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SEP/OCT 2005 Latest News News Archive

2nd November 2005: Escape From SS Prison Updated

I recently updated the old 'Escape From SS Prison' set that I made with Ronny Zeitz way back in the year 2000. The main changes have been to the ceiling colours and episode names. The 'Escape From SS Prison' set had 10 levels but there were also 50 Wolfbel levels included. A few levels have since been slightly modified. You can get it here.

31st October 2005: Site Updates

Two Wolf 3D sites have recently been updated. One is by Havoc, and has been redesigned. It also has a patch for his addon 'Hitler Strikes Back'. It's at Havoc's Wolfenstein 3D Page.
The other page is by Jose and has a lot of info on his recently released 'Wolfenstein 3: Return Of Hitler' addon. This is at
Wolfenstein 3: Return Of Hitler.

31st October 2005: Revenge 3: The Invasion Demo Released

Osiris has released a demo from his upcoming set 'Revenge 3: The Invasion'. The 10 levels (first episode) are quite large with varying scenarios. There are many changed graphics, some completely new. Watch out for the headless white officer!! Overall, it all blends together quite well. Available here.

28th October 2005: Wolfenstein 3: The Return Of Hitler Released

Jose Gutierrez has released 'Wolfenstein 3: The Return Of Hitler'. There are around 40 levels, mostly of a fair size, though some including the first 2, are quite small. Many levels are heavily decorated at times. There's a number of changed graphics, some completely new, and there's some new sounds. Code changes include ceiling colours, episode names and increased ammo limit. On the whole, the Wolf 3D feel remains. All the bmp and wav files used in the game are included in a separate folder. Available here.

27th October 2005: Keen's Music Page

Commander Keen has started a new music page. It will feature IMF's and midi's from Doom, Doom 2 ,RoTT and Wolf 3D projects. Thus far, there are several Doom 2 midi's.

It's at Keen's Music Page.

27th October 2005: New Wolfenstein Mod

Little Cherub tells me that work on 'Guns and Glory' has begun (although it is going slowly). Secondly, he will start on a new add-on while the source code for 'Guns and Glory' is being completed.

This new game will be called 'Wolfen-Tag', and it is based on 'Skulltag' for Doom. The only differences will be that it is for Wolfenstein, It will be specifically for the Doom Spear of Destiny code, and it will be 6 full episodes, of small~medium maps based on Deathmatch only without multiplayer. Credit will be given to the original creators of 'Skulltag', and the only things that will be used are graphics and sounds. Gameplay will be simple. Only the players, weapons, and objects from 'Skulltag' will be used and not the new monsters.

24th October 2005: Gloom Released

Here's an add-on called 'Gloom'. Commander Keen made this add-on in 2001 when he was 10 years old. It was recently found again and is being released because he is working on a sequel called 'Gloomy World'. Most of the 16 levels are quite small though many are well detailed. Two levels (including the first) have 'invisible objects' at times. There are several graphics changes but the original Spear feel remains. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

24th October 2005: Nazi Operation Pics

Thomas has sent in some more screenshots from his upcoming set 'Nazi Operation'. There's a set of six.

20th October 2005: Monkee's Image World

Here's an email from Majik Monkee: "I am pleased to announce the return of Monkee's Image World. After a prolonged absence from site maintenence, I am back, and ready to take submissions for the site again. Thanks to a generous server donation from one of the Wolf community members, we now have the server space to take guest submissions for an indefinite period of time. In addition, a date has been added next to the banner to make it easier to see if new news for the site has been posted to read. Thanks to everyone for their patience, and we hope to see submissions start trickling in again very soon. The new link for the Image World site is at Monkee's Image World. Thanks! ~Majik~"

20th October 2005: Doom RPG Update

Commander Keen tells me he's making a new game called 'Doom RPG'. There will be lots of Doom graphics, plus movies, music and the levels almost as in the original version. There'll also be a maximum of 4 heroes, plus 10 weapons and a heap of equipment!! It won't use the Wolf 3D engine but will be a stand alone RPG.

17th October 2005: Wolfer Spotlight Updated

Our 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been updated again. The latest Wolfer to be included is Wolf Skevos-Jones.

