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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010 Latest News News Archive

28th February 2010: Dome Award - February 2010

The February 2010 Dome award goes to ack for his 'acktung 2: The Last Waltz' mod. It's a very well designed set of maps. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded. Another award may be issued later.

26th February 2010: Krankenstein Final Version Released

Vincent has released the final version of his shareware 'Krankenstein' mod. It now has a new title screen, some more new graphics and improvements to many others. There are a few changes in the levels, and levels 2 and 10 have been interchanged, mostly for graphical reasons. Set in a hospital and its grounds, the 10 levels are large and well made. Most of the graphics and some of the sounds were made by Vincent and most others come from other mods (the authors are credited). It all fits together very well, Available here.

21st February 2010: A Doll's House & Ghosts Complete Edition Released

Paal Olstad tells me A Doll's House & Ghosts Complete Edition is released. This mod replaces both A Doll's House Ultimate Edition and Ghosts: A Doll's House add-on (which shared some levels). The game also includes completely new levels. There are 21 levels in all. 7 levels are by Paal, 5 by Tommy Olstad, 3 by Ling Yan Li, 2 by Venom Inc. and one each by AlumiuN, AReyeP, Nexion and Warrior. For more info and the download, go here.

20th February 2010: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Heretic, Hexen: Resource Page

Here's a page that puts together various resources for Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Heretic and Hexen. It has High Resolution Texture, Model, Music Packs and User-Made Episodes and also has a number of screenshots You must provide your own commericial data files, wl6 and sod for Wolf3d and Spear of Destiny, wad for Doom Series, Heretic and Hexen. Available here.

20th February 2010: LegoWolf3D Ubermutant Video

Here's a YouTube video called 'LegoWolf3D Ubermutant' It features Spear of Destiny's Ubermutant from floor 16 and shows how to finish the level. It lasts for more than 7 minutes. Available from YouTube.

13th February 2010: Super Haven Mapset Released

Members of the Wolf3D Haven Forum have released a 60 level mapset. Mapping contributions are by Dark_Wizzie, ack, Thomas Weiling, WLHack, Valts, Jayngo, Havoc, Jpb, Dr. Chainsaw and Schabbs. Most graphics are original (to keep the original Wolf3D feel), but there are code changes including increased static object limits and increased ammo/health limits. WLHack and Ronwolf did the code changes and Mr. Choi did the title screens. Text file included. Both Windows and Dos versions are included. Available here. The forum is at Wolf3D Haven Forum.
Updated February 20th, some minor mapping bugs fixed and dos version now shows correct episode names.

11th February 2010: Trail Of Schabbs SDL Demo Released

WLHack has released a 4 level demo from his upcoming mod 'Trail Of Schabbs'. The levels are extensive and well made. Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed and fit well with the new music. There are many code changes including text screens, a new readthis, spikes, a 5th difficulty level, separate ammo for different weapons, textured floors/ceilings and a compass feature. More code changes are planned and will be in the final version. Vista-compatible. Available here.

6th February 2010: Goldfire 2010 Released

JM2006 has released 'Goldfire 2010'. There are sounds and graphics from Blake Stone and Planet Strike. It features 20 levels and uses the Rising Evil source code by Ryan De Haast. The changed music fits very well and adds to the atmosphere. There is a well detailed helpart (including credits) and good use is made of the extra keys/access passes. Other code changes include on-screen level names, a backpack, 3 new doors and max health/ammo limits changed. Available here.

3rd February 2010: Ghosts Ultimate Edition

Paal Olstad plans to release an ultimate edition of Ghosts, using the latest version of the Doll's House/Ghosts exe. It will include levels people sent to Paal before the original release. Several extra levels will also be included. As before the music is contributed by Tricob.

3rd February 2010: Wolfer Profiles Updated

Our 'Wolfer Profiles' page has recently been updated. The latest Wolfer to be added is Alex.

It's at Wolfer Profiles.

2nd February 2010: Foxenstein Update

Foxenstein is an upcoming TC by Alex. The title comes from his nickname 'The Silver Fox'. Source code changes include four keys, destructable columns and barrels, a few new enemies, seven weapons, shading and textured flats. The last two features are optional, because they make it difficult to play on slow machines and/or DosBox.

