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MAR/APR 2005 Latest News News Archive

27th April 2005: Revenge 2 Final Version Released

Osiris has released the final version of 'Revenge 2 - Escape From The Lost Dimension', for the full Spear Of Destiny. There are now 10 fairly large levels with a mix of original Spear, Revenge and brand new graphics - though there's still just one wall design used most of the time. There's changed sounds and a text file included. Available here. Replaces the 5 level demo version released Feb 26. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

27th April 2005: Help Needed For Goldeneye 64

Andrew has asked for some help with his upcoming set 'Goldeneye 64'.

Details of what's already been done and what's still needed can be seen here.

26th April 2005: Camrose Unleashed Demo Released

Here's a 5 level demo from Col 10 and Sam and it's called 'Camrose Unleashed'. The levels are not that large though they are well decorated and there's changed graphics and sounds which tend to blend together quite well. On the first level though, you get 'disappearing objects' at times due to too many objects in one area. Story doc file included. Later withdrawn due to unauthorized use of the actor shown in the screenshot.

18th April 2005: Monkee's Image World Update

Here's an email from Monkee Monkee regarding his 'Image World' site: "I know I said I'd reopen for submissions the 20th of this month, but after having had a little more time to myself lately and having been freed of the stress of having to keep the site up to date, I've decided that it's best for overall well-being if the site be closed for submissions indefinitely. This does not, however, mean that any existing part of the site will become unavailable, though, and I hope everyone still gets some good use out of it. Keeping a site updated regularly (especially with my limited PC time) is a lot of work, and requires a lot more free time than I actually have these days. Maybe some day down the road when I've got less to do and I've completed some of the special non-Wolf projects I'm working on I'll reopen the site to guest submissions. In the mean time, thanks for visiting!"

Majik's site is at Monkee's Image World.

18th April 2005: Dome Award - April 2005

This month's Dome award goes to Possum Trot for 'Abandon 2 - Purgatory'. The level design is very good, and though there are many imported graphics, it retains the original Wolf 3D feel quite well. Credit should also go to Gary Ragland who made the exe file. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

12th April 2005: Coding Help Wanted

Osiris needs help with coding for his Spear based set 'Revenge 2'. The changes needed are:
a) Change the name of levels and make the names appear on the 'Get Psyched!' Screen.
b) Change the number of levels to ten.
Some additional coding is needed for Osiris' next set 'Revenge 3'. If anyone would like to help out, please email Osiris at

12th April 2005: S-Blaster 3D Beta 3 Released

NME Software has released a new beta version of S-Blaster3D. There's quite a mix of walls and objects though the original Wolf 3D feel does remain somewhat.There are now 4 episodes, mostly well designed, though a few levels are not playable due to a 'too many objects' error. See the notes on the NME website for further info on this. Available from NME Software.

12th April 2005: Rise Of The Triad/Windows Port

Ronny sent me a link to a site that has a (multiplayer supporting) Rise Of The Triad - Windows - Port.

It's at Rott - Windows - Port.

8th April 2005: Revenge 3 - The Invasion Screenshots

Osiris has been working on his upcoming set 'Revenge 3 - The Invasion'. Most of the sprites and sounds are finished, but not all the levels are done yet. Meanwhile, here are some screenshots.

7th April 2005: Goldeneye Preview

Here's the title screen and some weapon images that Andrew sent in. They are from his upcoming set based on 'Goldeneye'.

7th April 2005: Monkee's Image World Update

Here's an email from Majik Monkee: "Greetings from Majik Monkee! I'll be taking a break from doing updates at the "Monkee's Image World" site until April 20th for a variety of different reasons. I've had a lot going on lately, and it's not always possible to do everything I need to do and keep the site up to date as well. Please don't send any submissions prior to the 20th if you haven't already, as routine maintenance at the Image World submission account during this time period will probably cause them to be deleted. In the meantime, enjoy the content the site already has to offer, and thanks for making it a success!"

