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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2005 Latest News News Archive

28th February 2005: Wolf 3D Title Names In German

Possum Trot has sent in a list of Wolfenstein 3D titles translated into the German language. All the titles for games that Possum has on his computer are included.

You can see them here.

27th February 2005: Ripcord Adventure/Info And Pics

Here's a set of pics sent in by Tobias Kueper. They're from his upcoming set 'Ripcord Adventure'.

26th February 2005: Revenge 2 Demo Released

Osiris has released a demo version of 'Revenge 2 - Escape From The Lost Dimension', for the full Spear Of Destiny. There are 5 fairly large levels with a mix of original Spear, Revenge and brand new graphics - though there's just one wall design used most of the time. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

25th February 2005: Dead Reckoning Pics

Here's the latest set of pics from Kev Reid's upcoming set 'Dead Reckoning'.

25th February 2005: Dunkelburg Released

Michael Kalous has released 'Dunkelburg' - a 21 level set for Spear Of Destiny. The levels are quite extensive and nicely decorated and with virtually all original Spear graphics they will suit those who prefer the original game. There's a new title screen, some changes to the status bar and some new sounds. You can get it here. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

24th February 2005: Red Sunrise Released

Here's the first set by Michael Kalous. It's called 'Red Sunrise' and has 60 new levels. All levels are quite extensive, though the last 30, which Michael tells me were made later, have more decoration. Graphics are virtually all original so this will suit those who like the original game. Available here (maps/vswap). For those who have the Apogee registered Wolf 3D game, there's a version with changed vga files (new title screen) here. Both versions need the full 60 level Wolfenstein 3D to play.

22nd February 2005: Revenge Final Version Released

Osiris has released the final version of his 'Revenge' set for Spear Of Destiny. There are now 21 levels done and most are quite large with many different types of design. Apart from the extra levels, another change from the demo is that there's more guards on the easier difficulty levels. There are a lot of graphics that I haven't seen elsewhere, plus there are some new sounds. Available here. Needs the 'audiohed' and 'audiot' files from the full Spear Of Destiny to play.

22nd February 2005: Revenge Weapons, Other Items And Sounds Pack Released

Here's a set of weapons, plus some other items and sounds, used by Osiris in his recently released 'Revenge' addon. They have now been made available for general use but please give credit for anything that is used. Available here.

19th February 2005: No Gore v0.5 Released

Here's a patch for Wolfenstein 3D v1.4 shareware. It was sent in by Conner94 and has all the gore effects taken out (apart from the walls). Another version with de-gored walls may be released later. Available here.

16th February 2005: Subworld Hunter Demo Released

Rocketboy680 has released a demo of 'Subworld Hunter'. There are 5 levels which are mostly not that large but are designed ok. At the moment 1 normal enemy and 1 boss is changed, plus there are many Doom type graphics. The full version should be getting sounds from Doom and Blake Stone. Available here.

15th February 2005: Alternative Music for Spear Of Dreams v1.0

Here's a new set of audio files to go with Kyo Kusanagi's 'Spear Of Dreams v1.0' that was posted on Jan 31. You can get the new audio files here. The original 'Spear Of Dreams v1.0 (it doesn't contain the new audio files) is here.

15th February 2005: The Blazers: Jemanie Davidsson Unchained Pics

Joshua Waight has sent in some pics from one of his upcoming sets. It's called 'The Blazers: Jemanie Davidsson Unchained' and it stars Joshua as the playable character.

14th February 2005: Howling Wolf's Site Down

Howling Wolf tells me his website is down at the moment.

However, it has been saved on disc and will be returning later in the year.

13th February 2005: Dome Award - February 2005

This month's Dome award goes to Possum Trot for 'Project Wolfgeist'. It was put together well, combining the old and the new, while still retaining the feel of the original game. Credit should also go to KyleRTCW who did the coding. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

13th February 2005: War Storm Pics

Here are 2 new screenshots from Conner94's upcoming set 'War Storm'. Later updated with a third pic.