Alex tried to make most levels huge and quite complicated, and he hopes they are challenging enough. Most graphics were taken from original Wolf (and some from other TCs), so the game keeps the original Wolfenstein atmosphere - at least if you disable textured flats and shading. The storyline is just like that of episode 3 of original Wolfenstein. Alex is looking for beta testers as a beta version will be ready soon.

1st February 2010: acktung 2: The Last Waltz Released

Here's a new set of 60 maps by ack. It's called 'acktung 2: The Last Waltz'. Like with the original acktung! set, these maps are very well made. They are extensive, well designed and decorated, and create a lot of atmosphere. Text file included. Available here. Needs the full version of Wolf3D to play.

31st January 2010: Dome Award - January 2010

The January 2010 Dome award goes to Lakota Bucksnort for her 'Confrontation' mod. It's a good all round mod, the use of the actors is done especially well and is very atmospheric. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded. Another Jan 2010 award may be issued later.

31st January 2010: Spear Of Destiny Reloaded Released

KFH GAMES have released 'Spear Of Destiny Reloaded'. There are 21 extensive well made levels. Virtually all graphics and sounds are new. I especially like the weapon designs and hand drawn guards. Features include player profiles, throwable grenades, a trigger system and a new special difficulty setting. Playing this set feels like playing a completely new game. There are both DOS and Windows versions included. Available from KFH GAMES. Version 1.0 of the Windows version has a level 2 bug. If a mine cart hits a door the game crashes. Until it is fixed, just stop the cart before it reaches the door. A patch will be issued later. The DOS version is reportly bug free.

28th January 2010: Justin 2 Boss Promo Pic

Rampage Games Inc. and SecretAgentJonathon have released a promo pic showing every boss in Justin 2: The Trident Of Death, except for one. They are: Balrog/Demon Head/Teddy Monster Body Guard (common enemy in later levels)/Final Boss King Teddy Monster.

28th January 2010: Upcoming Mods

Here is a list of some upcoming mods being made by SecretAgentJonathon:
Wolfenstein 3D: B.J.'s Nightmare
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Quest to find Tails (sort of an unofficial sequel to The Fall of Tails)
Wolfenstein 3D: Frag B.J. (AKA Attack of the Clones)
Some other news is that Gaming X has started production on Kenny 2: The Elemental War.

26th January 2010: Confrontation Released

Lakota Bucksnort has released a 10 level set called 'Confrontation'. The extensive well made levels are action packed and there's a mix of original and imported graphics and sounds. The Wolf3D feel is retained and it all blends together very well. The levels are quite challenging at times but beatable. Will especially suit those who like the atmospheric feel of the original game. Available here.

24th January 2010: ZDoom Version 2.4.1 Released

As mentioned in Doomworld, a new official version of ZDoom is available, 2.4.1. There aren't many fancy features this time but there are many bug fix releases.

Available from Doomworld News.

11th January 2010: The Third Reich Episode 1: A Dark Secret Released

Here's the completed first episode of 'The Third Reich' by CKeen. There are 11 levels that are designed well with good decoration. The use of the guards is done particularly well. The graphics and sounds are a mix of originals and from elsewhere and keep the original Wolf3D feel. Code changes are by Wolf Skevos-Jones and include seamless levels and extra enemies. Some of the later levels are quite challenging at times and include flame throwers. Text file included. Available here.

9th January 2010: Ragnarok 2 Released

Here's a set of 10 shareware levels from Gary S. Tong and is called 'Ragnarok 2'. They are extensive and the design and decoration is done well. There's a number of new walls but the Wolf3D feel still remains. There are a few places where some walls look out of place though overall the effect is very good. Available here. Gary made the first 'Ragnarok' set under the pseudonym A. Aquinucus.

4th January 2010: End Of Destiny 2009 Christmas Levels

Seems I overlooked these Christmas goodies!!! For those who haven't seen them yet, there's a set of 4 'End Of Destiny' Christmas levels made by ack and AReyeP. There are more details and the download from AReyeP and MCS' Wolf3D add ons Newsdesk.

3rd January 2010: End Of Dragons Released

Venom Inc. has released 'End Of Dragons'. There are 17 levels, including 2 secret levels, that are extensive and well made. This is the prequel to Return Of Dragons and there are new enemies, textures, and sounds that were not featured in Return Of Dragons. There's also seamless level progression and some slight puzzles in some levels. The new music fits well. Available here.

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