7th April 2005: Wolfen-Terror Update

Matte Software has restarted work on 'Wolfen-Terror' again. It is planned to be released in a week or so. Meanwhile, a new screenshot has been issued. Some of the new features that have been added in this new version are:
+ Rocket launcher terrorist
+ Textured floor and ceiling
+ New sounds/music
+ A couple of new levels
+ Level name shows on "Get Psyched" screen
+ Many new source code changes!

4th April 2005: Wolf 3D Music Chart

Andrew has sent in a music chart for helping to change the music using Floedit. It lists the music numbers and where they are used. There are 4 songs in the list not allocated at present.

It's available here.

4th April 2005: Game Warz Help Update

Since the last update on Joshua Moore's 'Game Warz' project, March 30, Andrew has offered to work on the music. Joshua would still like someone to help with coding, especially the following features:

- Exploding Barrels
- Instead of a shotgun I would like a weapon that throws Dr.Schabb’s syringes
- Rocket Launcher
- Flame Thrower
- An animated object that kills enemy’s and yourself and animates when they or you walks on it
- Enemy’s to respawn when playing on I am death incarnate mode
- Mutant Drops Machinegun instead of SS
- Mecha Hitler armour and Hans Grosse to shoot rockets
- An extra chaingun
- Big ammo packs
- More health items

If anyone wants to help out, Joshua's email is joshcus@dsl.pipex.com.

4th April 2005: Wolfer Spotlight Updated

Our 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been updated again. The latest Wolfer to be included is Paal Olstad.

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

3rd April 2005: Upcoming Mod Title Screen

Here's the title screen from Garfeild's upcoming mod 'Toten Sie Steve'.

3rd April 2005: Doom Universal Tour Demo Released

Ian Summerfield has released a demo version of 'Doom Universal Tour'. There are 5 levels that are quite large, and there are Doom type graphics that come from various sources. The exe used is from the John Bucksnort Tribute Set (coding by MCS) as is BrotherTank's status bar. It blends together quite well. There will be 21 levels in the final version. Available here.

1st April 2005: LoneWolf Beta Engine

Here's a beta version of a new engine for Wolf3D/Spear games being developed by Denis. I've checked it out with the Activision full version of Wolf 3D on my Windows ME computer and it seemed to work well. It played the game with all the music and sounds and was as fast as playing with the normal exe. By adding the parameter '-fullscreen' I was able to play in full screen mode rather than in a window. There's a doc file included which has a lot of info on the project. Available here. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed by Denis.

30th March 2005: Camrose Unleashed Update

Col 10 is making a Wolfenstein game called 'Camrose Unleashed'. A 3 level demo will be ready soon and a full version will come later.

30th March 2005: Coding Help Wanted

Joshua Moore is looking for coding help for his upcoming set 'Game Warz'. Things like a rocket launcher and flame thrower weapons. Also, the mutant to drop the machine gun (instead of the SS), and some new music.

If anyone wants to help out, Joshua's email is joshcus@dsl.pipex.com.

29th March 2005: Robotstein Demo Released

Brian Gunter has released a 3 level demo version of 'Robotstein'. The first 2 levels are quite mazy though the final one has a different style. The opening level is also quite small and a pushwall needs to be opened to get to the exit. Has some graphics comparable to those in the Astrostein type addons though many are from the orginal Wolf 3D. Available here.

26th March 2005: Wolfenstein 3D Tribute Video

Here's a tribute video to Wolfenstein 3d made by Rocketboy680. It's about 6 minutes and shows 30 frames of Wolfenstein addons, along with messages and music. Please note it's a rather hefty 6.14Mb!!

It's available here. Needs a recent version of a video player to play.