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

16th October 2005: More Annotated Add-ons

Here's 2 more 'Annotated Add-ons' sent in by Peter Habel. Each file has saved games and help notes for an add-on:
Kill Hitler - Kyle
Saved Games & Notes
Operation: Heimzahlung - Wolf Skevos-Jones
Saved Games & Notes
The above files do not contain the actual add-ons. For those who need them they are at:
Kill Hitler and Operation: Heimzahlung.

15th October 2005: Wessel's Song Midi Reworked/Poem

Here's a message from Juan J. Alva-Guerra: "I enclose to you a Poem about the Irony of Hitler's Reich, and a sad twist to their Anthem to add to the already Ironic predicament, hope the community enjoys it."

Available here.

14th October 2005: WinWolf 3D Site Has Moved

Adam Biser tells me that his 'WinWolf 3D' site has moved to a new location. The site has many utilities and has news on Adam's projects.

It's now at WinWolf3D.

10th October 2005: Wolf 3D Shareware Version 1.2

Here's the complete 'Wolfenstein 3-D Shareware v1.2'. It is virtually the same as the 1.1 version but has different map files. I've heard the difference is to do with the elevator to the secret level. Available here. Also, the zips for versions 1.1 and 1.4 now contain the actual game files as the older zips do not always work with Windows XP. All shareware versions are now listed under 'Wolfenstein 3D' in the shareware section at Add-ons - VWX.

8th October 2005: Coding Help Wanted

Shadow has an upcoming TC called 'Soviet Affairs', and needs help with floor/ceiling textures, and adding new items and textures.

If anyone wants to help out, please email Shadow at awscherb@yahoo.com.

6th October 2005: Spear Of Dreams Part 3 Updated

Kyo Kusanagi has sent in an updated version of 'Spear Of Dreams Part 3'. There's now a new HUD and 2 new weapons. Some weapons have been recoloured. Available here. This version replaces the earlier versions issued August 2 and August 4.

5th October 2005: Spear Of Dreams Part 5 Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released 'Spear Of Dreams Part 5'. There are 19 new levels (no new secret levels) that are quite large and well detailed. There are many Blake Stone graphics and sounds, new weapons, plus many code changes like textured ceilings/floors, on screen messages and increased ammo. It blends together well and will especially suit Blake Stone fans. Available here.

4th October 2005: Castle Hasselhoff Screenshots

Michael Collin has sent in several screenshots from his upcoming set 'Castle Hasselhoff'.

1st October 2005: More Annotated Add-ons

Here's 2 more 'Annotated Add-ons' sent in by Peter Habel. Each file has saved games and help notes for an add-on:
Coming Of The Storm - Wolf Skevos-Jones
Saved Games & Notes
A Touch Of Nazi - John Bucksnort
Saved Games & Notes
The above files do not contain the actual add-ons. For those who need them they are at:
Coming Of The Storm and A Touch Of Nazi.

30th September 2005: Sorcerer's Wrath Email

Here's another email from Luke Strauman concerning his upcoming set 'Sorcerer's Wrath': "Well you wanted screen shots of Sorcerers Wrath and it will be delivered. Keep in mind these are very early stages of the game." Lukes website is at Wolf 3D Heaven And Hell.

30th September 2005: medEvil Update

Here's an update from Majik Monkee: "I apologize for the lack of updates lately on the medEvil project. Due to a lot of overtime hours at work as well as a lot of other stuff going on, progress has been a little slower lately than it was initially, but work on the project has resumed. Currently, all that remains to be done is less than half the maps for the game, and about 1% of the coding (due to a very small detail overlooked in the initial requests). I hope to have some new screenshots for the project before too long. In the meantime, I assure you all that it is still alive and well.


30th September 2005: S-Blaster 3D Update

Johannes Unser is currently working on a new beta of 'S-Blaster 3D'. Episodes 1-4 have been reworked, adding new objects, balancing, and exchanging two maps, and Episode 5 is almost ready. It will be released as soon as some last issues are solved, and Johannes hopes some people will be interested in beta testing. Until then, the NME Software homepage (www.nme-software.de.vu) has also been reworked and now contains more information about S-Blaster 3D, in particular a lot of screenshots. It's located at S-Blaster 3D.