12th February 2005: Dillonstein Update

Joshua Moore has sent in three screenshots from his upcoming set 'Dillonstein'. There are also some new features, like a new title screen, and a new rating screen saying 'This game has been voluntarily rated For Cats by Joshua Moore'. There's also a new menu background. The Spear Of Destiny is now a green diamond and there are keycards instead of keys.

12th February 2005: More New Forums

Two new forums have been started. Both cover a range of games and have Wolf 3D sections.

6th February 2005: ZW1 - Phase 2 Screenshots

De Zeurkous has issued a set of 5 screenshots from Phase 2 of 'ZW1'.

6th February 2005: War Storm Screenshots

Conner94 has sent in a new set of screenshots from his upcoming set 'War Storm'.

2nd February 2005: ID Software Games Forum

Here's a new forum hosted by Kyle Albert. It's for ID Software games including Wolfenstein 3D, Enemy Territory, DOOM 3, RTCW, Quake 3, and other games too.

It's at ID Software Games Forum.

31st January 2005: Toxisches Projekt Pics

Wolfenstein3D Fan has sent in 3 enemy pics from his upcoming set 'Toxisches Projekt'. Some of the proposed code changes will be a Rocket Launcher and Flame Thrower.

31st January 2005: Operation: God Hand Website

Spiritblade has a website for his upcoming set though it's still under construction. It's at Operation: God Hand Website.

He also has a moddb account at http://mods.moddb.com/4609/.

31st January 2005: Spear Of Dreams 1.0 Version

Here's Kyo Kusanagi's version 1.0 of 'Spear Of Dreams'. There are 18 fairly extensive levels. Changes from the earlier version 0.5, posted Jan 26, include new weapons, screen messages when selecting difficulty levels, substantial changes to many levels and a new text file containing the storyline. Features that were included in version 0.5 like gun bobbing and weather effects are still included. It all blends together quite well most of the time. Available here.

31st January 2005: Possum Trot Updates

Possum Trot has sent in the following updates to his Wolf 3D projects:

+ 'Uber Deutschland' has been cancelled.

+ 'Project Wolfgeist' will now have 40 levels and should be finished in a week. It's already 95% done.

+ The 4 episode demo version of 'Operation Actliebe', released last month Dec 20, is now to be the final version. Here's what I said about it: the levels are mostly quite extensive, well designed and decorated. There's a mix of original and changed graphics and there are changed sounds. Manual/credits are included. The original game atmosphere remains. Quite an enjoyable set. Available here.

30th January 2005: Subworld Hunter Pics

Here are 2 pics from Rocketboy680's upcoming set 'Subworld Hunter'. Some other info - the point is to find the hiding hostage in each level and equip him with weapons so he can escape. The weapons are as follows: Dagger (not yet changed), Shotgun, Riot Control Plasma Rifle, and the Unmaker. One of the pics is quite large and may take a while to load.

29th January 2005: Project: Vendetta Pics

XeniorCastor has sent in some pics from his upcoming set 'Project: Vendetta'. Click on the thumbnail for the title screen and 2 sprites.

26th January 2005: WSJ's Allgemeine-SS Sprites Pack

Here's a third enemy sprites pack from Wolf Skevos-Jones. This time, the guards are meant to look like the Allgemeine-SS, and as such, they have black uniforms with red Nazi armbands. Available here. All three of Wolf's sprites packs are available from our Game Sprites section.

26th January 2005: Spear Of Dreams v0.5 Released

Here's Kyo Kusanagi's latest release - it's called 'Spear Of Dreams' - and there's 18 fairly extensive levels. Music, plus many walls and sprites come from Marcus Svensson's 'TGOEL', and weapons are by Mr Wolf and Conner94. Credit for the bosses goes to KyleRTCW, WSJ, Josh, Majik Monkee and Mario Maniac. It blends together quite well most of the time, though the title screen looks a little weird with the Spear palette!! Available here. Please note that this is NOT a sequel to 'TGOEL'.