22nd March 2005: Dome Award - March 2005

This month's Dome award goes to Michael Kalous for 'Dunkelberg'. It was made for Spear Of Destiny and the levels are put together very well and are nicely decorated. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

19th March 2005: Mapedit 8.5 Released

Chris Chokan has released 'Mapedit 8.5'. Chris has modified the 8.4 version so it will now run without needing the TPpatch program on fast computers.

You can download it here.

18th March 2005: Game Warz Enemy Pics

Joshua Moore has sent in pics of the enemies from his upcoming set 'Game Warz'. All the enemies are shown apart from the officer, which has not been replaced yet.

17th March 2005: Monster Bash 3D Update

Here's an email from Ryan Steinbruner regarding his upcoming 'Monster Bash 3D' set: "All of Monster Bash 3D's walls and sprites have been converted to high-res 128x128. The walls, weapons, and a few sprites are being remade with Photo-Shop. The rest of the sprites are the same, only scaled to 128x128, and will have their edges and corners rounded for a cleaner and less pixelated look. The original graphics will be released as a mod.

Game release date is aimed at Halloween 2005. The Episode 2 and 3 mods will probably be released at Christmas."

The Monster Bash 3D website has been updated.

15th March 2005: Wolfingdays Website

Flamer 46 has a new website called 'Wolfingdays'. It has a number of features including info on current projects, downloads, links and tutorials.

It's at Wolfingdays.

15th March 2005: Wolfenstein 2 Help Needed

Ian Summerfield and Conner94 will be working on 'Wolfenstein 2' and Ian would appreciate more help if anyone else would like to contribute (for graphics, levels, sounds). Coding will be done by Conner94, and Ian will be doing most of the graphics and (maybe) all the levels. A 5 level demo of episode 1 will be released first, and there will be a total of 3 episodes altogether. Ian's email is DaKTeam@aol.com.

14th March 2005: Operation: Assassination Update

Justin Bokowski has found his 'Operation: Assassination' project and will be starting it again. The title screen is shown.

14th March 2005: New Wolf 3D Project

James Shain is 15 and is starting a project called 'Soldier'. He needs a team of people to help out. It is based on the Kurt Russell movie 'Soldier'.

You can email James at lilmanjs@yahoo.com.

14th March 2005: Game Warz Demo Released

Joshua Moore has released a one level demo of his upcoming set 'Game Warz'. The enemies included so far are Professor Julius McGuffin, Pouncer the cat and Crash Bandicoot. One weapon has been changed - the chaingun is now the plasma gun from Doom. There are also some new wall designs. This demo level has only 4 or 5 rooms but it does show all the graphics changes made so far. Available here.

13th March 2005: Source Code Problems

Here's an email from Ian Summerfield regarding source code problems and a projects update: "Hello, Ian Summerfield returns with a note that first, Doom Spear will now only have two episodes and then will be cancelled. Second, Coldfusion is now also dead and Doom Universal Tour may end up that way as well. Third, I will now like someone's assistance in the source code department in a new chain of add-ons that will go in this order:

1. Wolfenstein 2. Wolfendoom 3. Doom

If anyone would like to help out with the source code (graphics, levels, sounds if you would like) please email me. Also, for those who don't like cartoon add-ons, I will not want to feature ANY cartoon graphics in these add-ons. Please respond by emailing me at: DakTeam@aol.com.

Thank you, Ian Summerfield

PS. I may soon release Doom Universal Tour as a five level demo."

10th March 2005: Wolfer Spotlight Updated

Our 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been updated again. The latest Wolfer to be included is Barry Christian.

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

9th March 2005: Spear Of Dreams: Special Edition Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released 'Spear Of Dreams: Special Edition'. There are 19 quite extensive levels that are well detailed. Many of the changed graphics come from the earlier 'Spear Of Dreams', though there are now 11 weapons including rockets. There's a new enemy, weather effects and floor/ceiling textures. Credits, story and weapons text files included. There's a large number of screenshots that were sent in by Kyo. Available here.

