JULY/AUG 2003 Latest News News Archive

28th August 2003: Metal Gear Solid Part Two Released

David O'Rafferty has released the second part of 'Metal Gear Solid'. Similar format to the first set, though the 10 new levels in this one are mostly larger and possibly better designed. Click here for the download.

26th August 2003: PV - Phase II Pics

James has recently updated the PV - Phase II page with a number of new pics.

They're at http://verd-soft.ionichost.com.

26th August 2003: S.W.A.T. Released

There are 21 levels here, mostly made by the creator program. Although they are obviously predictable, most haven't come out too badly. There are a number of imported graphics and sounds which blend together well, plus a new title screen. Made by Justin. Click here for the download. Needs the full registered 'Spear' set to play.

25th August 2003: New Site

Here's a new Wolf 3D site hosted by Jonathan Storey. There's lots of info and pics on Wolf3D, Spear and the Lost Eps. There's also links and downloads sections.

It's at Jonathan's Wolfenstein 3D & Spear Of Destiny Site.

25th August 2003: Orb Of Ishkar Announced

Whats up from Anti-nazi Software? Here's the title screen for part 1 of the series Secrets Of The Third Reich 'Orb of Ishkar'.

There are 4 more TC's planned for the series... 'Projeckt Meteorit' (Project Meteorite in German), 'Scepter of Shitook' which takes place in Egypt, 'Remember that Old Castle' based on Wolf3D first episode, and one not named yet where you fight not only nazis but zombies. It takes place in castles and crypts and caves.

23rd August 2003: Site Update

The site for Dumscheissekopf's project, 'Operation: Hundscheisse' has recently been updated. It now includes a lot of info on the TC's sequel 'Hundscheisse 2: The Sequel'.

It's at Operation: Hundscheisse.

23rd August 2003: Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil Update

Latest news on Wes Desjardins upcoming TC 'Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil' is that virtually all graphics and coding are done.

There's now just 10 out of 30 levels to do.

20th August 2003: Family Spitz! Bosses

Here's a set of Boss pics sent in by Ian Summerfield. 'Family Spitz!' will be a 3 part game and it's supposed to take place during World War II after you defeat Schabbs.

19th August 2003: More Halls Of Stonehenge Screenshots

Here's more pics from the upcoming TC 'Halls Of Stonehenge'. They were sent in by Majik Monkee who tells me there's just a couple levels and some coding changes left to do.

18th August 2003: Remake Released

Ken O'Brien recently returned to the Wolf3D scene and has made a new set of 60 levels. The levels are well designed, especially with the use of the guards. There are also several new wall designs, but the atmosphere and style of the original game is still there, hence the title. Click here for the download. Needs the full original Wolf3D game to play.

Ken plans to make a set of levels for Spear too.

18th August 2003: Area 51 Released

Luke Strauman has released the final version of 'Area 51'. There are 11 levels, and from what I played already they look good. There are many new features including teleporting, new 'readthis', endart and message screens. The graphics are largely based on Blake Stone.

You can get it from Luke's site at Wolf 3D Heaven And Hell. Look in the 'my add-ons' section. It's also available here.

18th August 2003: Metal Gear Solid Part One Released

This set from David O'Rafferty has 10 new levels. which are mostly not that large. Virtually all the graphics and title screens, though not the sounds, have been changed. New status bar. The graphic designs look good and as the title suggests, have a distinctive metallic feel. Click here for the download.

18th August 2003: Projekt: Vertilgung (The Original) Uploaded

Zach tells me Projekt: Vertilgung (the original) has been uploaded to ModDB for download.

Just in case some of you missed it when it came out, or lost it, or whatever.

You can view it at http://mods.moddb.com/1991/.

16th August 2003: SpongeBobStein Demo Released

Ian Summerfield has released a 5 level demo of the upcoming set 'SpongeBobStein'. Some levels are not that large, but virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed. Another fun set. Click here for the download.

14th August 2003: Metal Gear Solid Images

David O'Rafferty has sent a set of pics from his upcoming TC 'Metal Gear Solid'.

14th August 2003: Site Update

Ryan Stroup's website has been updated with several new sections done.

It's at Wolf3D Central.

13th August 2003: Spongebobstein Images

Here's more images from Ian Summerfield. This time they're from 'Spongebobstein'.

13th August 2003: The Golden Episodes/Secret Scroll

It's exactly six months since Ariel released his TC 'The Golden Episodes'.

Ariel has now released more info about the set with a 'secret scroll'. This contains info on things like cheats, high scores and mapedit data files. You can find a lot more about it here.

