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IMF Tools Tutorial / Introduction (Installation)


Well, since the original README.TXT that comes with IMFTOOLS isn't that good to follow and doesn't reveal all possibilities very well, I've decided to fire up an in-depth tutorial for all of you. Have fun reading.

For questions concerning this tutorial, mail me. For questions concerning the IMFTOOLS programs themselves, mail DarkOne, the author of the tools, at

What is IMFTOOLS? Where can it be obtained?
IMFTools is a set of freeware programs made by DarkOne, the author of the upcoming OpenGL conversion of Wolfenstein, NewWolf. With these programs you can replace and extract music AND ADLIB SOUNDS(sounds like picking up ammo, picking up health kits, pressing spacebar, rubbing against a wall) in/from Wolfenstein 3- engine based games. Think of Corridor7, Blake Stone, and Operation Body Count and of course Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny themselves. It is supposed to be used by Wolfenstein add-on/TC creators. It is possible to convert any music from MUS format to IMF format (the format Wolfenstein-engine based games used used by Wolf3D). The tool to convert from MIDI to MUS & vice versa is also included in the pack. IMFTools is available at
DarkOne's NewWolf site at the Downloads section.

The program is not fully finished yet, which means you can get strange results sometimes because of Wolf3D sound engine issues. The Wolfenstein 3D engine has too much limitations for allowing high-class MUS and MIDI files. Bummer. The best results will be achieved when you convert files with a low instrument number(say 3 different instruments) and a small length(say 1:30 minutes). To look how many instruments are used and how long the MIDI plays, DarkOne recommends using "
van Basco's Karaoke Player".


2. Installing IMFTOOLS and preparing it for use
I'm hoping to give a more in-depth description of what you should do. First, it's time to install everything to a new directory.

0. Download the IMFTOOLS from one of the above listed sites(see section 1).
1. Make a new directory on your harddisk, ie
2. Unzip the entire IMFTOOLS.ZIP to C:\IMF(I mean, to the directory you've just created!).
3. Copy Wolfenstein 3D(full version), Spear of Destiny(full version), or whatever any Wolfenstein 3D TC you have downloaded/are working on. As long as all files needed to play the game are there, it's fine.
4. Copy the AUDIOHED AND AUDIOT files from any Wolfenstein-engine based game to C:\IMF or wherever you performed steps 2 and 3(ie Blake Stone Planet Strike: copy AUDIOHED.VSI and AUDIOT.VSI to
Note: you can copy as many AUDIOT files to the directory of IMFTOOLS as you like to use, as long as they don't have the same extension. That means you can't have 4 WL6 files in 1 dir -- give it another extension if necessary by typing(for instance):

Rename AUDIO*.WL6 *.TVP

This tells the Dos Prompt to rename AUDIOT.WL6 and AUDIOHED.WL6 to AUDIOT.TVP & AUDIOHED.TVP. Get it? What installation is concered, you're done. So you can follow the next tutorial - damn, let's add some new groovy tunes! Klik hier!


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