 levels, possibly more, and will have some minor coding changes, mostly improvements in power of certain weapons and some holstering/gunsight features. The story follows the adventures of John J. Schwartz, the last surviving soldier in the free world, on a mission to destroy an evil alien entity that is mere steps away from enslaving the entire world for good. No release date is set thus far.

8th September 2003: TexZK's Web News

TexZK's Web has moved to a new url and has been majorly updated. The new site has got a PHP engine. TexZK tells me the final 60 level version of 'TexZK's Story' is nearly done, and hopes to release it before the end of September.

The site is now at TexZK's Web.

8th September 2003: Fortress Of Time Addon Announced

Hair Machine is a newbie to the Wolf 3d editing community. His first addon is going to be called 'Fortress of Time', and work has just started on the levels (five done out of thirty). There will probably be one seamless episode, although nothing's definite with the source-code yet.

7th September 2003: Iron Maiden Addon Announced

Herro (Jakub Hierowski) informs me that he's working on a new addon called 'IRON MAIDEN ACROSS THE TIME' and that a demo of his 'Resident Evil' will be released soon.

7th September 2003: Doom Spear Update

Ian Summerfield has sent in a number of enemy images from his upcoming TC 'Doom Spear'.

6th September 2003: Wolfback Update

Here's an updated list of features sent in by Sockdude for his upcoming TC 'Wolfback':


  • Textured Ceilings and Floors
  • Seamless Levels
  • Different Signon Screen
  • Different Menu Color
  • Added Readthis! and Endart
  • Boppin
  • Fullscreen: No Borders around
  • New Graphics, sound, and music

6th September 2003: Wolf3D Data Compiler Released

Adam Biser has released a 'public test' version of WDC (short for Wolf3D Data Compiler).

WDC has most of the same capabilities as FloEdit2 (no ability to add data chunks or copy/paste map sections... but those are in the works) and a few extras such as edit screens for the EndScreen, EndArt/ReadThis, Font, and Palette chunks in VGAGRAPH. Also included is some map level error-checking that will report some common map errors.

WDC is different from FloEdit in that it uses a project file to store which file you insert in (or associate with) each data chunk. This allows you to make outside changes (such as editing BMPs, etc), run WDC, and just compile the project file without having to re-insert the file(s) as you do using FloEdit. It's available from

3rd September 2003: Hundscheisse Series - 3rd Installment Announced

Dumscheissekopf has announced the third installment of the Hundscheisse series, which will be released shortly after the first two installments. The series was actually designed as a trilogy.

Here is the cast of enemy characters for "Hundschiesse 3", which is currently untitled, but in the works.

3rd September 2003: Operation: Assassination Update

Justin has sent in a number of images and info from the enemies and weapons in his upcoming set 'Operation: Assassination'. Many of the images are based on 'Blake Stone' and 'Weltuntergang' graphics.

Source code changes are from 'Wolfenstein Special Edition'.

3rd September 2003: Dome Award - Sept 2003

This month's Dome award goes to Ken O'Brien for his add-on 'Remake'. For more info on this set see under August 18 news items.

1st September 2003: The Final Assault Beta Released

Here's a beta version of Executor's upcoming TC 'The Final Assault'. There are 8 good levels. The graphics and sounds are largely imported from elsewhere and credits are given in the enclosed text file. The resulting blend has come out quite well and the atmosphere of the original game is still there. Click here for the download.

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The Punisher by Majik Monkee (

Scary Haunted Monsters Kastle by Elmer Fud (

Wolfenstein Maximum Charge by Games Of The Millennium

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

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Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil by Wes Desjardins

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RESIDENT EVIL R.E.P.R.I.S.E. by Jakub Hieroski

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Assault on Castle Totenhammer by Joe

Schabbs 6000 by 3D Arts Software

Heart of Darkness by Ross Williams

Project FireStar by Guillermo Buteler (
Project Ironstone by Alex Brosseau (

Mutalix by Ross Williams

Hidden Danger by Zach Higgins (

Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Silverblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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