13th August 2003: Hundscheisse 2: The Sequel Announced

Dumscheissekopf has announced the sequel to 'Operation: Hundscheisse' that is being designed 'back to back' with the original. It is entitled, 'Hundscheisse 2: The Sequel' (yes, that's it's name!).

It will be released shortly after 'Operation: Hundscheisse', which still does not have a release date set.

13th August 2003: The Final Fight Maps Update

There were some bugs found (missing keys etc) in some levels of 'The Final Fight' posted a couple weeks ago. Thanks to Peggy for pointing this out.

I've now updated the maps in the full zip, but for those who already have the earlier version there's a maps only patch here. See July 28 news items for more info on this set.

10th August 2003: PV II Update

James gave me the following info about his upcoming TC 'PV II':

  • 21 new levels
  • New Weapons with project tiles
  • More than one ammo type
  • Outside atmosphere including lightning following to rain
  • New Items
  • Experience Points (You'll see when you play it)
  • Sniper scope
  • Weapon bobbing
  • etc..

Zach has since told me they've started a section at Mod Database for PVII. It's at http://mods.moddb.com/1910/.

7th August 2003: News From Bobby Bucksnort

Here's an email just received from Bobby Bucksnort: "Brian, Its been awhile... I've been busy with school... and working for KUJU, {the Co-Developers of Microsoft Train Simulator}, But (I have some news for you)....

There will be a new TC from me in the coming month, Hopefully for an October 1st release.. It will be based on my Grandfather's set "The Tribute".. Not a lot of graphics changes, but one 21 level seamless episode and source code changes... it will keep the atmosphere of the original game totally. There is also a Mutantstein Episode to be hopefully released by Halloween, authored by my Grandmother."cause she wanted something to do"...

Cheers and greetings, Bobby ps....will send you some pics soon..."

6th August 2003: Halls Of Stonehenge Pics

These screenshots come from the first couple levels of Majik Monkee's upcoming TC 'Halls Of Stonehenge'.

5th August 2003: Blackfire Enemy Pics

Here's a set of descriptions and pics for the enemies featured in the upcoming TC 'Blackfire'.

They're from Justin.

5th August 2003: Dome Award - Aug 2003

This month's Dome award goes to ToMeanToDie for his TC 'Kristallnacht'. For more info on this TC see under July 18 news items.

5th August 2003: The Punisher/New TC Announced

Majik Monkee has announced his upcoming TC, 'The Punisher', based on the Marvel Comic hero. The game will feature all new weapons, hand to hand combat, and new enemies. Currently, the game is scheduled to have 13 levels, but this may change. The Punisher will seek justice in four different missions, each divided into three different levels each, on a mission to face off with the Kingpin himself in a final stage. Right now, there is no projected release date, but work will begin in earnest after 'Halls of Stonehenge' is completed.

5th August 2003: Unholy Cathedral Enemy Pics

Here's a set of nine pics Ian Summerfield sent me from his upcoming TC 'Unholy Cathedral'.

4th August 2003: Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil Pics

Here's 3 more pics sent in by Wes Desjardins from his upcoming TC 'Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil'.

There's now a set of five.

3rd August 2003: Metal Gear Solid Images

David O'Rafferty sent a set of images from the upcoming TC 'Metal Gear Solid'.

3rd August 2003: Wolfenstein 3D Forum Name Change

The 'Wolfenstein 3D Forum' has a new logo and has changed its name to 'WolferCollage'.

It's at WolferCollage.

3rd August 2003: Gotterdammerung Bug

The 'Gotterdammerung' TC released last week does not play on all computers. It seems to play ok on Windows ME, but not always on Windows 98.

There's been a lot of correspondence on this at DieHard Wolfers on Areyep.com forums (in the 'Gotterdammerung Finished At Last' section). Someone has posted a fix there too.

3rd August 2003: Southern Hell Released

Here's another TC from Ian Summerfield with 21 levels, cartoon type graphics and new sounds. Virtually all images have been replaced. New title screens too. Uses the 'Spear Resurrection' code as a base. The Hitler Armour is sometimes shootable! Click here for the download.

2nd August 2003: Info On Cleopatra

TexZK's next TC project will be 'Cleopatra'. Here's an outline of the story: You are Caesar and the Egyptians don’t want you as their Emperor, so they want to kidnap your wife, Cleopatra. Meanwhile some Romans want to do the same and you must face them, too. You will also adventure into pyramids and tombs; those are rebels’ bunkers. Here you’ll face mummies.

Click on the thumbnail for more info, a full size pic and some useful image utilities.