28th September 2005: Gloomy Worlds Update

Here's an update from Commander Keen on his upcoming addon 'Gloomy Worlds'.

Part 1 will use the Schabbs 3000 engine and part 2 will now use the Spear Resurrection engine.

28th September 2005: Nazi Operation Update

Thomas has sent in several screenshots from his upcoming set 'Nazi Operation'. There are 23 levels done - coding not fully done - coding changes - seamless - overall almost 60% done.

26th September 2005: Sorcerer's Wrath Update

Here's an email from Luke Strauman: "Update on Sorcerers Wrath: I've been working hard during the weekend. Hopefully I will have a few screen shots for ya this weekend coming up. I am hoping to have a website dedicated to the TC if not this weekend then by next weekend definitely. I've been devoting a lot of work to gfx and source code so far. I need the scenario to be based as much in the medieval times as possible.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions on what they want or would possibly like to see in the game, please email me at boytoy_east@hotmail.com."

25th September 2005: Spear Levels Pack Released

Here's a set of 21 new levels for the full registered version of Spear Of Destiny. The original concept by Gex was for a levels contest but this was later dropped in favour of a levels pack. They were made by various mappers and there are a wide range of styles. Gex and Thomas made the most levels but there are also some by ack, De Zeurkous, Otto and myself. Text file included. It's available here. Needs the full registered version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

23rd September 2005: Sporbs Gun/Enemy Packs

Kev Reid has made available a new guns pack. It includes most of the previous guns pack (save a few items) with some new extras. Kev has also re processed the previous pack so that most guns have a higher graphical status. All sounds, sprites are included in an SFX archive as well as an insert. The gun pack is at Sporbs Gun Pack. Also available is Sporbs Enemy Pack.Two enemies are based on designs by other people. These are the Zombie bear and gundroid models...
Gundroid = based on images by The Great Wasabi
Zombie Bear = based on images by Joe Torres all drastically changed and re-shaded.

22nd September 2005: Sorcerer's Wrath Update

Luke Strauman sent the following update regarding 'Sorcerer's Wrath': "To Wolfenstein Fans: Well I guess I will let the secret out now on the status of Sorcerers Wrath. I bet all of you thought I had abandoned the project and Wolfenstein - well you are wrong!! I've been avoiding everyone in Wolfenstein for quite sometime.

Now to give you the details on Sorcerers Wrath. All weapons are 100% done. The game still has lots of work, and I mean lots. I've been doing graphics and source code while having to keep everything under wraps. I will be getting in touch with some of my fellow wolfers in the very near future (MCS, Brothertank, WSJ and many others). So if any of you have any questions, my website will be coming back up to date again. The mystery of the Project is over now. - Luke"

20th September 2005: Dead Reckoning Demo Released

Here's Kev Reid's demo version of 'Dead Reckoning'. The 10 levels on episode one are large and quite well detailed and there's an unfinished level on episode two. There are lots of new graphics that are done well and code changes include floor/ceiling textures and helpart/intrart. There are still a few bugs in this version - see the enclosed text file. It's available here.

17th September 2005: Wolf 3D Castle Forum

Here's a new forum for Wolfenstein 3D. It's hosted by Michael Collin.

It's at Wolf 3D Castle.

14th September 2005: Dome Award - September 2005

This month's Dome award goes to Joshua Waight for 'WolfenDoom II - The True Depths Of Hell'. The 60 levels were well done and the add-on was good 'all round', especially for those who like Doom. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

13th September 2005: Image World Update

Here's an email from Majik Monkee: "The Image World site is almost out of server space, and as a result, no more submissions can be accepted at the moment (if you already made submissions that are not up yet, they will be posted, but please don't send any more). There has been some discussion about paying for more site space, but one of the great things about the Image World has always been that it's a free service, both to the users and the site administrators, and a financial committment to the site right now may not be a realistic or appealing course of action.

