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Maintained by Brian Lowe and Matt Stath

5th May 2017: Wolfenstein 3D Turns 25


Wolfenstein 3D turns 25 today! There are no future plans for The Wolfenstein 3D Dome or Veracottis servers and they will be archived at Wolfensteingoodies.com. For Wolf mods for now on, check at Barry Christianís comprehensive wolfenvault.com. -Matt S .

30th November 2014: New Secondary Webmaster


I'm Matt Stath and I'm the secondary webmaster of The Wolfenstein 3D Dome. I miss Brian being healthy. Send your mod links and screenshots to me at stathmk (at) yahoo (dot) com. Or send them to Andy's private message box at either wolf3d.darkbb.com or diehardwolfers.areyep.com .

29th November 2010: Wolf3D News Information


For regular Wolf3D updates, please check out our Wolf3D news section. It's usually updated several times a week and is at Dome News.

27th November 2010: ROTT Page moved


Our Rise of the Triad page has moved to a better server. It no longer has the ads, and a number of non-working links have been removed. A few new links have been added too. It is now at Rise of the Triad.

16th November 2010: More Links added


Links to our ROTT page, and to our Blake Stone page, have now been added to the left hand column of this page and the news page. They are listed below the Forum links.

15th April 2008: Links Section updated


Our links section has been majorly updated. Many deadlinks have been removed and a number of new project and review related sites have recently been added.

22nd March 2008: New Section added


Following requests from the Haven forum, a new 'Sounds & Music' section has been added. It is listed in 'Shared' links in the left hand column of this page and the news page.

2nd October 2007: News Information


Please check out our news section for the latest on Wolf3D. It's at Dome News.

23rd January 2005: Wolf Planet Forums


Here's a new forums board called 'Wolf Planet'. It's been doing well and had 17 members at the last count. It's at Wolf Planet.

16th October 2004: Wolfer Spotlight


A new 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been added to the Dome. The first Wolfer to be featured is Harry L. Mass Sr. Roughly once a month, a new Wolfer will be added. It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

12th October 2004: Wolfer Profiles added


The Wolfer Profiles section has been updated yet again with 2 new profiles. Check them out in the Wolfer Profiles section.

25th May 2004: Wolfer Profiles added


The Wolfer Profiles section has been updated yet again. Check them out in the Wolfer Profiles section.

19th November 2003: Wolfer Profiles added


The Wolfer Profiles section now has many more Wolfers' listed. Check them out in the Wolfer Profiles section.

22nd June 2003: More Sections


Well, we've added several more sections to 'The Dome', including the 'awards' page, plus the 'links' page has been updated again. Hopefully, everything will be completed soon!

23rd April 2003: Wolfer Profiles added


We received the Wolfer Profiles of Alexandre Brosseau, Ariel Castañares, Zach Higgins, Jack Ryerson and The Master. Check them out in the Wolfer Profiles section.

22nd April 2003: Links Section updated


After spending some time with it, the links section has been updated. All links are now guaranteed to work! If you have any Wolfenstein-related links that are not yet in our list, feel free to drop us a mail.

1st April 2003: End of Destiny info


AReyeP has updated the news section of his collaborational site with  infos and screenshots on the upcoming TC "End of Destiny",. Visit the site here!

12th March 2003: DHW Move


The 'DieHard Wolfers' Club has now moved to a new location at DieHard Wolfers on Areyep.com. The old Yahoo Club will remain as an archive.

10th March 2003: Dome v2.0 Online!


Yes, finally, after a lot of work, the v2.0 of the Wolfenstein 3D Dome is online! It took a lot of time, and a lot of work. But I feel it was worth it. Feel free to look around and enjoy!

Welcome to the Wolfenstein 3-D Dome, the place to be for the true Wolfenstein fan who still appreciates the old-school feeling of this wonderful game. This site is hosted by Brian Lowe. My WolfBel series, Escape From SS Prison, Blake Wolf, Revival Of Memories and Deadly Sleep are listed in our pages in the Add-ons section. 

New to Wolfenstein? Go to the Wolf 3-D part and get your questions answered. Interested in Wolfenstein editing? Head on over to the Editing section to be provided with coding-, graphics- and sound tutorials to add some spicy features to your modification. And if you are looking for custom resources for your projects, head on to the Shared section.

You want to read news on which add-ons are due to come out? Head to the Wolf 3D News section right now. Or do you want a heap of fresh new levels to play? In the section Add-ons you will find many addons and levels to download, sorted out for your comfort. 

Want to visit other Wolfenstein-related websites on the Net? In the Links section you will find a collection of over 100 Wolfenstein related links. Want to know more about people in the Wolfenstein community? Move on to the Wolfer Profiles section. Do you like Wolf3D and want to get in contact with other Wolfers worldwide, including the authors of the add-ons we've got here? Need help on anything or just want to talk? Go to the Forums and talk away. There's always someone who replies, and the atmosphere is good.

As you can see, it's all here at The Dome. And there's much more, so feel free to browse.


Brian Lowe Maintainer of the Wolfenstein 3-D Dome





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©2001-2003 Brian Lowe. This site does not deal with nor support Nazism, Neo-Nazism or any other racial discrimination group. Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny and related items are © 1992 iD Software, Inc. All other noted products are property of their respective owners. Content may not be reproduced without the express written consent of the maintainers. Best viewed at 800x600+ resolution with Internet Explorer 5.5+. Design, Layout, HTML re-arranging + New Graphics © 2003 The Dome.

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