2nd August 2003: Operation: Hundscheisse Site

There is a new site for Dumscheissekopf's project, 'Operation: Hundscheisse'. It is at Operation: Hundscheisse.

It can also be accessed from the main page of the Halls Of Stonehenge site.

2nd August 2003: Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil Pics

Here's a couple pics Wes Desjardins sent in. They're from his upcoming TC 'Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil'.

Click on the thumbnail for both pics.

2nd August 2003: Counter-Wolf (Final Version) Released

Ryan King has released a final version of 'Counter-Wolf'. It has 30 levels and tidies things up from the earlier version 1.641. Click here for the download.

Ryan's next project will be 'Left Behind'.

30th July 2003: Operation: Hundscheisse Announced

Here's some info on a new project called 'Operation: Hundscheisse'. It's by Dumscheissekopf and some others. It will feature five levels and follow the story of BJ as he battles to prevent the evil Fett Schwanz from overtaking the free world with his army of genetic dog soldiers and evil mutants. More info will be forthcoming. You can see a set of images for the cast here.

30th July 2003: Gotterdammerung Released

Here's a new TC by Raistlin. It's title is 'Gotterdammerung', and has 8 good levels plus many new graphics and coding features. There are textured ceilings/floors, occasional message screens, weapon movement plus a lot more. The 'readthis' menu option doesn't work yet though. Some levels have pushwalls you need to open to get to the exit, including 2 on the first level. Click here for the download.

Here's a few things Raistlin mentioned:"If you press B, the game goes into slow-motion until you press B again. If you press keys Q,W,E,R,T, Bj will say stuff. The stuff Bj says isn't that hot right now, but it's the first time anyone has done Bj talk."

29th July 2003: BlackFire Images

Justin has sent in a set of images from his upcoming set 'BlackFire.

Click on the thumbnail to see them.

29th July 2003: Coldfusion! More Images

Here's the complete set of enemy/boss images for the upcoming set 'Coldfusion!' by Ian Summerfield.

More info on them is included too.

28th July 2003: Aliens vs Predators Released

Shareware set. There are 5 levels though they are not that extensive. It's a fun set with cartoon type graphics, a new title screen and status bar. By David O'Rafferty. Click here for the download.

28th July 2003: Coldfusion Info/Pics

Here's some information and pics from some of the enemies from the upcoming TC 'Coldfusion!' by Ian Summerfield.

Click on the thumbnail to see.

28th July 2003: The Final Fight Released

James Shain has released a new addon called 'The Final Fight'. It has ten new levels, plus new title screen though I didn't notice any new graphics. The levels are mostly quite large though often sparsely decorated. You can get it here.

28th July 2003: Operation: Arctic Wolf Title Screen

Luke Strauman's next TC will be 'Operation: Arctic Wolf'. Click on the thumbnail for the title screen.

There's more info on Luke's site at Wolf 3D Heaven And Hell.

25th July 2003: Weapons Of Vengeance Demo Released

Here's a 5 level demo of Wolf Skevos-Jones' upcoming TC 'Weapons Of Vengeance'. Among the features are 10 weapons, fires, landmines. It will be some time before Wolf is able to finish this set, which is why a demo has been released now. Wolf asks that people view the 'readthis' file. Click here for the download.

25th July 2003: Southern Hell Bosses

More from Ian Summerfield. This time there's pics of all five 'Southern Hell' bosses, plus info on where they are and how to beat them.

25th July 2003: Lord Robemin Pics

Ian Summerfield sent in a complete set of pics of Lord Robemin, who is one of the bosses in the upcoming TC 'Southern Hell'. Click on the thumbnail for the complete set.

23rd July 2003: New Wolf3D Web Site

Here's a new Wolf3D web site. It's by Adam, and has lots of sections including source code, addons, links, maps etc. A few of the sections are not finished off yet but most are done.

It's at Wolf3D Vault.

22nd July 2003: Super Gayness 3D Pics

Leo has sent a set of 5 pics from his upcoming TC 'Super Gayness 3D'. They include 2 screenshots with textured floor/ceilings. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole set.

22nd July 2003: Monkeystein Map Errors

I found a number of map errors in the 'Monkeystein' set that I posted last week. They were mainly 'deaf guards' placed next to doors, making it impossible to pass through.

The full zip has now been updated and posted today, but for those who already have the older version there's a maps only patch here.

21st July 2003: Cherrystein Title Screen

Well, we've had Pineapplestein and Monkeystein. Now here is the title screen of another fun set called 'Cherrystein'. It's full title is CherryStein 1, Berry Potter the philosopher.