9th March 2005: Spear Of Bullsh*t Released

This set for the Spear Demo by Nathan Linebuck was found by Andy Nonymous. Due to hex changes, there are 21 levels, and they are all new, extensive and quite detailed. There are some changed wall designs, but the atmosphere of the original game remains. Also included in the zip is a map editor NMAP. Available from Toastytech.

6th March 2005: Orb Of Calamity Update

Richard Kelly has sent the following update on his latest set 'Orb Of Calamity': "My upcoming TC - now titled "Orb Of Calamity" - will unfortunately not be released anytime soon. I have a *lot* of work left to do with the graphics. Since I do all my graphics by hand, it will take quite a while to complete.

The graphics "To Do" list includes sprite images for Weapons 3 and 5, new title screen, new sign-on screen, and several graphical pictures accompanied with the game story's beginning and end. The beginning of the story will be told in the self-running demo, after the Credits are displayed and before the recorded demo starts.

However, I intend to do a simpler ten-level TC before "Orb" is complete. I really have to do so in order to prepare myself for what Orb requires of me. I haven't created any levels in a while, and doing a TC simpler than Orb will allow me to do make new levels again. I might work with someone else in order to get it completed more quickly.

I've submitted a number of new images to Majik Monkee's Image World in the meantime.

- Richard Kelly."

5th March 2005: Invasion Of The Cartoons Demo Released

Ian Summerfield has released a demo of his upcoming set 'Invasion Of The Cartoons'. There are 6 extensive levels (first episode) that are well decorated. The graphics are cartoon like, and together with the changed sounds, creates quite a fun-type atmosphere. Mega Luigi did the coding. The Read This menu option doesn't work yet. Available here. Replaced May 17 with a final version (36 levels).

5th March 2005: Forums Round Up

There have been a number of new forums recently and some have changed their url's so here's a round up of the latest forums:

1st March 2005: Subworld Hunter Progress

Rocketboy680 has provided an update on the progress of his upcoming set 'Subworld Hunter':

  • Graphics: 98% Complete (Game sprites are completely finished)
  • Sound: 50% Complete
  • Maps: 10/30 (First two episodes finished)
  • Design (Game Concept): 98% Complete

A story line will be completed soon. A 5 level demo version of 'Subworld Hunter' was released Feb 16.

Latest News News Archive

Dalek War 2087AD by Paul Stone (1,2)

Thunder In Paradise by Carlos X (

Operation Todpfad by KyleRTCW

King Of The Monsters by Dumscheissekopf (

Death Of Cartosa by Rocketboy680

WW3 - The New Mission by Swp

Cambodia And The Killing Fields by Ryan King

Doom Spear Of Destiny by Ian Summerfield and Mega Luigi

Rise Of Chaos by The Incredible Pete

IT by The Incredible Pete

Operation: Zeitgeist by Steven Trinkl

Nitehorrors 3D by Lane

Project Aniquilation by Mega Luigi

Slackermod by Slayne

Operation: Chaos by Tier

Operation Dämonisch by Wahsinn Software

Super Blitzkrieg by Hair Machine

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

The Punisher by Raistlin (

Scary Haunted Monsters Kastle by Elmer Fud (

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Operation: Assassination by Justin (

Orb of Ishkar by Anti-nazi Software (

Way Of The Ninja by Wes Desjardins and WSJ

Doom Universal Tour by Ian Summerfield

Kurt vs The Master by The Master

Operation: Gott Hand by The Luftwaffe Team

Snoobler Wars by Ross Williams

Debauchery by Amirtes

RESIDENT EVIL R.E.P.R.I.S.E. by Jakub Hieroski

Sewer Town by John Burnett

Wolfback by Sockdude

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Assault on Castle Totenhammer by Joe

Schabbs 6000 by 3D Arts Software

Heart of Darkness by Ross Williams

Project FireStar by Guillermo Buteler (
Project Ironstone by Alex Brosseau (

Mutalix by Ross Williams

Hidden Danger by Zach Higgins (

Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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