26th January 2005: Location: 88 Update

MINOTAURiii975 has sent in the title screen for his upcoming set 'Location: 88'. Not much work has been done on it yet. It will follow in the footsteps of 'Gates Of Hell', though with aliens!!

25th January 2005: S-Blaster 3D News

Here's the latest news from Johannes Unser regarding the next version of 'S-Blaster 3D', which may be the final one. It will feature the following (never seen before?) code changes:

  • Random healing power ups
  • A message with the name of each level which is shown after(!) the loading screen
  • A super weapon that kills all enemies who are in the same room as the player

Other recent changes are :

  • All frames for the guard are done (finally :|) )
  • Onscreen messages
  • All weapon graphics exchanged with perspectively ones
  • Outdoor levels (in fact, there's already one in beta2, but it's secret)
  • New music and a better jukebox
  • "Read This!" in the main menu
  • The Spear of Destiny, which is now a giant schnitzel, and an extra difficult boss guarding it

The release date is still unknown as there are still 12 maps to do and some old ones to exchange. If possible there'll also be a double pistol mode in the final version.

24th January 2005: Unfinished Vswap

Here's an unfinished VSWAP for the full version of Wolfenstein 3D. It's from Conner 94 and has some Mac graphics. People are free to take what they want from it, but please give credit to Conner94 for what is used. The screenshot shows the SS guard. Available here.

22nd January 2005: Wolfer Spotlight

Our 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been updated again. The latest entry is Nate Smith.

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

22nd January 2005: Dome Awards - January 2005

This month's Dome awards go to Harry L. Mass Senior for 'A Long Walk Back', and to Majik Monkee for 'Operation: Mutant Strike 2'. Credit for the latter award should also go to ack, Arielus and Adam Biser for their contributions. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

21st January 2005: New Wolf Planet Forum Sections

The new forums board 'Wolf Planet' has been doing well, it had 16 members at the last count, and the number of Wolf 3D sections has been increased.

It's at Wolf Planet.

21st January 2005: Random Threat Unfinished Zip

Here's an unfinished add-on by Joel Corrigan. Joel has decided not to continue with his 'Random Threat' project and has made available what's been done so far to anyone who wishes to make use of it. Four levels have been modified, and there are many new textures, music, and code changes including gun bobbing and weather effects. The helpart looks nearly finished. Apart from Joel, others who contributed were John Okaner, Raistlin, Steve and Chris Chokan. Available here. Please give credit for anything that is used.

21st January 2005: WolfensteinExtreme Site

Wolfenstein3D_Fan has a new site though it's still under construction in parts.

It's at WolfensteinExtreme.

21st January 2005: Resident Evil: Cover Operation Final Version Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released the final version of 'Resident Evil: Cover Operation'. There are now 18 levels, some quite extensive. They are designed well though a few are modified versions of previously released levels. About 5 of the levels are mainly outdoors. There are many changed graphics, and source code changes such as textured floors/ceilings, weather effects (some levels) and gun bobbing. Most of the enemies are changed and there are 8 weapons. Available here.

20th January 2005: WSJ's Afrika Korps Pack

Here's another enemy sprites pack from Wolf Skevos-Jones. This time, the guards are meant to look like the Afrika Korps or other Nazi desert troops. They're pretty similar to the ones from Wolf's earlier "Heer Sprites Pack" but they have tan uniforms. Available here.

20th January 2005: Ian Summerfield Update

Ian Summerfield tells me he will be releasing some new games, in addition to the second episode of 'Doom Spear'. Also, here is a previews list of some of the sprites Ian will be releasing to the public soon (probably on Monkee's Image World).