I've since received a second pic - one of the bosses. Both pics can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

20th July 2003: Preview of Project Firestar Released

For those interested in how 'Project Firestar' is coming along, Guillermo Buteler has released a 2 level preview. These are the first and secret levels from the first episode. There are code changes and some subtle graphics changes but the original feel of the game is still there. Levels are nicely designed. Click here for the download.

For more info on the game, please visit Guillermo's site at Wolfsite.

18th July 2003: Kristallnacht Released

ToMeanToDie has released 'Kristallnacht'. This TC has 20 very well designed levels. Based on the TFS source code (for which John gives credit to Parafriction), it has other code changes too. Although most graphics and sounds have been changed, the atmosphere of the original Wolf 3D game remains. All in all, a very good set. Click here for the download.

18th July 2003: Monkeystein Released

Ian Summerfield has released 'Monkeystein'. There are 31 levels, with cartoon type graphics. Many of the levels are not that extensive, but the characters come out well. When the actors' die they change back to the original Wolf3D characters!! Will suit those who like fun sets. You can get it here.

18th July 2003: Wolfenstein 3D Texturing

Here's a retexturing project for Wolf3D. It's by (Win) Elchtest. The goal is to retexture all Wolfenstein 3D textures so they could be used in e.g. 'NewWolf'. Any artists are welcome to help on improving the quality of the textures. Email elchtest@quake.de.

The site is at Wolfenstein 3D Texturing.

17th July 2003: Southern Hell Enemy Images

Ian Summerfield has sent a complete set of enemy images for his upcoming 'Southern Hell' TC. The images are - Guard: Stan - Suicide clone: Ike - SS: Cartman - Clone: Kenny - Officer: Kyle - Grau Adler: Grandpa - Hiroshima: Damien - Superclone: Skuzzlebutt - Baron von Schmitt: Mr. Garrison - Yellow Ghost: Chicken F**ker - Hansel Ghost: same as yellow ghost - Angel Ghost: Satan (Duh) - Schabbs Ghost: Mr. Mackey - Fatface Ghost: Ned - Wilhelm Ghost: Chef - Tranz Ghost: Jesus - Gretal Ghost: Mr. Mackey Head.

17th July 2003: ModDB Wolf3D Section Opens

The Josh tells me ModBD has opened a Wolf3D section. People can submit their tc's and it allows everyone to give feedback and check all the progress of the tc while their working on it.

Members can also vote on the tc, and choose to modwatch, which contacts them every time an update is made to the tc. The person making the tc, can add preview images to their gallery, and people can view the images, and leave comments about them. it's all pretty cool and completely free.

You just register as a member, then register your tc. The link is at ModBD Wolf3D.

14th July 2003: Operation Shutzstaffel Info & Pics

Justin has sent a number of pics, plus detailed information on the enemies, weapons and bosses from his upcoming TC 'Operation Schutzstaffel'.

14th July 2003: Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil Announced

Wes Desjardins next TC will be 'Heretic: Return Of D'Sparil'. There'll be the following features:

  • 30 new levels
  • Medieval setting
  • New Graphics
  • New code changes
  • Textured ceiling and floor
  • New Exit Screens

13th July 2003: Grand Theft Auto III Released

David has released a new shareware add-on called 'Grand Theft Auto III'. There are 3 grid type levels, and most graphics have been changed. The actors are now automobiles!! New title screen. Good for those who like fun sets. You can download it here.

13th July 2003: Spongebobstein Images

Ian Summerfield has sent in a set of images from his upcoming TC 'Spongebobstein'.

The white officer is still to come but here are the others:

  • Guard: Mr. Krabs Clone
  • Dog: Gary Clone
  • SS: UberPatrick Superclone
  • Mutant: Patrick Clone
  • Ghost: TV
  • Hansel: Plankton
  • Schabbs: Nazi Fritz (from a wolfendoom add-on Op: Reigngold)
  • Fake hitler: Spongebob Clone
  • Hitler: Eddy (from Ed, Edd,`n`Eddy)
  • Otto: Squidward
  • Gretal: Mind controlled Patrick
  • Fatface: Ed (from Ed, Edd,`n`Eddy)

12th July 2003: New Wolf3D Website

Wes Desjardins has a new website. It's at The Wolf Pack.

Wes has also issued a new midi file called Farewell.

11th July 2003: Wolfenstein Forum

Response to the new Wolfenstein Forum has been good and at the last count there were 25 members.

For those who want to join, it's at Wolfenstein Forum.

11th July 2003: Southern Hell Images

Ian Summerfield has sent in a number of actor images from his upcoming TC 'Southern Hell'. Click on the thumbnail to see the complete set.