If we decide we cannnot add more server space to the site, at very least, it will remain available as an archive of all the past images that have been submitted to this point. There has been suggestion of removing some past submissions based on "quality", but I have done that largely already regarding what I posted in the first place, and don't feel it's fair to be the judge of what is and isn't good from the viewpoint of everyone who might visit the site.

Whether the site continues to grow somehow, or remains as is, as a static resource of Wolfenstein sprites, we hope you will continue to visit and get use out of the Image World. It's been a great experience running the site, and hopefully it will continue to be a useful tool for modding in the future. ~Majik~"

12th September 2005: Wolfenstein Saga Update

The Wolfenstein Saga set of movies by Andy Squibbs and Sean Humphreys planned for last year is on track again. Although this film is going to be released in parts it is designed as a full feature.The films website is www.w0lfsagafilm.blinkz.com.

8th September 2005: Standalone RPG Info

Here's an email from Majik Monkee: "As many of you may know already, Adam Biser and I have taken a slight deviation from traditional Wolf modding to work on/complete a standalone RPG based on an entirely new engine designed by Adam. The game is called "Star Wars: Bloodlines", and will be something like a cross between "Legend of Zelda" and "Final Fantasy". Many of the graphics come from Lucasarts "Yoda Stories" desktop adventure, with many modifications and new graphics. The story, artwork, and maps are all completed, and currently all that remains to be done is scripting for the second half of the game. Even though the game's engine is new, the project will be freeware when it is completed due to the borrowed nature of the graphics and some other material. The project has a site at: http://mods.moddb.com/5754/."

8th September 2005: Gloomy Worlds Update

Commander Keen tells me that 'Gloomy Worlds' will be a 2 part game. Part one will be based on the Schabbs 3000 engine and the second part will be based on the Spear of Dreams 4 engine.

Features of part 1 are:
*32 seamless levels
*5 weapons(rocket launcher with it's own ammo type)
*4 keys
*190 wall tiles
*Exploding barrel
*Changed floor and ceiling colors
*Map name showing in "Get Psyched" screen"
*Chainsaw with code changed to chainsaw behaviour (thanks to Dr. Chainsaw)

5th/6th September 2005: Bushenstein V3 Pics/Bushenstein V3 Demo Released

Michael Collin has sent in several screenshots from his upcoming set 'Bushenstein V3'. This Bushenstein version will have 60 levels - some completely new and some modified originals. Just released is a 10 level demo version. It's well decorated and has a number of new graphics, sounds and animated objects. Available here. Updated again Sept 6 - the chainsaw no longer acts like a knife. This version replaces the earlier demo released Sept 5.

2nd September 2005: WolfenDoom II - The True Depths Of Hell

Joshua Waight has released 'WolfenDoom II - The True Depths Of Hell'. There are 60 well decorated levels and as the title suggests, there's a lot of Doom graphics and sounds. It all blends together quite well. New helpart and endart. Available here.

2nd September 2005: Monster Bash Beta Testers Needed

Ryan Steinbruner needs Beta testers for his 'Monster Bash 3D' add-on.

Please e-mail Xgthug@gmail.com for more infomation.

Latest News News Archive

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Death Of Cartosa by Rocketboy680

WW3 - The New Mission by Swp

Cambodia And The Killing Fields by Ryan King

Doom Spear Of Destiny by Little Cherub and Mega Luigi

Rise Of Chaos by The Incredible Pete

IT by The Incredible Pete

Operation: Zeitgeist by Steven Trinkl

Nitehorrors 3D by Lane

Project Aniquilation by Mega Luigi

Slackermod by Slayne

Operation: Chaos by Tier

Operation Dämonisch by Wahsinn Software

Super Blitzkrieg by Hair Machine

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RESIDENT EVIL R.E.P.R.I.S.E. by Jakub Hieroski

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Assault on Castle Totenhammer by Joe

Schabbs 6000 by 3D Arts Software

Heart of Darkness by Ross Williams

Project FireStar by Guillermo Buteler (
Project Ironstone by Alex Brosseau (

Mutalix by Ross Williams

Hidden Danger by Zach Higgins (

Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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