19th January 2005: Wolfenstein 3D Video Available

Havoc has sent in a REAL in-game video of Wolfenstein 3d! The purpose for the video, is to show to everybody that it isn't impossible to record videos from DOS games, such as Wolf3d. Looks a good idea as long as the megabytes can be kept down. It shows action from all of the first level and it's available to download (8.96Mb) at Havoc's Wolfenstein 3D Page. However, I had to download a large attachment before playing it on Microsoft's 'Real Player'.

19th January 2005: New OL Midi Pack

Here is a new OL midi pack from Majik Monkee that contains the original midi scores of the Final Fantasy tunes used in OL, OMS, and OMS2. The ones from the last midi pack are contained in this one, along with several new ones from OMS2. There is a text document included. Download them here.

18th January 2005: Operation: Letzterschutz Bug Fix Released

Majik Monkee has issued an updated fix for 'Operation: Letzterschutz'. It replaces the fix that was sent out a few months ago. It corrects the same map errors as the original fix, plus fixes some minor wall usage mistakes in the first episode. The fix (updated maps only) is available here.

The complete set (with the update included) is at Operation: Letzterschutz.

18th January 2005: Escape From Cypress High School Released

This add-on for the full 60 level Wolf 3D was made by Erik Selfridge way back in 1996. It was kindly sent in by Colonel Bill who noticed that I didn't have it. Set in a school scenario, there are no new levels but every graphic has been changed apart from the weapons and all the actors' are new too, including all the bosses. The graphics and new sounds fit the school scenario very well. Please read the 2 enclosed text files before installing. Available here. Needs the full 60 level version of Wolf 3D to play.

16th January 2005: Wolf And Mario's Planet

Here's a new forums board that features Wolfenstein 3D and the Mario series. It's hosted by Mega Luigi and it has several members already.

It's at Wolf And Mario's Planet.

16th January 2005: Project Wolfgeist Pics/Update

Here's some more screenshots from Possum Trot's up coming set 'Project Wolfgeist'. The VGA problems and Dog replacement problems that occurred earlier have now been solved, and the only thing left is maps. The 33rd level has been started, which means only 27 more are needed. The EXE will not have any further changes in the future.

15th January 2005: Gun Sprites Pack

Kev Reid has sent in a set of gun sprites for general use. There are several complete sets in the rar file and it can be downloaded here. These guns are all designed to be used with extended frame weapons.

15th January 2005: The S.H. Update

Rocketboy680 has started on a new add-on. It is called 'The S.H.' and it stands for 'The Subworld Hunter'. This game will include:

  • 30 Levels of Subworld 'Hunting'
  • 6 New Subworld Monster Enemies
  • 5 Subworld Twisted Bosses
  • 2 Subworld Demented Minibosses
  • 4 Subworld Weapons Fit For A Subworld Hunter

All that's been done so far though is just the minibosses.

14th January 2005: Sewer Town Message

Here's a message from Howling Wolf regarding his upcoming set 'Sewer Town': "I am doing a lot of work at school for Computer Repair Lessons, and haven't found much time lately for 'Sewer Town'. This project is NOT cancelled though but there have been a lot of delays. (The TC's title name might be changed - includes new graphics for the Title only, all other things remain unchanged). I still need some help from Wolfers for levels (about 5 levels left). Kuki did some levels for me already, but he left for his project work. Screenshots will be released on vacation whenever I receive notice from my teacher. If any others are interested in helping me with levels, please contact me through DieHard Wolfers Forums. My username is <Howling Wolf>."

13th January 2005: Uber Deutschland Update

Possum Trot has started work on another addon. This one will be called 'Uber Deutschland' and will include 60 levels, WSJ Heer Sprites pack guards and stuff. There will also be some minor code changes. Two screenshots added on Jan 14.

13th January 2005: Monkee's Image World Update

'Monkee's Image World' has moved and has been completely redone thanks to Adam Biser. It is much more user friendly now, and has search capabilities, allowing visitors to search for sprites by type, name, or even by author. Submissions are now being accepted again. It's now at Monkee's Image World.