10th July 2003: Floedit 2 Bug Removed

Flo has issued a new version of Floedit 2, as the earlier version had a bug in the map editor display. (The top line was missing). This new version is Floedit Also available is a patch, for those who've already downloaded Floedit

They're at Wolfnode.

9th July 2003: JLB's Wolfenstein 3D Place

This new Wolf3D website is well presented and has projects info, downloads, links etc. Coming soon is an awards page. By John Burnett III.

It's at JLB's Wolfenstein 3D Place.

9th July 2003: Giftenstein Add-on Announced

Andrew Huet is making a new add-on called 'Giftenstein'. Features will include:

  • 60 levels
  • Source code changes

8th July 2003: Dome Awards Page Now Working

I finally completed the 'Dome Awards' page. All awards have been listed and there are links to each add-on. This still leaves a few other add-ons pages to be done and hopefully these will be completed soon.

It's at Add-on's - Awarded.

7th July 2003: Floedit 2 Released

Flo has released Floedit 2. It been available for a little while now but has not been mentioned here before.

It's at Wolfnode. Also available from the same site are a Screen Editor and a Font Editor.

7th July 2003: Kristallnacht/ New TC Announced

ToMeanToDie tells me he's making a new TC called 'Kristallnacht'. The story begins on 9 November 1938. The Nazi Storm Troopers (SA) started relocating a community in a night that was remembered as Kristallnacht (Broken Crystal or Night of Broken Glass). There'll be 20 levels, plus a number of graphics and code changes including helpart/endart. Expected release date is late July or August.

7th July 2003: New Wolfenstein Forum

Here's a new Wolfenstein Forum. It's hosted by Skoiler. It's brand new - set up only yesterday. There are many sections. Please visit it and register.

It's at Wolfenstein Forum.

4th July 2003: Halls Of Stonehenge Information Site

Majik Monkee has a new site which serves as an online manual for his upcoming TC 'Halls Of Stonehenge'. Still in its early stages, it features some cool animated GIFs from the TC and lots of info about enemies, weapons, items, etc. It's at Halls Of Stonehenge. Also, click on the thumbprint for a pic of the TC's title screen.

3rd July 2003: Dalek War 2087AD Enemy Images

Here's a few enemy images from Dalek War 2087AD. They Include 2 Bosses - The Artillery Hulk Dalek, and The Dalek's Creator, Davros, and 2 ordinary Daleks. Sent in by Paul Stone.

3rd July 2003: Yodastein New TC Announced

Here's an email from Majik Monkee: "Greetings! This is Matt (Majik Monkee), and I'd like to announce "Yodastein" (I'd thought about naming it after ol' Ben Kenobi, but "BenStein" invokes flashbacks of ultra-dull Visine commercials and Comedy Central shows)...

This will be a Star Wars (my first love) based TC, featuring super deformed characters from "Yoda Stories", most of whom feature only two frames of animation not counting "deaths". You are Luke Skywalker (also super deformed), and must rescue Yoda from the Empire. Features will include:

  • All new enemies from Star Wars (super deformed)
  • All new weapons, also from Star Wars, including lightsaber and (Force?)
  • Unknown number of levels (hopefully known by time of release)
  • New sound effects
  • New textures
  • New status bar including full-body Luke portrait
  • Cool bosses (Vader, Bobba Fett, IG-88, and more!)
  • New ending and in-between level art
  • No blood whatsoever (that may not be a plus, but hey...)
  • Plus whatever else we can come up with!...

So far, design is in the most primitive stages. No levels have been started yet (my least favorite part!) and if any brave soul would be interested in contributing there, let me know. This is a SOD conversion, and ideally, I'm after 18 levels. Also, I am looking for some help with coding (to be posted in the Artist Archive). . The images (click on the thumbnail) are prototypes... weapons and some editing not yet added)."

3rd July 2003: Shadow Of Stonehenge Announced

Majik Monkee tells me he'll be making a sequel to his upcoming TC 'The Halls Of Stonehenge'. New features will include:

  • Some new bosses, and new enemy guard, the 'gunslinger'
  • New story line picking up where HOS leaves off
  • 18 levels tentatively
  • New weapon, 'sword', and possibly others (tba)
  • New textures
  • Much, much more...

2nd July 2003: Counter-Wolf v1.641 Released

Here's another update from Ryan King for his 'Counter-Wolf TC. This version has 31 levels, a new title screen and status bar etc. You can get it here.

2nd July 2003: Dome Award - July 2003

This month's Dome award goes to Ian Skevos-Jones for his TC 'Quest For The Amulet'. For more info on this TC see under June 9 news items.

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Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Silverblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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