12th January 2005: AOGX Levels For Aliens Of Gold

Mikey X has repackaged his 'AOGX' set of levels, first released Jan 11, for the full version of Blake Stone 'Aliens Of Gold'. They are now available in maphead/maptemp form rather than as individual maps. There are still the same 12 levels (9 regular, 3 secret), but now you won't have to individually add each map. Eventually, the set will have 72 levels. The levels look pretty good, and most of the time the difficulty level is similar to the original though occasionally it can be harder. Available here. Needs the full version of Aliens Of Gold to play. Please remember to back up your original files first.

11th January 2005: Operation: God Hand Enemies/Help Wanted

Spiritblade has released pics of all the enemies from the upcoming set 'Operation: God Hand'. Also, help is now wanted in designing the 'War Blighter.' An enemy that is a bit similar to 'The flood' from 'Halo and Halo 2.' Help is also required in Coding. If you'd like to help and are quite good with graphics design and/or coding, The e-mail is MadArmor@hotmail.com.

11th January 2005: Wolf 3D JJ Style/New Site

JJ is back and is making a new Wolf 3D website. He would like help in adding scripts to his site.

If anyone would like to help out, please visit Wolf 3D JJ Style. The site is still under construction but you can contact JJ from there.

11th January 2005: Resident Evil: Cover Operation Demo Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released a demo of 'Resident Evil: Cover Operation'. There are at least 5 levels, some quite extensive, though the first 2 are modified versions of previously released levels. There are many changed graphics, and source code changes such as textured floors/ceilings, weather effects (some levels) and gun bobbing. Most of the enemies are changed and there will be 8 weapons. Available here. Most screenshots were made before the textured floors/ceilings were added.

11th January 2005: AOGX Levels Released

Here's a set of 12 levels (9 regular, 3 secret), sent in by Mikey X for the full version of Blake Stone 'Aliens Of Gold'. They are called 'AOGX'. Eventually, the set will have 72 levels. The levels look pretty good, and most of the time the difficulty level is similar to the original though occasionally it can be harder. Available here. The levels need to be added to a full version of Aliens Of Gold to play. See Jan 12 for a maphead/maptemp version of these levels.

10th January 2005: Dillonstein Update

Joshua Moore is making an add-on about his own pet cats called 'Dillonstein'.

The enemy's are:

  • Guard: Dillon clone
  • Dog: Remote controlled car
  • SS: Coppertail clone
  • Mutant: DeeDee clone
  • Officer: Dominoe clone
  • Ghost: Slinky

The bosses are:

  • Tranz Grosse: Metal Dillon clone
  • Barnacle Wilhem: Rocket launching robot
  • Ubermutant: UberDeeDee
  • Death Knight: Ultra DeeDee
  • Angel of Death: Greg

The weapons are:

  • Catnip launcher: not the best weapon but its quite fun to use
  • Catfood Uzi: An Uzi modified to shoot Catfood
  • Multicannon catmuchies gun: A multicannon shredder that shoots cat munchies

There'a a screenshot available here. Joshua's other upcoming add-on 'Catstein 2' is postponed for the moment.

9th January 2005: WSJ's Heer Sprites Pack Released

Wolf Skevos-Jones has released a bunch of enemy sprites (called "WSJ's Heer Sprites Pack") to the community, so that people can use them in their add-ons/mods. They've been done in the same style as the guards from Operation Heimzahlung (they use the Lost Episodes guard as a base.) They're meant to look like the "Heer" (German Army) from World War II. Available here.

8th January 2005: Operation: Mutant Strike 2 Released

Majik Monkee has released 'Operation: Mutant Strike 2'. There are 10 straight levels that are quite extensive, well designed and well decorated. Most of the levels are by Majik and ack, but Dumscheissekopf, Arielus and myself also contributed one level each. Credit also goes to Adam Biser, who did the coding and some new music, and to Wolf Skevos-Jones for some of the graphics. Some levels have shaded ceilings/floors and there are changed sounds. The game has an ongoing story and players are recommended to read the start of it in the enclosed manual before playing. You can get it here.

7th January 2005: More Project Wolfgeist Pics

Possum Trot has sent in several more pics from his upcoming set 'Project Wolfgeist'. Twenty two levels have now been completed and two more started.

5th January 2005: Toxisches Projekt Enemy Pics

Here's a set of 3 enemy pics from the upcoming set 'Toxisches Projekt'. It is being done by Wolfenstein 3D Fan and Mega Luigi.

4th January 2005: Operation: God Hand - Official Restart

Spiritblade has announced the restart of 'Operation: God Hand'. The restarting date has been moved from early February to today. Help may be asked for later when the enemies have been completed. Progress on these so far is:

  • Average Enemies 5 out of 8 are completed. - Full Frames 49-50 frames per enemy
  • Mini Bosses 2 out of 4 are completed - Full frames, 14- 20 frames per mini boss
  • Actual Bosses 3 out of 5 bosses completed. Full frames - 15 - 25 frames per boss
  • Sounds/ Music 55 sounds collected for the game so far, mostly weapons, and enemy alert and deaths. And 31 out of 40 maps have music picked out for them.

4th January 2005: The Grail Of Eternal Life v 1.0 Released

Marcus Svensson has released 'The Grail Of Eternal Life'. There are 21 levels here though I'm still playing the first, which is a very large maze. The enemies I've seen so far I have also seen in other sets, though there are some new graphics and good snow effects here. Looks quite a promising set. There's a download link, and an online manual with more info, at The Grail Of Eternal Life website.

3rd January 2005: A Long Walk Back Released

Harry Mass Senior has released 'A Long Walk Back'. There are 6 straight levels here that are well designed and decorated. It's an 'old school' type addon - the levels are fast moving and atmospheric, with lots of mutants and white officers. There are some changed graphics but the original Wolf 3D/Spear feel remains. This is the first set from Harry for quite some time and it's been well worth the wait!! Available here. The gold key doesn't usually show on the status bar but it does open locked doors when picked up.

2nd January 2005: Operation Todpfad Update

Kyle Albert tells me that 'Operation Todpfad' is about 90% done. There are still about 5 maps to do and a bug to fix. Things added include Directional Sprites, Shotgun, 2 New Enemies - making 9 enemy types (Dog, Guard, SS, Mutant, Officer, Trooper, and a Gray Officer). The debug cheats will be revealed sometime after the game is released, and there will be an editor's version also. Expect 'Todpfad' to be released from Mid January to Late February (depending on school work). There are several more screenshots at Kyle's Site.

2nd January 2005: Possum Trot Addons Update

Here's an update regarding Possum Trot's upcoming addons. After 'Wolfgeist' is completed, Possum will make 'Abandon SE' together with Conner94. Also, Kyle's 'Operation Todpfad' is 90% done. The addon 'Uber Deutschland' will be shelved for the time being.

1st January 2005: Gothic Mayhem Released

Here's another set from Joshua Waight called 'Gothic Mayhem'. It's 'Brutal Damage' (also released today), with a new graphic set and a brand new storyline. Weapons include the Duke 3d pistol, the Tommy gun from Blood, and the classic Brutal Damage M16. Music was extracted from The Great Wasabi's instant classic DEAD WORLD RISING 2. (Yes, credit was given for that.) There's also a new look for treasure. Instead of money bags, they're crosses. Levels are as in 'Brutal Damage'. Available here.

1st January 2005: Brutal Damage Full Version Released

The first addon release of 2005 comes from Joshua Waight and is called 'Brutal Damage'. There are 20 levels that are quite well made though the first is a modified version of the original first level. There are some graphics changes but the game keeps the original Wolf3D feel. Text file included. You can get it here. This full version replaces the 10 level demo version issued Aug 4, 2004.

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Project Ironstone by Alex Brosseau (

Mutalix by Ross Williams

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Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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